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Is The H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Causing Miscarriages? 9 New Stories Of Pain And Loss From Pregnant Women Who Lost Their Babies After Receiving The H1N1 Vaccine

Is The H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Causing MiscarriagesIs the H1N1 swine flu vaccine causing miscarriages?  Is the vaccine safe for pregnant women to take?  Those are questions that thousands upon thousands of pregnant women have wrestled with over the past couple of months as they have decided what to do about the swine flu.  The WHO and U.S health authorities insisted that the H1N1 swine flu vaccine was perfectly safe for pregnant women and pushed them to the front of the line.  So thousands of women did run out and get themselves injected with the vaccine.  Now reports are pouring in from all over the United States of women who have lost their babies very quickly after receiving the H1N1 vaccine.  Many of these women are overcome with pain and a feeling of loss and are looking for answers.  They end up on sites like this one because the mainstream media won’t touch this story with a ten foot pole (lest they offend the pharmaceutical giants and their millions of dollars in ad money).  Fortunately there are alternatives to the mainstream media now.  The following are stories from 9 of our readers who have lost their babies very soon after getting the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.  We challenge anyone who still believes in the safety of this vaccine to read all of the following stories and then to explain to the rest of us why we should not be concerned.

The truth is that the H1N1 swine flu vaccine is NOT safe for pregnant women.  The following are unedited personal testimonies left as comments by readers of this site….. 

#1) Kelly:

If you haven’t had a miscarriage, you shouldn’t comment about someone that has. This is my second miscarriage. I know my first miscarriage had absolutely nothing to do with the H1N1 shot (because it was in 2003), however, this time I believe there definitely could be a connection. I had 3 healthy babies after my first miscarriage. When I went to have my H1N1 shot (which was HIGHLY recommended by the Health Office workers since I WAS pregnant and I higher risk of H1N1), I was around 5 weeks pregnant. When I went in for my next ob appointment, I had an ultrasound that showed I was only 5 week and 2 days, although by that point I was almost 9 weeks pregnant. I never had any symptoms. The baby just died. Instead of reading about how pregnant women shouldn’t get the shot, the ONLY thing I read about pregnant women and the H1N1 shot is that they were top priority for the shot and should have it done as soon as possible. My doctor thought I may have just miscalculated and waited another few weeks to test levels (once a week) until we knew for sure what was going on. Three weeks later (should have been 12 weeks pregnant), I was told that the ultrasound was still showing 5 weeks and 2 days and that the baby was no longer living. I had to have a D&C. Not only was the physical pain traumatizing but the emotional pain was beyond bearable. Something needs to be done. PLEASE, take all of this into consideration before deciding if you are going to get the shot. I wish I wouldn’t have… There seems to be WAY too many stories for this to be a coincidence. If this is what our country is coming to, God, please help us all!

#2) Amy:

I got the H1N1 vacc. when I was 4 and a half weeks pregnanat. I started bleeding 2 weeks later and went to the doctor and was tol my pregnancy looked perfect for a 4 and a half week pregnanacy! Sounds like to me that everything was perfect until I got the vacc. We were completely devistated and I wish I knew the risks before I got it, but the docs will tell you miscarriages happen everyday, but that is not good enough for me.

#3) Canada Also:

We were in our 6 month of pregnancy, and we also got the vaccine, We also lost our baby, within 10 days of taking the vaccine. We also asked our Dr what could of caused this, they gave us many reasons, then we brought up H1N1 Vaccine, and before we could get the INE out in vaccine, they dismissed it as possible cause. I asked how could it be everthing else, and this is not even considered and dismissed immediately, I think if they did a study and found out that it does cause miscarriages, they entire health system would be under scrutiny and law suits.

It was our second child of which we do not have history of miscarriages or any medical or health issues. Upon delivery the baby looked pefect and no ambilical chord around its neck.

