Ethics And Our Drug Companies

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We have a little problem with ethics. The problem is companies that promote their drugs with “scientific” reports from people on their payroll. These people do not tell you they are on the payroll of a major
drug company. But they do profit from the experience. Also they debunk valid scientific research and that research normally blows the whistle on the drug companies.

I have been type II diabetic for close to 15 years that I know about. Probably it has gone on for a lot longer than that. It simply wasn’t discovered.

I have one of the best doctors in this area. He is a small man. Thin. And his brother is also type II diabetic the same as I am. Understandably with a family history, he has devoted time on this subject. I like the guy. He also has a teen. She is into art cartoons. Most of it dark humor.

My doctor has been led down the primrose path on diabetes and prescription drugs to treat it. It is not his fault. The pharmaceutical industry has done the leading. He is rated top in this state in family medicine by the internet. So if they are leading him, who else are they misleading on drugs.

Avandia was the first mistake he made. It was touted as a miracle drug for type II diabetes. The problem was all the false information thrown out there about it. It turned out it killed patients. It caused heart problems. That false information lead back to people in the employ of the drug companies. The drug company paid the most healthy fine in US history because of this drug.

Actos was the second mistake. It is in the same family of drugs. It too has a history of heart problems.

The problem with both of these prescriptions is the FDA approved them. Who is the FDA? Well, it appears to be under the control of the drug industry itself. We have literally put the hen house under the control of a group of foxes. They still are able to do a little bit of good. Not much, but a little bit.

The problem I have with them is the same as the problem all over the globe. They have self-interest overruling common sense. Supplements in other countries are under prescription. That hasn’t happened here
yet. But I suspect we are less than ten years away from that kind of law.

Januvia is the next one he prescribed. The problem with Januvia that I had was I started getting arthritic pains after a week of use. But that is not the alarming side effect. I got off this drug fast. The alarming problem is it leaves you wide open to a variety of cancers and destruction of your pancreas.

Again the drug company has any number of puppets at their disposal with valid medical degrees to tell us all that this isn’t the case. The problem is people are getting all kinds of side effects taking this medicine.

These drug companies are deceiving my doctor and everyone else. They have consistently been caught at it. Why are they not in jail for murdering thousands of people? In at least one case, the drug has led to the deaths of several million people out there. At the very least, the “scientific” community promoting these drugs with false evidence is guilty of manslaughter.

It is not just diabetes patients that are effected either. In recent years, doctors have been promoting statin drugs to help keep people from getting heart attacks. My own doctor thought that I was crazy because I refused to go on statin medications after a small problem with my heart years ago. That was in 2007. I am reasonably knowledgeable on medications. The articles I have read on the side effects of statin drugs would make your head stand on end. It is that bad.

Research has shown that they do not work as advertised in a lot of cases. That means they do not directly work to prevent heart attacks. What they do is leach things out of your body. That means good cholesterol as well as bad cholesterol. Anyone on one of these medications should be taking supplements to replace what these drugs take out of your system. I am not a medical doctor and have no medical training. They know better than I do. So why do they prescribe these medications that have long term medical implications that could kill you?

It is because they fall for the expert trap. The expert is an authority on this particular area of medicine. The problem is the expert is in the payroll of the drug company either directly or indirectly. It is not stated at the end of the article that this person is employed by the drug companies. The doctors work long hours. They do not have the time to directly research the drugs. So they are very vulnerable to the public relations crew at
the drug companies that come by and tout all the wonderful new benefits of the new prescription medicines. The FDA has been no help at all. They also are in the payroll of the drug industry to some extent. Many come from the very companies they are expected to control drug usage for. They also go back to executive positions when they are through with their term at the FDA.

The industry as a whole is incredibly smart about courting the doctors we see. They have psychological profiles that would do justice to a master of sales. They can convince these reputable people that their drug is the one to prescribe to their patients.

The problem is ethics. The drug companies ethics went in file 13 when there were apparent profits to be had. No matter that they were fined the largest fine in our history. They still made billions more off their actions than was recovered.

I personally have no way to resolve this situation. I will continue to research anything that goes in my mouth before I take it. I have no cure for diabetes. Probably will live with it the rest of my life. My doctor’s brother will be long dead taking prescriptions based on unethical “scientific” research given him by ethical doctors that know no better.

I hope to out live him by at least 20 years.

The only problem I see with that is that the drug industry and the FDA have their noses out of joint about supplementary medicines. In some cases they work too well when prescription drugs don’t. They have already done a job in Britain with their social medicine. I expect we are next. Everything I take will probably have to go through a doctor and a prescription. They might let me take vitamins.

My Father lived ten years with a fatal blood disease in the United States. I find it very suspicious that under Britain’s social medicine he was dead in 3 years.

The place we are going is legislating what medicines we take for what diseases. It is to the advantage of the US government to get all of us old people dying more frequently(they have embezzeled the funds needed to support us on Social Security). In older times, this was known as the Hemlock Society. He is old. She is old. Let them die. Don’t try to save them. That will be the policy of the drug industry and the US government under social medicine such as Obama Care.

We as a people need to closely examine what is happening between our doctors and our drug companies and their need to make a profit at the expense of people dying. We need charges against the “experts” that mislead people. Especially if they are in the payroll of a drug company. To me that is fraud. It is also a form of manslaughter as people die because of their lies.

We all die eventually. We are all mortal. I would like another 20 to 30 years of life. I would like to keep drawing my pensions. I would like not to be broken financially by the medical society when I come down
with something expensive. Right now you lose everything before the government lifts a hand to help you. That is basically communism and it is wrong. So a person working their entire life has no reward for hard work. That is the current game rules. I want those rules changed.

President Obama, If you want to resolve the national debt, bring these drug companies to trial and take their profits away. The biggest fine in American History was a traffic ticket to those companies. What I have mentioned was an area I am familiar with. It is the tip of an iceberg. I think the entire national debt would go away if the fines went to paying it off.

I want these “experts” deceiving doctors brought to trial and put in jail for their lies and fraud. I want a lot of things. Probably won’t happen next Christmas either.

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