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Please Do Your Own Research Before You Ever Take Any Pharmaceutical Drug Or Vaccine

One of the points that we have been trying to make over and over and over on this blog is that you should do your own research before taking any vaccine or drug.  As we have repeatedly demonstrated, the consequences for letting someone else do your thinking for you can be catastrophic.  In particular, please do not let someone do your thinking for you who is paid to promote or push vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs.  If something gets put into your body that ruins your health, it is you that is going to have to live with it for the rest of your life.  Today there are two comments left by our readers that we felt deserved to be featured because they do an excellent job of making these points.  Omega and Ellen are both obviously very knowledgeable, and I think that you will enjoy the information that they have to share about vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs….


In Canada, it is GlaxoSmithKline that received the sole contract to deliver 50 million doses of the untested chemical and biological cocktail against the non-event of H1N1.

Here are a few poignant excerpts from Glaxo’s FLUARIX 2009-2010 medical insert (direct quotations followed by my own comment):

1. “FLUARIX IS NOT INDICATED FOR USE IN CHILDREN.” [capitalized by manufacturer] Why were our government health officials and the mainstream media telling the public that the vaccine is completely safe for childrem as young as 6 months old?

2. “There are insufficient data to assess the concurrent administration of FLUARIX with other vaccines.” But gov. and MSM were telling us that it is safe to take multiple flu shots concurrently with FLUARIX.

3. “Vaccination with FLUARIX may not protect 100% of susceptible individuals.” Where are the studies that prove it can protect anyone even 10% of the time? There are none and Glaxo admits that much.

4. “No controlled trials demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FLUARIX have been performed.” This of course speaks for itself.

5. “Animal reproduction studies have not been conducted with FLUARIX. It is not known whether FLUARIX can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or can affect reproduction capacity.” But pregnant mothers were put on the priority list for innoculation.

6. “It is not known whether FLUARIX is excreted in human milk.”

7. “Do not administer by intravascular injection.” There are very clear-cut reasons (mentioned below) why this should not be done. However, to deliver a proper intramuscular injection, the administrator must know how to effectively aspirate the needle to confirm no vein has been punctured. This takes skill, experience and time to perform safely. How many of the nurses, administering hundreds of shots a day, do you think took the time to properly aspirate the needle?

All this aside, are there any posters here that have a strong back-ground in immunology and virology? Do you remember the fundamental lessons we were taught on why doctors should avoid administering any vaccine to a pregnant mother? There are many reasons having to do with the vulnerable state of the developing fetus’ own immune system, as well as complex and delicate nature of the interaction between the mother’s immune system and the developing fetal tissue. Suffice to say that every rational medical approach that I have encountered in the past to the administration of vaccine to pregnant mothers, is to avoid it entirely.

All of a sudden though in 2009, I’m supposed to throw all that out and believe our government that it is in fact pregnant mothers that should be on the priority list for vaccine.

Here’s another fundamental about the immune system…Essentially the job of the immune system is to identify foreign PROTEINS in the blood and eliminate these antigens. That is why we must fully digest the food we eat before the metabolites can be absorbed into the bloodstream. If you start absorbing partially digested proteins (such as in the case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome – IBS) your immune system will begin attacking these substances and a disease condition with all its symptoms will persist. Digestion also serves the purpose of filtering out many contaminants and poisons that may be present in the food you eat. The point is that there is a specific and purposeful pathway for ingested protein nutrients to reach our bloodstream safely. So why would we believe injecting viral proteins directly into the bloodstream is safe? It is not. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to one of the foremost experts on vaccinology, Dr. Shiv Chopra. His academic qualifications include graduation in veterinary medicine and M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Microbiology. He is the recipient of numerous academic awards, including a Fellowship of the World Health Organization. At Health Canada he was the primary person in charge of approving vaccines for the Canadian public. He and his colleagues were fired because they would not approve vaccines after being pressured by government officials and the pharmaceutical companies. Why would he not approve them? Because as he says, they are dangerous to our health.

The natural root of exposure for most viruses is through the mucous membranes (i.e. mouth, nose, genitals, etc.). This is the body’s first line of defense. These areas contain antibodies and other defensive chemicals that allow the body to prepare a rapid full spectrum response, if in fact the invader makes it past this first line. It is a complex and highly coordinated affair. However, when you inject a vaccine directly into the bloodstream, it by-passes this crucial step and short-circuits the natural response of the immune system. All the formaldehyde, mercury and other ’stabilizing’ agents are delivered directly to your system without the natural filtering performed by the hepatic circulation.

If you have any inflammatory disease, such as diabetes, an auto-immune condition, etc., you should avoid ALL vaccines period. In all likelihood your doctor has very limited knowledge of pharmacology, immunology, microbiology, etc. With all due respect, they are just mechanics, they are not omnipotent experts on biology. My wife use to be a pharmaceutical rep. She would often tell me how surprised she was at just how little the doctors she solicited knew about the drugs she was peddling. Many do not have the time nor the inclination to keep up with the tidal wave of information needed to properly assess the concoctions they prescribe to their patients, and many are regretfully more interested in the bursaries and all-expense-paid trips to Barbados thrown at them by Big Pharma.

How many of you remember the Swine Flu scare of 1976, where more people died or were permanently injured by the vaccine than the flu, and Big Pharma made of with millions in tax payer funds. Back then the pharmaceutical companies suffered the lawsuits from the thousands of people they injured. Now they’ve learned their lesson and our governments have granted blanket immunity to all drug pushers for any harm their untested poisons cause to the public.