#4) e.Kirylo:

Last month on Nov.16th I had my son premature at 22 weeks along in my pregnancy he lived 5 hrs and then died of heart failure. About a week prior I recieved the H1N1 Flu vaccine. I began cramping in my lower abdomin and bleeding heavily on thursday night and after 75 hrs of labor trying to keep my son inside me as long as posible I delivered him on monday morning. After reading many of these storys I am convinced that I would still be pregnant if I would have denied the vaccine!

#5) Lucy:

I should be 11 weeks and two days pregnant today. I had an appointment with my OB/GYN today and was told (from info of ultrasound) that my baby stopped growing on the exact day I had my H1N1 vaccine! This is a very sad day for my family and I. This would have been our first baby. I have submitted a report of my “adverse event” on the following site:

To all those that have had problems with the vaccine I would suggest to report your event as well so the government can track this.

After researching the H1N1 vaccine (which I WISH I would have done before I took the vaccine), I cannot believe that all these officials and medical professional would think for a minute that injecting a drug that may contain mercury, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80 (associated with infertility), triton X100 (a strong detergent), phenoxyethanol (antifreeze) and many other toxic ingredients would be SAFE!

It seems as if there is a hidden agenda out there. Just think of the billions of dollars these pharmaceutical companies are making! Could THAT be the agenda??? I wonder…. HOW can the Pharmaceutical companies get away with giving vaccines that can cause death?! To anyone else that would be a crime!

I think we ALL need to join together and try to change the law so that we can protect this from happening to others. We should all push for legislature that will protect ourselves AND our unborn from this crime.

#6) Amanda:

I have a healthy 1yr old boy no complication or history of miscarriages. I got the H1N1 vaccine to protect me and the baby at 7weeks pregnant. I lost the baby a week and a half after

#7) Carolyn:

I was 4 1/2 weeks pregnant when I got the H1N1 shot. I started spotting 2 days later, then a 2 weeks later lost my baby. I have 2 kids, with no history of miscarriage. If I could take back getting it I would because I think it caused my miscarriage. My doctor does not believe it does.

#8) Mandy:

I was 5 weeks pregnant when my doctor suggested I get the H1N1 vaccine. I received the shot on a Thursday and was very sore and achy on Friday. I miscarried my baby on Sunday, just 3 days after receiving the shot. This was my first pregnancy and I thought I was doing the best thing for myself and my baby by getting the shot. I was encouraged to get the shot by my doctor and was not told that I should wait until I was further along. Also, I was not warned of any side affects accept for a sore arm where I got the shot. I was given the Novartis shot.

#9) Paula:

i was 14 wweks pregnant almost and took the H1N1 shot because my dr. said to and a few minutes afterwards i had severe headaches and shortness of breath,i called everywhere but no one would tell me nothing, then a couple of days after that i started spotting blood and had to be taken to the emergency room for a threatened misscarriage,then 4 days later i went to the OBGYN for an ultrasound my baby was fine until a couple of days later when i went back for an ultrasound and my baby had died it was a missed miscarriage ihad to wait 2 days for them to do a dnc. I had my baby and placenta sent to the lab for testing ,the results came back my baby was healthy,my choromasones were fine everything was fine,even the sex ,she was a little baby girl!my baby girl! and i think we have all been misinformed by our doctors, and i think the H1N1 shot killed my baby! and i will fight to get the answers because i want justice for my baby!

  • TK

    I hope everyone is reporting these things to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) It is quite apparent that doctors are not going to do it for you.

  • Standing_Bear

    The very moment the advisery was issued that pregnant women should get this vaccine, red flags should have gone up. How much testing was done, as far as any dangers to the fetus? Can you say population control? We as citizens need to read, research be aware. Not everything the Government recommends is good. Too much of our science is sold to the highest bidder, and industry will tell any lie, forward any deception for the sake of power, and money. Even when informed too many of us would rather ignore any warnings, and if the negative effects are not immediate, too many of the “sheeple” amoung us take a so what attitude.

