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What To Look For When Buying Organic Baby Food For Your Baby

Buying organic baby food for your child can be tough. It seems like it should be an easy task, but marketers like to confuse moms with terms like “green” and “natural.” The packaging can also be a concern, because some baby food containers have BPA, which is poisonous. Consider all of these different points when buying baby food to ensure you are really getting high-quality, organic baby food.

What is Natural?
A lot of food producers like to use words like “natural” and “green,” but what does this mean for baby food? In the best case scenario, natural means that no or few pesticides were used on the produce that make up the baby food. However, this isn’t always the case. There is no legal definition for natural and green baby food, so this can just be used to lure in people that don’t know the different.

Overall, don’t get baby foods that just say natural.

Varying Levels of Organic Ingredients
When something says it is organic, most moms believe all of the ingredients are organic. But, it’s not that (Read More....)

An Organic Guide To Product-Free Skin Care

Many of us are misled into thinking that we need to buy a myriad of beauty products to keep our skin looking fresh and youthful. Rather than focusing on natural ways to keep our skin healthy, we’re encouraged to cover up blemishes and use make-up to give our faces that airbrushed look. But the secret to a soft and flawless epidermis comes at a much lower price than you may think.  The following are six important steps you should be taking to organically look after the skin you’re in.

Healthy Eating

A healthy diet is vital to any beauty regime. What we put into our bodies will inevitably show up on the outside, be it sooner or later. Avoid foods and drinks which contain nasty chemicals, as they are harmful to every part of our bodies, not just the skin.

A regular intake of vitamins is particularly important if you want luscious-looking skin.

  •  Vitamin A helps repair body tissue and postpones signs of aging, and can be found in milk, cheese, eggs, butter, spinach, broccoli, carrot and fish oils.
  •  Vitamin B improves circulation and skin colour. It is found in yoghurt, brown bread, wheat germ, yeast, cereal and green leafy vegetables.
  •  Vitamin C helps to maintain collagen levels and (Read More....)

Organic Health News: Thousands Of Natural Health Products, Remedies And Supplements Have Been Suddenly BANNED In Canada

It seems like almost every day there are news stories which show that it is getting harder and harder to choose an organic lifestyle.  Our health freedom is under attack like it never has been before.  Now there is this announcement out of Canada (detailed below) which is going to make it much, much more difficult for Canadians to be able to get natural health products and supplements.  Those living in the United States should not gloat about this either, because the same type of regulations are slated to be implemented there as well.  The truth is that our health and our freedom to make health choices is under attack.  Increasingly, government is viewing itself as the all-knowing “Big Brother” that is going to make our choices for us.  This is a very disturbing trend and if it continues it could mean some very dark times ahead for those of us who would prefer to live an organic lifestyle.

The following are some of the top health news stories from recent days….

*Makers of natural health products in Canada say that they are bracing for widespread layoffs and millions of dollars in losses after Canada’s pharmacy regulators issued a surprise directive recently (Read More....)