There is so much more that could be said but the bottom line is DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, and don’t trust anything that comes out of the mouth of some government official or MSM loudspeaker. Your life depends on it. When it comes to infectious disease prevention, nothing compares to clean, healthy food and water, exercise and lots of rest..the rest is just snake-oil.

By the way, if anyone is interested, most vaccine stocks, specially those for Hepatitis B, are contaminated with other viruses, microbial DNA & RNA and mycoplasms. When you take a vaccine, know one fully knows what is being given to you. The tissues being used for viral cultures include chicken egg, chicken embryo, Green monkey kidneys (yes the same ones that carry the famous immunodeficiency viruses), and cancer cell lines. Enough said.


It used to be that NO drugs of any kind were given to pregnant women. It USED TO BE recognized that anything foreign would adversely affect the very vulnerable fetus. I am not sure when this changed but it appalls me that the sheep of this country accept anything and everything their lying doctors (who get their propaganda from the drug cartels) tell them and what they tell their patients is DRUGS, DRUGS, DRUGS, endlessly. Then they wonder why these tragic events occur. WE NEED TO BEGIN TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR OURSELVES AND OUR HEALTH.

Stop trusting those who do nothing but push drugs for a living. Find out what REAL health is and how to give your body the support it needs and wants. WE DESERVE SO MUCH MORE THAN WE ARE GETTING FROM THOSE IN POSITIONS OF POWER.

I am a Chiropractor. It is my deep desire to help people who want to take such responsibility for themselves and their health. Many other health practitioners are also interested in the same type of things for those who want this. Seek these people out, learn what has not been taught to your doctor (doctor means teacher).

Any drug, for any purpose has “side effects”… actually affects the whole body (systemically). Even though we may not consciously experience or recognize the damage it is doing, it is still occurring. NO ILLNESS OR DIS-EASE has EVER been cured by drugs. Our bodies are not lacking in drugs. Sometimes certain drugs can be useful when we are totally overwhelmed with an infection but this should tell us that our immune systems are severely compromised and that we need to do much work to restore its integrity.

Please understand that I am sympathetic to the many women who have been brainwashed and absolutely taken advantage of and criminally treated by the Medical Mafia. However, nothing will EVER change unless and until we, the people, wake up, educate ourselves and SAY NO! It is the goal of the Drug cartels to massively drug every person in the world. Is this what we want? Is this HEALTH?

I am absolutely appalled by the parents who continue to subject their little ones to being vaccinated. Is it not enough that 1 out of 50 children now has autism? Do we have to wait until they all have autism before we back away from the syringes and put these bastards in their places? Vaccination has nothing to do with creating a strong immune system. It does have PLENTY to do with cowing the people, vastly enriching the drug cartels and the Medical Mafia and the world bank that is controlled by those who are pushing for the new world order. The more people in this country who are unable to defend themselves, stand up for themselves, the less people there are to control. It is in our faces, people. Please wake up and smell the coffee that has been brewing for many years now.

  • standing_bear

    It is so very important for us to do our homework. Doctors have an agenda to please BIG PHARMA, or some preconception about doing things one way, and never going outside the box. Research, research, research. You will find a great deal of good about any medication, or proceedure, but consider the source. Weigh the pros, and cons. Ultimately you as the patient have the final say, ask questions, and ask some more. Take no one ‘s word for what they are about to inject into your body, know the ingredients yourself, and the side effects. Not just injections, but pills and proceedures as well.

  • Davon Jacobson, M.d.

    Even as a medical doctor, I highly respect this article. My approach is more from an alternative nature. There are in fact many doctors who are just in this to make money and please “big pharma”. Everyone should do their homework and understand what drugs and vaccines really do to their bodies.

  • Paul

    There have been no double blind placebo controlled trials of vaccination in influenza (it is approved based off the surrogate marker of antibody response to the injection – but no evidence that it does in fact prevent disease). Conversely there are at least three population studies, two in the US and one in Italy that found that influenza death and hospitalization rates either did not decline or in fact increased after mass vaccination was instituted. So to sum it up, in the medical literature there is no direct evidence that flu vaccination works the only evidence available says it does not. And this is seasonal influenza we are talking here not the recent swine flu. The recommendation to vaccinate children for flu was made only as recently as 2007 or 2008 as I recall, they were never vaccinated because healthy children almost never die of flu. This change in vaccine recommendations came quickly on the heals of former president Bush’s veto of a bill which would have outlawed thimerosal from all pediatric vaccines.

    Save yourself the needle prick and take some vitamin D – which by the way does have evidence in the medical literature supporting that it prevents influenza.


  • Vitamins For Immune System

    I do agree that many people rely far too heavily on drugs and vaccines to solve their problems and that they need to take responsibility for their own health.
    However, what is Ellen’s solution to the problems of childhood diseases such as measles, mumps and rubella which can be fatal and very contagious?
    When the rates of vaccination for these conditions fell because of the fear of autism, the incidence of cases started to rise.

  • Tony

    I just think it is too easy to self medicate with the availability of drugs on the internet. God only knows what people are buying anyway – very dangerous! Everyone needs to take more responsiblity for their health which can often be sorted without medication anyway.

  • Alan Ireland

    Back in the 1940s, when we ALL had the “childhood diseases”, we never thought they were serious. And as late as 1959, measles was described in the British Medical Journal as “nowadays normally a mild infection”. There was none of today’s panic and hysteria.

  • sabelmouse

    not any more dangerous then when your doctor prescribes you 2 meds that taken together can lead to a fatal stroke.