    Go online research just how much money those who created this vaccine have made worldwide. Hundreds of billions of dollars, and if the industry has anything to say, and they do, nothing will stand in the way. Money, money, money, because money equals power, and in a lot of ways capitalism is much worse than communism. communism tell you flat out what you cannot say, or do, whereas capitalism just flat lies.

  • Stacey

    How horrifying! I struggled SO MUCH with the decision for or against the vaccine, and now I’m 100% sure I made the right choice to leave it. I’m so sorry about the loss of all these precious babies! It’s disgusting to me that the medical community is not taking a firmer stand on things, and actually doing the research.

  • D

    Get a copy of the insert from the vaccine you were given. Get a copy of the LOT # you were and the expiration date you were given.
    Were you informed by your physician regarding the warnings posted within the insert? NO
    Was any pre testing done to see if you were sensitive to any of the materials contained in the vaccine? NO
    File your complaints online with the CDC as well.
    (Center for Disease Control)

    Contact a vaccine injury attorney and see if they would be willing to do a class action suit. Then gather every women who miscarried post injection that you possibly can and make a public press statement for all to see! This will at least alert other parents on a mass scale!

  • Anti-vaxxer

    When was the last time a cashier at a liquor store told you alcohol is dangerous? That’s the same as these doctors who have a financial interest of about $1000 in jabbing the life out of your newborn babies. Big pharma profits are equaled by the “doctors” and pharmacies profit from doling out this poison.

  • Penny

    First, I want to say that my heart goes out to all of these families who lost their babies (including the fathers), it is HORRIBLE.

    Second, I have to raise the question as to WHY so many of these people did NOT do any research to find out BEFORE they took these shots, especially when there HAS been so much debate over them even in the PROPAGANDA news channels.

    My next point is. How many of these same women would have actually LISTENED to anyone telling them the dangers? My guess is about ONE out of a thousand.

    As for just believing your doctors, well I say just take a look around the office and see how MANY pharmaceutical office supplies they have in there (i.e pens, note pads, clipboards etc). These are actually little PERKS they receive for PUSHING their DRUGS! Most doctors do NOT research the drugs and just take it at face value what the big pharmas CLAIM.

    The doctors and their offices get KICK BACKS for giving them to their patients as well.

    Most doctors today are nothing more than legal DOPE PUSHERS for the big pharmas, and because the government also gets kick back and payoffs from them, they then PROTECT the big pharmas from the lawsuits.

    I think it is time that people start taking responsibility for the the health choices they make especially when their choices affect their children or other family members.

  • susieQ

    I’m not sure which h1n1 vaccine these mothers received…however I did note that although the CDC strongly urged pregnant women to be vaccinate with h1n1, the Sanofi Pasteur insert clearly stated that their H1N1 vaccine ” had not been tested on pregnant women or for future reproductive health”.

    Research Gardasil-it contains roach killer Sodium Bromate, and sterilization agent Polysorbate 80. And is “strongly recommended” for girls 11-35 , even though cervical cancer is one of the rarest cancers in women. We are being poisoned thru the big pharma industry-the elite seem to think we are useless eaters, thus the “culling of the herd” is now under way. Unless you have a better explanation as to why known sterilization agents and poisons are allowed to be injected into healthy people…

  • Art

    It’s a shame, but all they had to do was read a simple paragraph in any of the manufacturers’ inserts.

    “Safety and effectiveness of Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine have not been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers or children less than 4 years of age.”

    “Pregnancy Category C: Animal reproduction studies have not been conducted with Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine or FLUVIRIN. It is also not known whether Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine or FLUVIRIN can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or can affect reproduction capacity.”

    “Specific levels of hemagglutination inhibition (HI) antibody titers post-vaccination with inactivated influenza virus vaccine have not been correlated with protection from influenza illness.”

