The Five Easy Tips and Tricks to Avoid Kratom Sickness

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What happens when you don’t take kratom in moderation and get used to overdosing? The answer is pretty obvious; you fall into kratom sickness, also known as kratom hangover. Kratom sickness is an extremely unpleasant state and one should be watchful about it ahead of time.

Whether you want to be preventive against kratom sickness or you have experienced it and want to know how you can get rid of it, this piece is all you need to read. From the causal factors to tips and tricks to control kratom sickness, we will catch a glimpse of every essential detail.

What is Kratom Sickness?

Kratom sickness is a result of consuming higher dosages of kratom. Remember, your body is used to a certain dose of kratom. When all of a sudden, you increase that dose to 2x or 3x, it responds differently. The user experiences exhaustion, nausea, s spinning head, and low levels of energy for 2-3 hours (usually). Have a read of one of the Redditor’s experiences with kratom sickness.

What Causes Kratom Sickness?

Now you must be wondering what the underlying causes that lead to kratom sickness are. Is it just overdosing? Although overdosing on kratom is one of the most common causes of kratom sickness but there are a few more reasons as well, and we will be discussing each one right here.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Kratom will take more time than usual to leave your body if you do not drink enough water. Kratom absorbs most of the water inside your body during ingestion, and for this reason, you should drink more water for good energy levels and keep kratom sickness at bay.

Mixing Kratom With Alcohol

Many folks mix kratom and alcohol. It is entirely not advisable, but why? The combination of kratom and alcohol initiates the symptoms of kratom sickness. Those who take higher amounts of kratom and alcohol feel more intense symptoms. Therefore, to be at the safer end, one should NEVER mix kratom and alcohol.

Consuming Kratom On An Unfilled Stomach

Headaches and nausea are common when you take kratom on an unfilled stomach. You should always take your kratom dosage when your stomach is partially filled. To overcome the bitter taste, you can always snack a little bit of your go-to snack.

Taking Too Much Of The Red-Vein Kratom Strains

According to a Reddit user review, Red Bali triggered kratom sickness when the user consumed it in high amounts. Red-vein strains have higher amounts of 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloid. At lower doses, the alkaloid promotes relaxation, and at higher doses (more than 7g) users experience kratom sickness and hangover effect. So, if red strains are causing kratom sickness in your case, it would be best not to take higher doses of sedative strains of kratom.

Note: Never mix two sedative strains of kratom, it is known to initiate a next-level kratom hangover effect.

Low-quality And Adulterated Kratom

Contaminated kratom products are known causes of kratom sickness. Make sure your buy kratom online from a GMP verified vendor with authentic lab test reports publically available at their website.

Top-5 Tips and Tricks to Avoid Kratom Sickness

Remember, understanding the symptoms of kratom sickness is essential, and once you will accept them and will recognize they will go away sooner, getting out of this situation will become much more stress-free.

By now, you know what was triggering kratom sickness in your case. Next, you have to work on these easy tips and tricks to avoid trouble.

Go For a Nap

You can get into your couch and relax. Napping helps manage the effects of kratom sickness and they become less prominent over time.

Pin Your Ears To Your Favorite Music

A few folks managed nausea and headaches pretty well by listening to their favorite music. So give it a shot, it may work out to get rid of kratom sickness.

Stay Calm, Relax, And Try Ginger Tea or lemon Juice

When you overreact to the symptoms of kratom sickness, they become more intense. So stay calm and composed, and play mind over matter. Thinking that these symptoms will disappear after some time and things will get back to normal will help a lot. Moreover, you can also try ginger tea or lemon juice, they give a decent buzz and helped a few users manage the symptoms.

Hydrate Yourself

Kratom absorbs a lot of water from your system during the ingestion process, and as a result, one often feels low at energy. Drinking more water will help eliminate kratom quickly from your system and helps getting rid of kratom sickness.

Take Anti-nausea Pill

You can also take an anti-nausea pill to manage nausea caused by kratom sickness. It will cause sedation and you may fall asleep.


Kratom sickness is common among new kratom users and those who overdose on kratom. You must take less amount of kratom so that the trouble does not bother you in the first place. However, if you want to get rid of kratom sickness then taking enough water, an anti-nausea pill, ginger,  and lemon juice, listening to music, or sleeping for a while would help out. Remember, you must consult your health care practitioner before using kratom.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is It Safe To Use Kratom?

Yes, kratom is safe to use. However, you must consult your health care practitioner if you have any underlying conditions. Moreover, well educate yourself about different kratom strains before using them.

  • How Can I Avoid Kratom Sickness?

According to user reviews, drinking more water, probiotics, anti-nausea pills, lemon water, snacking, and ginger juice or tea helps to avoid kratom sickness.

  • How Much Kratom Should I Use?

For regular users, consuming less than 7grams of kratom is safe, but newbies should kick-start with a 2gram of kratom powder.

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