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Benefits (and Potential Dangers) Of Taking In A Sauna

There are few things more comforting and relaxing than a sauna. Whether it’s the wintertime and you want a way to warm up or you’re trying to ease your aching muscles after a hard workout, saunas are a big attraction. You can’t go to a health club, spa or hotel that doesn’t have at least one sauna. Are saunas really good for you, though? There are both benefits and drawbacks to saunas. While saunas can help you to feel better and aid overall well-being, people with certain health conditions shouldn’t risk being in a sauna.

Benefits of Saunas

1. When you’re in a sauna, your heart rate will naturally increase, also increasing your body’s need for oxygen. This means that your heart will get its very own workout as it continues to pump blood through your body. It’s like getting a cardio workout with the treadmill.

2. Since saunas are so hot, they make your body go into a state similar to when you have a fever. This sounds like a bad thing, but what happens is your immune system gets stimulated. People who regularly use saunas actually have less of a chance of getting a cold or the flu.

3. Since your heart rate (Read More....)

We Are All Mortal . . .

Authored By Dave Webb

We are all mortal. At least everyone I know appears to be.

Every day, those of us who are old read newspapers, look at the Obits. Nope, I am not in there today. But maybe some of my friends are . . .

Any life insurance company can tell you the odds of being in the Obits today. Depending on your age, the odds keep going up that this is your day to die. Seems like it is very morbid, doesn’t it?

If you are 100 years old, then you have beaten some fairly heavy odds. If you are 110, the odds are even greater. If you are 115-120, your odds of living are approximately 7 billion to 1 against being here tomorrow or the next week or the next year.After the age of about 42, women shouldn’t even try to have babies. The cost to their health might be too high. For instance, arthritic conditions occur because of the lack of reproduction of the vital substances in the bone, which incidentally are constantly replacing themselves under normal circumstances. In pregnancy, (Read More....)

Are You Anemic?

Iron Pills For Anemia

Anemia is a medical condition characterized by the body’s inability to transport oxygen to your tissues due to an insufficient amount of healthy red blood cells. There are many causes of anemia, some which can be serious, according to Mayo Clinic physicians, so it’s important to see a doctor for testing as soon as you develop symptoms that could signal anemia.

Many individuals suffer from anemia at some time in their lives, with women having higher occurrences of it. This is often due to the fact that women menstruate and can sometimes lose lots of blood, which could eventually lead to anemia. Another reason why more women suffer from anemia is the fact that women bear children, and pregnancy can really deplete a woman’s iron stores, leaving her iron deficient, and therefore anemic.

What are the symptoms of anemia?

Sometimes in the beginning, anemia doesn’t always cause any noticeable symptoms. When symptoms do exist, which occurs in most cases, one quite common symptom of anemia is fatigue, and usually the more severe (Read More....)

Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy

As my children were growing up both my husband and I were working. Just like you I hated it when the children got sick because you feel so helpless. In turn it is not much fun being the mom and getting sick since (unless you are on your death bed) this is a job that does not stop. Any sick family member puts a cog in the wheel and it’s always better to take preventative measures than to deal with a full-fledged outbreak. Because, as we all know, when one family member goes down the dominoes start to fall. Most of what I am writing about is common sense but sometimes when things get busy in our hurried day to day lives we do not think about the simple things.

1. Everyone Gets Enough Sleep – This seems simple but the busier our lives get and the more we try to squeeze into our days the harder this gets. Between school, work, athletic events, social events, meetings, etc. it gets increasingly harder to get the rest we need. Even if we can maintain a regular sleep pattern for our children we sometimes find it hard to manage it ourselves. This is a very important health issue. Not only physically but in every other aspect of our lives. When you do not get enough sleep you are not as mentally alert, physically our immune systems get low, your temperament suffers, and your all (Read More....)

Clean Your Body Of Toxins Naturally- 4 Organic Body Cleansing Agents

Burdock Root Teas, Chamomile Flower Teas From Amazon

When you need to clean your body out of the toxins that we are all exposed to every day but you want to do it naturally, what do you turn to? There are several natural and organic ingredients that can help you to detoxify your body and live a cleaner, more natural life. Here are some of the most common:

1. Burdock Root – Long used in both Asian and European cultures, the root of the leafy green Burdock plant is known to cleanse the blood and also increase (Read More....)

Ethics And Our Drug Companies

Authored By Dave Webb

We have a little problem with ethics. The problem is companies that promote their drugs with “scientific” reports from people on their payroll. These people do not tell you they are on the payroll of a major
drug company. But they do profit from the experience. Also they debunk valid scientific research and that research normally blows the whistle on the drug companies.

I have been type II diabetic for close to 15 years that I know about. Probably it has gone on for a lot longer than that. It simply wasn’t discovered.

I have one of the best doctors in this area. He is a small man. Thin. And his brother is also type II diabetic the same as I am. Understandably with a family history, he has devoted time on this subject. I like the guy. He also has a teen. She is into art cartoons. Most of it dark humor.

My doctor has been led down the primrose path on diabetes and prescription drugs to treat it. It is not his fault. The pharmaceutical industry has done the leading. He is rated top in this state in family medicine by the internet. So if they are leading him, who else are they misleading on drugs.

Avandia was the first mistake he made. It was touted as a miracle drug for type II diabetes. The problem was all the false information thrown out there about it. It turned out it killed patients. It caused heart problems. That false information lead back to people in the employ of the drug companies. The drug company paid (Read More....)