    “Neither FLUVIRIN nor the Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine have been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility.”

    Unfortunately, the terminations are probably only the beginning of their problems. As the years go by, look for cancer and sterility. (That’s why they didn’t test for it.)

  • nick

    I pray for these brave women who have steped forward to share.

  • Donna

    I am so sorry for all of your losses. My nephew in 2006 was in the military and had to take a manditory flu shot it wasn’t the H1N1 but it was the live virus vaccine. It almost killed him. It ruined his military career, his marrige and his relationship with his 2 little girls and his health. When anyone from the government tells you something is good for you, you had better think twice. If you ladies would read on a daily basis you would know what our government has in store for us. I really don’t know what good it would do to report adverse effects to Do you really think that they would report anything negative about the drug companies. There’s too much money to be had.

  • Kat

    My thoughts and prayers to all these women!! My heart goes out to you!
    Both my husband and I refuse to take the swine flu vaccine. And our daughter who is handicapped, we will not have her get it either. It’s too new of a drug to know what it does etc etc.
    Our government has been pushing it and pushing it. Why?

  • staggerlee

    Please for the love of god read what this website has to say at least once a day!!!!!!!! There’s a war on free humanity and the Vaccines (plural) are there to soft kill you and make you sterile (soft kill means that you die at around 50-65). Please educate yourself and others so more don’t have to face what these poor women and babies did!!!! I can only show you the door you have to do the rest!!

  • John H

    A pregnant family friend boasted that her ‘doctor’ husband gave her and her 2 year old a ‘head-of-the-line’ pass to receive the H1N1 vaccine and posted that on her facebook as if it some sort of badge of honor. The warning is clearly written in the package insert… DO NOT TAKE IF PREGNANT. Good doctors risking the state medical boards’ wrath and good scientists warned women NOT to take this vaccine for the very reason of risk of termination of the fetus. This warning is for the ENTIRE length of the pregnancy. This family friend who once boasted about getting ahead of ‘others’ to get this shot lost her little baby boy after carrying this little angel for almost 37 weeks. The medical staff / her doctor husband have NO explanation for the baby being stillborn. What’s even a bigger tragedy isn’t that having to avoid being asked over and over, “what do you think happened” by people not in the know, the couple FALSLY put out an ‘alternative explanation’, the biggest tragedy of all is that this couple believes the lie. My question is how many other couples / women ‘made up’ an explanation and will just keep repeating these tragic mistakes regarding vaccines.

  • Please Wake Up!

    The vaccine IS the pandemic!
    I can’t believe people still believe what their doctors tell them without looking at their M.O.
    Doctors in white lab coats are legalized drug pushers who own stock in Big Pharma!
    And MSM (mainstream media) is bought and paid for by Big Pharma!
    Hope the puzzle pieces are starting to fit together.
    Why do people spend more time reading the side of the Cheerios box than researching the ingredients of something like vaccines?????

    -1974 Kissinger Report
    -depopulation agenda
    -“useless eaters” etc.
    -Georgia guidestones

    -‘Vaccine Nation’ (free on the net)
    -‘Vaccine is the Pandemic’ on youtube..etc etc


  • anne Mcgill

    testing of the swine flu vaccine not completed till April 2010.Check out The Doctot Within. Dr Tim Oshea

  • Steve Michaels

    Go here to read what REALLY happened with the ‘clinical’ trials for pregnant women!! The vaccine tested was thimerasol and adjuvant free and was not live. The vaccine actually given contains squalene, mercury and if you opt out of that one, then you get the live vaccine. A bit like eating apples to see if you are going to have a reaction to oranges really. What this acually means is that NO TESTING OF THE VACCINE BEING GIVEN TO THE PUBLIC HAS BEEN TESTED. IF YOU GET THE H1N1 VACCINE YOU ARE THE GUINEA PIG!!

