18 Natural Remedies for Common Ailments

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There are a few things that happen to all of us in our lifetimes. From brain freeze to having an arm fall asleep to having a stuffy nose, we all seem to suffer from the same ailments. Here are some fun and natural ways to fight back without medication or hardship. These easy tips will leave you wondering how you ever got along without them!

1. Tickle in your throat – We all have times that our throat tickles and itches for apparently no reason. This is frustrating and irritating to say the least. A great remedy for this is to scratch your ear. By stimulating the nerves in your ear you create a reflex in your throat that can cause a muscle spasm that will relive the tickle. It seems like an odd combination, but it does work!

2. Hear clearer –Having trouble hearing and understanding someone who is speaking? Try listening with your right ear. By turning your right ear towards them you can pick up a greater understanding of what they are saying. The right ear is better at understanding speech patterns. However if you are trying to pick out a song or a musical tone, try using your left ear. It is better at music and noise.

3. Hold it longer – Have to urinate? Do not worry about jumping up and down or wiggling around. Instead distract your body with primal thinking. Think about sex to get your mind off of the discomfort and you will be more comfortable until you can get to the rest room.

4. Pain free shots – we all have to get a shot from time to time. From flu shots to preventative injections it is never pleasant to get poked with a needle. Take away some of the pain by coughing. German researchers have discovered that couching causes a sudden temporary rise in pressure in the chest and spinal canal, inhibiting the pain conduction of your central nervous system and keeping you from feeling the sting of that little prick.

5. Clear a stuffed up nose – We all have nose problems now and again. One way to clear it up quickly without resorting to medications is a simple trick that will have you breathing again within twenty seconds. Just alternate pressing on the bridge of your nose (between your eyes) and pressing up on the roof of your mouth with your tongue. This movement wiggles the bone between your nose and your mouth and will cause your sinuses to drain.

6. Fight acid reflux – Have you eaten something spicy and you are afraid it will come back to haunt you tonight? Have no fear! All you need to do is sleep on your left side instead of your right. This works because your stomach and esophagus connect at an angle. When you sleep on your right side your stomach is higher than your esophagus, making it likelier to try to drain out. But when you lay on your left your stomach is lower than your esophagus and does not have the added pressure to drain. You should also try to avoid eating just before bed and avoid caffeinated beverages and foods that can loosen the sphincter muscle on your stomach and cause acid to leak out as you sleep.

7. Take away tooth pain – There is a strange connection between your hand and your teeth. In order to reduce tooth pain rub an ice cube on the webbed part of your hand between the thumb and index finger. This can reduce tooth pain by as much as fifty percent. This happens because the webbing between your fingers is connected to a part of your brain that blocks pain from the face and hands.

8. Cool burns better – If you usually grab a piece of ice for a burnt finger then think again next time. Placing ice on the burn can cause blistering. Instead you can run your hand under cool water for a minute and then clean the skin and apply light pressure with your un-burnt fingers. This will help the skin to return to normal temperature without giving it any more shock.

9. Stop feeling unbalanced – Whether you have had too much to drink or you have just spent too long spinning in your desk chair, being dizzy is no laughing matter. Because your ears are connected to your sense of balance any little thing can throw them off. Even a bad cold can have a dizzying effect. Help yourself to regain your equilibrium by placing your hand on a stable surface. This will help to guide your brain into a sense of stability and works better than standing because your hands have more nerves then your feet do.

10. Get the stitch out of your side – If you are anything like me when you run you inevitably get a stitch in your side. This happens because we exhale as we set down our right foot. This puts pressure on your liver (located on your right side) which then puts pressure on that side of your diaphragm and causes the stitch. Instead try exhaling when your left foot hits the ground. It works just as well without getting you a stitch!

11. Stop a nose bleed –When you think about a nose bleed you typically picture someone leaning their head back. That is a good way to get a mouth and stomach full of blood! Instead, try putting a cotton ball on your gums, just behind the small indent below your nose. The pressure will help to stop the bleeding which usually comes from the septum, or the wall that divides your nose.

12. Calm down your heart rate – Nervous? Got the jitters? Feeling light headed? Try a simple breathing technique that can help to reduce your heart rate. Take long, slow breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. This will help to slow your heart beat and calm you down quickly, inside and out. This works because the nerve that controls your heart beat can be calmed by your breathing.

13. Conquer brain freeze –Whenever you chug a cold drink you run the risk of getting brain freeze. Because your palate gets so cold your brain thinks it is under attack and warms quickly in response, causing the pain you feel. To counter these simply press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. The more pressure you put the faster your brain freeze will subside.

14. Improve your vision – Have trouble seeing far away? This is usually not due to genetics. Instead, it is caused by too much time looking at things close up, like your computer screen. Take a break and help out your eyes every few hours. Tense all your muscles and shut your eyes tightly for a few seconds. Then relax everything and open your eyes. This effort can trick your involuntary muscles, like the ones inside your eyes, to relax as well, helping with eye strain and keeping your vision on the up and up.

15. Hand fall asleep? Wake it up – Often times our hands and feet fall asleep because we have pinched the nerves in other parts of our body. For a dead head, try loosening your neck muscles. For sleepy feet try getting up and walking around to loosen the muscles in the lower body. If this is a frequent occurrence you should try to adjust your sitting posture to a more ergonomic form or get a new chair!

16. Have super strength –The next time you want to impress your friends try this neat trick. Have your friend stand and stick out his arm, palm down. Now try to push it down. He will resist. Then have him put one foot on a surface that is raised slightly (like a book or magazine). Try the trick again. His arm will fall down! What happened? Well, you threw off his spine alignment which made his body move to protecting that, instead!

17. Hold your breath longer – Want to swim deeper but do not have the breath for it? Try this simple trick. Hyperventilate by breathing in and out quickly just before diving in. When you are holding your breath it is not the lack of oxygen that gets you but the buildup of carbon dioxide. If you can over oxygenate your body it will give you a few extra seconds before your carbon dioxide levels get high enough to trigger the need to breathe.

18. Remember things better – If you have to memorize a speech or remember something really important try to look at it just before bedtime. When you sleep that is when everything is stored in long term memory. Whatever you read last is what is most likely to stick around come morning!

These are just a few cool tricks that can help you live a better, more natural life style. It is easy to fix yourself up without having to resort to medications or doctors. Just take these simple ideas and see what else you can discover about natural healing and health.

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