Are We Being Poisoned?

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We are being poisoned. It is not a deliberate thing. There is no conspiracy. It has brought entire empires to their knees in the past. The nature of the beast is we are being poisoned from a number of sources. Here are some of those sources:

Poison Number One. Dental work. Our dentists have been putting mercury fillings in our mouths for generations. If you were in the military and got fillings, chances are you have these mercury fillings in your mouth. They cause vapors in your mouth that go directly into your blood stream. I remember after service being very paranoid about a lot of things. Gradually it went away. I had stomach problems as well. I have now traced it back to those fillings that are still in my mouth many years later. Somewhere down the road, these will teeth will have to be removed.

A lot of people have been poisoned by their dentists. Gradually the industry is getting away from these kind of fillings and going to ceramic fillings. Mercury is responsible for a lot of insane behavior. It is suggested it was in the Roman water supplies. It came from the plumbing.

Poison Number Two. Flouride. Years ago, the aluminum industry had a huge problem. The problem was a byproduct of producing aluminum. Yes, it was flouride. Flouride is supposed to help your teeth. Right?
Wrong. Studies have shown it is all a scam on the part of the aluminum industry to dump their byproducts into our water supply. Yet the EPA has been promoting putting it in all the water supplies for many years. They even have regulations that make it illegal to take it out of a water supply once it is in. There are
studies out there that even show that this poison might be partly responsible for type II diabetes in some cases. I haven’t followed the trail to other major diseases.

Poison Number Three. We have a problem with all the vaccines given to people. They start this process when a child is born. The children are vaccinated when they are a day or two old! They are given vaccinations before they enter school! Yet many of these vaccines have fillers in them. Some have a lot of Mercury in them in various compounds that the average person would never know were there. A certain amount of this Mercury is fatal to some children. A lot of these vaccines have things in them that produce children with mental problems like aspergers, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity and the list could go on and on. More and more children are effected. I know of one case where vaccines caused a young girl to get MS. It
gradually went away as she reached her teen years. But it was a close thing.

Poison Number Four. When a child exhibits behavior problems, the school system arranges for a doctor to drug them. Class one drugs are used. Class one includes drugs like heroin. So this is very serious. The children do not deserve to be drugged. Some children need special attention for any number of reasons.

Poison Number Five. Our food supply is full of artificial chemicals from a laboratory. Look at the label on any food product on the shelf at your grocery store. I hope you have a chemistry degree. Because that is the only way you would know exactly what your are eating.

Poison Number Six. Genetically modified foods do not have to be labeled in this country. That means that the entire food supply can be compromised with foods that have unknown effects on the entire population. Much of our corn products fit this and are genetically modified. Corn syrup anyone? A lot of our products have genetically modified corn in the product. Some have geneticaly modifiedsoy products. No one knows what the effect will be. I suggest it might cause a dramatic sterilization of the population over time. Though the proof is hard to come by. The industry controls who says what in the science industry with funding. So no one really knows for sure what will happen next.

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Poison Number Seven. Your cell phone might give you a brain tumor. This possibility has been censored heavily by the phone companies. The truth is cell phones give off radiation. It is way too close to
the brain if you put one up to your ear. Ear phones give you little difference
in the radiation levels.

But studies do show that the earphones are less dangerous. The problem is the transmission method. It has also been found that the cell phones interfer with natural life in the environment such as honey bees. Apparently they are too close to the communication that allows bees to find their hives. If the honey bees go, then nothing gets pollinated. That could be a real problem.

Poison Number Eight. Drug addition. How many of those cases of psycho behavior were caused by people chemically polluting their body with hard drugs? We have a war on drugs. The problem is we are losing it. Where money is involved a lot of people will do anything. I don’t know the answer to drugs. From a money standpoint, the government needs to change the rules. The economic rules are people are getting rich and also going to jail for supplying drugs to these people. I suggest a prescription program that makes the drugs available to those that need them to survive. We need a way to cut off the desire for these drugs. Jail isn’t a good answer to a sickness. This is a tragic sickness that enslaves people.

When private industry is involved, all kinds of facts get lost in the process. Why? Who do you think finances the university studies? Funding is a fairly big motive not to disturb the waters.

What I have mentioned is the big poisons in our lives. Any or all of the above could cause people to go off like a firecracker.

What we need to do is start forensic investigations on all of these sources of our problems. Not all psychos have these problems. It is a bell curve. Only a certain percentage of people are affected to the point where they go off. For a start, lab tests need to establish why if chemicals are involved.

The symptoms are out there. Not all people fit into any one category. But if you have a rising problem, we have to go after the source. These poisons I have mentioned are major contributors to the behavior we
are seeing out there.

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