Is It Possible To Buy Kratom From GNC?

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Inevitably, Kratom is a botanical on which plenty of people rely for years. It has been helping them to combat some health issues. However, this is not enough to make it available at all famous stores. Can’t guess what we are talking about? Let us make it clear.

General Nutrition Centre which is also known as GNC is U.S based but it has its branches almost all across the world. The widely spread branches speak for its popularity. Although it has all the minerals, vitamins, and supplements, the question remains, Is it possible to buy Kratom from GNC? To find a clear-cut answer to this and a lot more related queries, keep reading the article!

What Is Kratom?

Kratom which is also commonly known as Crazy Mitragyna Speciosa is a herb. It serves medicinal and recreational purposes. Being available in a number of forms, this herb is segregated in the form of strains. Red, White, Green, and now Yellow are its main strains which are further divided into categories.

Kratom grows in Southeast Asia and belongs to the Coffee tree family. The leaves of these trees have veins that change their color according to their maturity. The more mature leaves are, the more potent they are.

Kratom has been in use for years but it was mostly used in the region it grew. Laborers preferred to chew on its leaves as they started their day so they could stay energized throughout the day. Besides, now that Kratom’s benefits are acknowledged globally, it is used to get relief from discomfort, to enhance libido, to boost energy levels, to combat anxiety, and for many other purposes. However, it must not be overlooked that its efficacy depends on many factors, including age, weight, last food intake, and dose.

Is It Possible To Buy Kratom From GNC?

The simple answer to this question is– No. Just as Amazon, Walmart, and other famous and big stores, General Nutrition Centre also does not deal with Kratom, its strains, and other formulations.

If you are looking for Kratom for sale specifically in the United States then you need to know that it can be found at specialized stores, including gas stations, vape shops, and Kratom head shops. Moreover, you can also find it online. On the flip side, it is not possible to find Kratom at medical stores.

Main Reason Why You Can’t Buy Kratom From GNC?

Well, there are many reasons for GNC to not deal with Kratom and its amazing products. This makes people disheartened and tend to other options. Let’s discuss some reasons.

Food and Drug Administration

Although it is not solely about GNC, other renowned stores also don’t sell Kratom. The main reason for this is that Kratom is yet to be approved by the FDA. FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration which ensures that the food, as well as other substances which are available to the public, are safe for people to consume.

The FDA keeps a check on the supply as well. It checks the shipments and if it catches any package that is impure or holds the wrong label then it does not hesitate to stop the entire supply. This ends up putting the businesses in a great loss.

Insufficient Scientific Research

Secondly, this substance lacks scientific proof to declare it safe for the people. Due to the same deficiency of research, there are several misconceptions about this herb. Despite all this, it seems like the day is not far when Kratom will be accessible to everyone because the Kratom industry is trying its level best to regulate its supply.

Kratom Is Considered Synthetic

One of the misconceptions attached to this herb is that it is synthetic and obtained through artificial means. However, Kratom is completely natural and it is obtained through the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. Considering all these reasons, it apparently seems like the future for this substance is unclear and in order to save the loss on an investment, GNC is keeping a safe side by not stocking this herb.

Credit Card Issues

Another reason for GNC to not stock Kratom is the credit card issuer. You heard it right! Credit card processing companies usually have some products ranked as “High-Risk Products”. Sometimes, when such a product comes into notice, companies regardless of their popularity get to bear the loss. Sometimes, the company’s credit card processing account is shut down.

The Best Source To Buy GNC From?

Regardless of the problems this herb is facing to freely serve people, there are many people who are fond of it. To get the most out of this increased demand, more and more people are establishing themselves as Kratom vendors. Also, not everyone can keep up with the demand and so, they offer quantity but fail to maintain quality. To cater to the need, you must visit reputable physical Kratom stores that are tried and tested by the people near you. Moreover, you can try online Kratom sellers as well but after doing some homework.

First of all, you must check out their online presence, their activity, reviews, refund policy and also, its customer service.

As many people have their faith in the stores like GNC and would be certainly disappointed to read that it does not offer Kratom, let us serve you the other options to buy Kratom from. If Kratom is legal in your area then you can buy Kratom from:

  • Vape Shops
  • Smoke Shops
  • Bars and Pubs
  • Gas Stations
  • Specialized Kratom Stores
  • Online Stores


Fortunately, now you know the answer to whether it is possible to buy Kratom from GNC or not. Due to the fluctuating policies about this herb, even popular stores like General Nutrition Centre don’t have this herb. Consequently, the only way you can get your hands on this herb is by visiting physical stores or buying it online. One thing which is also worth considering is that you can order Kratom online only if your state allows you.

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