  • NASH

    To all women that have lost a pregnancy because of this horrific eugenics agent….The government has put in place a restriction on sueing any manufacturer of the vaccine, but you can sue the provider of the vaccine(your doctor)…even if there is no concrete evidence these vaccines are causing miscarriages there is more than enoungh circumstancial evidence…sue the doctors everyone one of them…you hit them in the pockets they will be forced to warn patients of a possible link

  • lindzi

    This is tragic enough, but I have a worry that this jab may do more than just cause miscarriage, will statistics be looked at on future fertility and health of these previously fertile woman.

  • Rachel

    Please don’t blame the women. We are all taught to trust the ‘experts’. Each of us wakes up to the lies in our way, but this is the most awful way to do so. They took the vaccine to protect their child and could not believe officials and doctors would advise them to do something harmful. I feel sorrow for each of these women. They lost their babies and their innocence at the same time. I wish I could heal their pain and I pray there is a (good) God and some purpose to such cruelty.

  • anne mcgill

    Swine flu has disappeared but there will be plenty more where that came from.Remember Sars,smallpox ,mad cow disease.They all disappeared without a trace after enough people had rolled their sleeves up.

  • Rogers, AR

    Vaccines are not mandatory. You can exempt your child for free here:

    Also, Dr. Todd Elsner has written a book on vaccines called What The Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t Want You To Know About Vaccines. If you have children or are planning on having children, this book is a must read.

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  • Omega

    In Canada, it is GlaxoSmithKline that received the sole contract to deliver 50 million doses of the untested chemical and biological cocktail against the non-event of H1N1.

    Here are a few poignant excerpts from Glaxo’s FLUARIX 2009-2010 medical insert (direct quotations followed by my own comment):

    1. “FLUARIX IS NOT INDICATED FOR USE IN CHILDREN.” [capitalized by manufacturer] Why were our government health officials and the mainstream media telling the public that the vaccine is completely safe for childrem as young as 6 months old?

    2. “There are insufficient data to assess the concurrent administration of FLUARIX with other vaccines.” But gov. and MSM were telling us that it is safe to take multiple flu shots concurrently with FLUARIX.

    3. “Vaccination with FLUARIX may not protect 100% of susceptible individuals.” Where are the studies that prove it can protect anyone even 10% of the time? There are none and Glaxo admits that much.

    4. “No controlled trials demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FLUARIX have been performed.” This of course speaks for itself.

    5. “Animal reproduction studies have not been conducted with FLUARIX. It is not known whether FLUARIX can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or can affect reproduction capacity.” But pregnant mothers were put on the priority list for innoculation.

    6. “It is not known whether FLUARIX is excreted in human milk.”

    7. “Do not administer by intravascular injection.” There are very clear-cut reasons (mentioned below) why this should not be done. However, to deliver a proper intramuscular injection, the administrator must know how to effectively aspirate the needle to confirm no vein has been punctured. This takes skill, experience and time to perform safely. How many of the nurses, administering hundreds of shots a day, do you think took the time to properly aspirate the needle?

    All this aside, are there any posters here that have a strong back-ground in immunology and virology? Do you remember the fundamental lessons we were taught on why doctors should avoid administering any vaccine to a pregnant mother? There are many reasons having to do with the vulnerable state of the developing fetus’ own immune system, as well as complex and delicate nature of the interaction between the mother’s immune system and the developing fetal tissue. Suffice to say that every rational medical approach that I have encountered in the past to the administration of vaccine to pregnant mothers, is to avoid it entirely.

    All of a sudden though in 2009, I’m supposed to throw all that out and believe our government that it is in fact pregnant mothers that should be on the priority list for vaccine.

