Clean Your Body Of Toxins Naturally- 4 Organic Body Cleansing Agents

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When you need to clean your body out of the toxins that we are all exposed to every day but you want to do it naturally, what do you turn to? There are several natural and organic ingredients that can help you to detoxify your body and live a cleaner, more natural life. Here are some of the most common:

1. Burdock Root – Long used in both Asian and European cultures, the root of the leafy green Burdock plant is known to cleanse the blood and also increase sweating, aiding in the natural removal of toxins from the body. It can be eaten whole and is common in many traditional Asian dishes. However, most Burdock root is consumed for medicinal purposes in dried and ground capsule form.

2. Chamomile Flower – Widely used as a calming alternative to tea, delicate Chamomile flowers have other medicinal qualities beyond just the sense of peace they induce. The flower is known to reduce cramping and spasming of the intestinal tract, help the body to pass gas, reduce inflammation, and reduce the chances of infection. Along with this, it is also believed to help the body to process toxins more effectively.

3. Dandelion Root – While you may consider it a common weed, the yellow Dandelion is actually a beneficial medicinal plant. The root of a Dandelion can be used to increase urination, helping the body to pass toxins more quickly. It also helps the liver and kidney to work at their peak and helps to clean out the gall bladder of bile.

4. Milk Thistle Seed Extract – With a pretty purple flower and spiky leaves, this plant is more than your average weed. Multiple clinical studies have shown that the Milk Thistle plant greatly helps to not only improve liver function but to actively remove toxins and repair damage done to the liver due to toxin exposure, poisons, and even illnesses. The Milk Thistle also helps to reduce inflammation and has antioxidant properties.

As you can see, these four plants have many benefits beyond just detoxifying your body. If you can find organic, natural treatments that work as well as these then what is stopping you? Get on the road to good health with a clean body!

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