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Obama’s Dirty Deal With The Pharmaceutical Industry

Obama arrogantBilly TauzinIf there was any doubt remaining whether or not Barack Obama has old out, it completely vanished with the recent news that he had cut a dirty deal with the pharmaceutical industry over health care costs.  In exchange for promises by the pharmaceutical companies of 80 billion dollars in future health care savings, President Obama has pledged NOT to use its immense purchasing power to negotiate lower drug prices.


It is time for the Democrats to officially acknowledge that Obama has completely sold out.

This is the exact same type of dirty deal that the Democrats and Obama loudly denounced when George W. Bush was president.   In fact, this deal cut by Obama is approximately the same deal that Bush cut made with the pharmaceutical industry when he was pushing through his prescription drug benefit plan.

What makes it worse is that Obama made it with Billy Tauzin, the former Republican congressman from Louisiana who is now the lead lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry.

In fact, Obama had specifically targeted Tauzin in campaign advertisements as an example of what is wrong with Washington.

Now he is making deals with him.

Really bad deals for the American people.

It appears that Obama is much more concerned with protecting drug company profits then about lowering costs for the American people.

Not only that, but Obama has completely done an end run around the Congress by cutting this deal.

It seems that health care reform deals are being locked in without Congress even being consulted.

“We have all been focused on the debate in Congress, but perhaps the deal has already been cut,” the New York Times quotes Representative Raul M. Grijalva, a Democrat from Arizona as saying. “That would put us in the untenable position of trying to scuttle it.”

Do you understand what that quote means?

It means that members of Obama’s own party were not even informed about this dirty deal.

Meanwhile, Tauzin is calling it a “rock-solid deal”, and the pharmaceutical industry seems tickled pink about the massive profits that they could soon make under the new American health care system.

The frightening thing is that Republican lobbyists seem to know more about what is going with health care reform than Democrat members of Congress do.  The lack of respect that Obama is showing for members of his own party is mind blowing.

The reality is that Obama is becoming more like George W. Bush every day.  Now is the time for liberals to stand up and to make their voices heard.  If something was wrong when Bush did it, then it is still wrong when Obama does it.

But if Democrats are not willing to denounce dirty deals and corruption because Obama is president, then they deserve what they get.  And what we are all about to get is health care “reform” that is a complete and total disaster.

  • Francis

    Now I see why he got the “Walking Eagle” Award recently.
    he is so full of…..

  • So Organic

    The sad thing is that no matter what peoples intentions are the bottom line is always money and that is what takes priority

  • AJ

    Money is not the only reason for keeping mum and playing nice. Ask Wakefield, ask a Kennedy, ask well all the people who have had their careers, or at the least their research cut short. Obama’s doing great things – well his wife is doing great things for healthy eating. That has to be a start.

  • Richard Wm Roper

    In 2008 campaign Mr Obama was quoted as saying “If it done in secret its a Lie”. Why would we re-elect a President who totally Ignores our U.S Constution and bill of rights, who is re-writing the Bible, Who chases votes by playing on the weak. 70% of the Population in this country are Christians, You know, the people who by their donations are Drilling Wells to provide fresh, clean drinking water for African nations so their children can quit drinking from the same river their live stock piss and shit in, They send missions that supply food and medical care, But yet atheist can file a lawsuit and get God’s names and Prayers removed from schools and Government buildings. What ever happened to Freedom of Religion..