    Here’s another fundamental about the immune system…Essentially the job of the immune system is to identify foreign PROTEINS in the blood and eliminate these antigens. That is why we must fully digest the food we eat before the metabolites can be absorbed into the bloodstream. If you start absorbing partially digested proteins (such as in the case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome – IBS) your immune system will begin attacking these substances and a disease condition with all its symptoms will persist. Digestion also serves the purpose of filtering out many contaminants and poisons that may be present in the food you eat. The point is that there is a specific and purposeful pathway for ingested protein nutrients to reach our bloodstream safely. So why would we believe injecting viral proteins directly into the bloodstream is safe? It is not. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to one of the foremost experts on vaccinology, Dr. Shiv Chopra. His academic qualifications include graduation in veterinary medicine and M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Microbiology. He is the recipient of numerous academic awards, including a Fellowship of the World Health Organization. At Health Canada he was the primary person in charge of approving vaccines for the Canadian public. He and his colleagues were fired because they would not approve vaccines after being pressured by government officials and the pharmaceutical companies. Why would he not approve them? Because as he says, they are dangerous to our health.

    The natural root of exposure for most viruses is through the mucous membranes (i.e. mouth, nose, genitals, etc.). This is the body’s first line of defense. These areas contain antibodies and other defensive chemicals that allow the body to prepare a rapid full spectrum response, if in fact the invader makes it past this first line. It is a complex and highly coordinated affair. However, when you inject a vaccine directly into the bloodstream, it by-passes this crucial step and short-circuits the natural response of the immune system. All the formaldehyde, mercury and other ‘stabilizing’ agents are delivered directly to your system without the natural filtering performed by the hepatic circulation.

    If you have any inflammatory disease, such as diabetes, an auto-immune condition, etc., you should avoid ALL vaccines period. In all likelihood your doctor has very limited knowledge of pharmacology, immunology, microbiology, etc. With all due respect, they are just mechanics, they are not omnipotent experts on biology. My wife use to be a pharmaceutical rep. She would often tell me how surprised she was at just how little the doctors she solicited knew about the drugs she was peddling. Many do not have the time nor the inclination to keep up with the tidal wave of information needed to properly assess the concoctions they prescribe to their patients, and many are regretfully more interested in the bursaries and all-expense-paid trips to Barbados thrown at them by Big Pharma.

    How many of you remember the Swine Flu scare of 1976, where more people died or were permanently injured by the vaccine than the flu, and Big Pharma made of with millions in tax payer funds. Back then the pharmaceutical companies suffered the lawsuits from the thousands of people they injured. Now they’ve learned their lesson and our governments have granted blanket immunity to all drug pushers for any harm their untested poisons cause to the public.

    There is so much more that could be said but the bottom line is DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, and don’t trust anything that comes out of the mouth of some government official or MSM loudspeaker. Your life depends on it. When it comes to infectious disease prevention, nothing compares to clean, healthy food and water, exercise and lots of rest..the rest is just snake-oil.

    By the way, if anyone is interested, most vaccine stocks, specially those for Hepatitis B, are contaminated with other viruses, microbial DNA & RNA and mycoplasms. When you take a vaccine, know one fully knows what is being given to you. The tissues being used for viral cultures include chicken egg, chicken embryo, Green monkey kidneys (yes the same ones that carry the famous immunodeficiency viruses), and cancer cell lines. Enough said.

  • Debbie

    What is wrong with you people???? The standing operating proceedure was always “never take ANYTHING while you’re pregnant; not even an aspirin.” Use your brain people! Why would the medical establishment do a 180 on this rule?? Read the insert on all vaccines. They admit that they are carcinogenic and can kill. This is not ignorance from the mainstream medical establishment; this is collusion with WHO and the CDC. Do you all know that you cannot sue for damages; they had that in place before they rolled out this weapon of mass destruction (H1N1 vaccine.) You can’t even get damages from the Vaccine Compensation Fund (H1N1 vaccine is excluded from that fund!) You all should unite and demand compensation and criminal charges.

