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5 Options Among The Growing Number Of Organic Fast Food Chains

The organic label has been around in the USA since 1973, and early proponents swore the standard would grow rapidly. While their timing was off, predictions of organic pioneers finally started paying off over the last decade as more consumers sought organic products both for their health and for the environment. Organic farmers now command higher prices for produce and meat than their conventional counterparts, and the supply is becoming large enough to make retail costs affordable for the average consumer. Additionally, several restaurant chains have started offering organic items on the menu. Depending on where you live, it may even be possible to indulge in fast food without compromising on your organic principles. If consumers keep coming back to the following options, growth will continue.

Whole Foods To-Go

With stores in most continental states and Canada, Whole Foods has been providing customers with an organic version of the familiar Chinese take-out buffet. A favorite for corporate lunch breaks, gourmet recipes using organic and otherwise healthy ingredients are sold by weight in convenient to-go containers. Meals may include deli sandwiches, pizza, burgers, or sushi, among others. Most stores also feature a dining area. The food is priced favorably compared to the costs of purchasing and preparing (Read More....)

8 Ways To Make Your Home Greener And Healthier

Making your home healthier and greener may sound like a bit of a challenge. The key is to take the first step, and make a habit out of thinking green. If you want to start small, here are some things to try.  The following are 8 ways to make your home greener and healthier….

1. Lighting

Using different types of lighting in your home can help you to save energy. Certain kinds of light bulbs use about 75% less electricity and are safer to operate because they don’t get as hot as regular bulbs. Using a dimmer switch can also help you to reduce the amount of energy that you are using to light your home. A dimmer allows you to choose how much light you want in the room–the lower you go the less energy you use. When you have a choice, you should always go with appliances that are energy efficient. Whether you are looking for a new refrigerator, or even a new toaster, look for that ENERGY STAR logo. Using less energy doesn’t just help your electricity bill, it means you are polluting less as well.

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2. Water

Minimize the amount of water that you use. Try to reduce your shower (Read More....)

Is Bottled Water A Fraud?

bottled waterbottled water environmentIs bottled water a fraud? Are some corporations simply bottling dirty tap water and selling it to us as something that is supposed to be cleaner and safer? Do the plastic bottles that bottled water comes in leech harmful chemicals and destroy the environment?

Those are just some of the disturbing questions answered in the new documentary entitled Tapped.  The trailer for the documentary is posted below, and the reality is that most Americans do not know enough about bottled water to even realize how much they don’t know.

Bottled water is supposed to be clean, safe and better tasting, but the truth is that we have been scammed.

Claire Thompson’s recent post on this documentary laid out many of the issues that we are facing quite well:

“Not only is it [bottled water] a clear waste of resources (only 20 percent of plastic water bottles used in the United States are recycled, and far too many of the rest probably end up in the Pacific Garbage Patch), it’s an incredible waste of money for consumers, who pay more than the (Read More....)

Fluoride Dangers?

ad2Fluoride2Most Americans never even think about the fluoride that is in the water that they drink, the water that they bathe in and the water that they brush their teeth in.  But could this substance which is supposed to be helping us actually be doing serious damage to our health that we don’t even realize? 

The truth is that it would be very difficult to overstate the fluoride dangers that most people in the United States are facing.

Fluoride is actually a toxic sedative.  It was given to prisoners in Nazi and Soviet death camps to calm prisoners down and to make them easier to handle.  It has also been shown to impair mental functions. 

The truth is that fluoride is one of the biggest reasons why Americans are getting sicker and stupider every day.


Have you ever wondered why you feel so (Read More....)