  • Truth teller

    I feel for all who have lost. However I know that I and others rang the alarm bell on this and begged others to listen. Doing your research and drawing obvious conclusions should not be considered conspiracy. There are global agendas a foot and one of them is population control. You don’t have to agree but that doesn’t make it any less real. They are ringing in a New World Order and you need to understand that this is exactly what was expected when this non-sense rolled out. At least what was expected by those who smelled these rats a mile away!

    Hopefully a few more eyes are opened as a result. You now need to go out there and learn the truth! You need to protect yourself and your families.

  • Roger

    No matter where your spirituality is rooted, make no mistake about it; the principal board members of these corporations as well as the WHO, CDC and FDA are carrying out a Luciferian agenda to de-populate the earth.

    Their belief is that God is a Demiurge, whose haphazard creations are chaotic and must be perfected or improved upon through Hermetic, Gnostic, Kabbalistic, etc., means. Their philosophies have them believing themselves capable of becoming gods or god-like. Part of the “perfection” is cleansing the Earth of “useless eaters”.

    If you doubt it, humor me and search Bohemian Grove, Eugenics, Theosophy and Georgia Guidestones. Please do this before dismissing me as crazy or fanatic.

    These people are evil beyond all comprehension and are very proudly responsible for constantly exposing us to “soft-kill” agents like Fluoride, Aspartame, Thimerosal, Bisphenol-A and many others.

    God’s Revealing is coming, Jesus Christ is Lord.

  • Barb

    All vaccinations cause ministrokes. No exceptions. Research was done by Dr. Moulden who was told that he would never practice medicine in Canada if he presented his research. He can no longer remain quiet. Vaccines and medicines can have SECRET ingredients. Peanut oil can be an ingredient that does not have to appear on the label. The bacteria can be grown on food waste. Trace amounts of food along with the aluminum adjuvant cause food allergies… ever wonder why so many children have severe food allergies these days. It’s the 54 vaccines the get injected with.

    This is very sad. And it is being kept secret by our news media and government.

    Our government isn’t “our” government. It is “owned” by big international corporations. We are being lied to on a daily basis.

    Most doctors are brainwashed and actually believe that there was a swine flu epidemic. There wasn’t one.

  • Penny

    I recommend people also read the inserts for the regular vaccines as well.

  • Ellen

    It used to be that NO drugs of any kind were given to pregnant women. It USED TO BE recognized that anything foreign would adversely affect the very vulnerable fetus. I am not sure when this changed but it appalls me that the sheep of this country accept anything and everything their lying doctors (who get their propaganda from the drug cartels) tell them and what they tell their patients is DRUGS, DRUGS, DRUGS, endlessly. Then they wonder why these tragic events occur. WE NEED TO BEGIN TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR OURSELVES AND OUR HEALTH.

    Stop trusting those who do nothing but push drugs for a living. Find out what REAL health is and how to give your body the support it needs and wants. WE DESERVE SO MUCH MORE THAN WE ARE GETTING FROM THOSE IN POSITIONS OF POWER.

    I am a Chiropractor. It is my deep desire to help people who want to take such responsibility for themselves and their health. Many other health practitioners are also interested in the same type of things for those who want this. Seek these people out, learn what has not been taught to your doctor (doctor means teacher).

    Any drug, for any purpose has “side effects”… actually affects the whole body (systemically). Even though we may not consciously experience or recognize the damage it is doing, it is still occurring. NO ILLNESS OR DIS-EASE has EVER been cured by drugs. Our bodies are not lacking in drugs. Sometimes certain drugs can be useful when we are totally overwhelmed with an infection but this should tell us that our immune systems are severely compromised and that we need to do much work to restore its integrity.

    Please understand that I am sympathetic to the many women who have been brainwashed and absolutely taken advantage of and criminally treated by the Medical Mafia. However, nothing will EVER change unless and until we, the people, wake up, educate ourselves and SAY NO! It is the goal of the Drug cartels to massively drug every person in the world. Is this what we want? Is this HEALTH?

    I am absolutely appalled by the parents who continue to subject their little ones to being vaccinated. Is it not enough that 1 out of 50 children now has autism? Do we have to wait until they all have autism before we back away from the syringes and put these bastards in their places? Vaccination has nothing to do with creating a strong immune system. It does have PLENTY to do with cowing the people, vastly enriching the drug cartels and the Medical Mafia and the world bank that is controlled by those who are pushing for the new world order. The more people in this country who are unable to defend themselves, stand up for themselves, the less people there are to control. It is in our faces, people. Please wake up and smell the coffee that has been brewing for many years now.

    If you have questions, I’d be glad to share. i n n a t e 4 y o u @ q . c o m (without the spaces)

  • Frank Dominguez

    This is all Flapdoodle. Correlation does NOT imply causation. It is human nature to run look for blame when perceived injuries occur. Anecdotal evidence is NOT.

  • Josef Hlasny

    The swine flu pandemic has started on May 1, 2009 when Roy Anderson was interviewed on the BBC´s Today programme…He was a member of a group set up to give scientific advice (British government)relating to swine flu.Roy Anderson has mathematically modelled the spread of new variant Creutzfeld-Jakob disease(v CJD),published in Nature(406,583-584;10 August 2000).There his team showed that the current mortality data are consistent with between 63 and 136,000 cases…However, far fewer people are carrying the vCJD than previously feared. WHY? Because in Britain, much of the alarmism about Mad Cow disease was never justified scientifically.It was pure,math-model-driven science fiction.But it was pushed very vigorously by the British science establishment,which has never confessed to its errors!!!So this could be“more greatest medical scandal”… WHY?According to my opinion BSE (popularly called ‘mad cow disease’)is not an infectious disease( these relationships,according to my recent presentation at 29th World Veterinary Congress in Vancouver; Neurodegenerative Diseases and Schizophrenia as a Hyper or Hypofunction of the NMDA Receptors(

  • jogi54

    I m German, so excuse my English please

    I lost my first son 16years ago by mistakes of the midwife and I swore, never easily believe to medical stuff – they all want to earn money and are not interested to see you really healthy and don’t take any responsibility for there work…

    The father of my girlfriend died half a year ago not because of his cancer but by the chemotherapy, which damaged several systems in his body. He was not to be able to lock critical to what the doctors did, we couldn’t help him. I know, he could still live without cancer…

    I m studying hoaxes since 35years, and there are so many.

    Do you remember the Ozon Hole at north pole?? We found 7 years later in our newspaper a 7 lines message, NASA excusing that they measured the cloud of Pina Tubo and there was no Ozon !! Who had the interest? The owner of ICI, company which has the patent for the replacement of frigen was a leading member of green peace – so what ??

    If something comes up and is pushed very much, I try to find out, who has benefits by this and with only little fantasy, I find – who. Next step – I search for elder informations – i.e. CO2 is a hoax, some hundred years ago, the sailing ships could travel around the bearing sea without any ice breakers… in Hamburg, it was a good area for wine, never nowadays – so what ???

    swine flue, as well must be a hoax, was started in mexico, where it is easy to develop it. No information easily available, how many people die per year by any flue. To compare, it was easy in Germany. Within one year, there die more than 10.000 people per year by any flue, but ~20 people died up to the date, the first vaccine was available in Germany – 20 of 5000 in a half year – so what ???

    I prefer to be independent of all these interests and searched now more than 1 year for alternative and independent ways for health.

    I found very interesting things – first Bob Beck, and a lot of additional informations about his 4 parts of his protocol independently. For each of his components, you can find mass of totally independent patents, which tell you the same as Beck, but not any is followed up and used to keep your health, because not any patent is worth to earn money.

    I do not need any vaccines any more, I have my self produced colloidal silver (very important – with distilled water and 99.99 silver rods, ~5ppm and 1-2 spoonful per day is usually enough to keep healthy), which works very good for all germs, bacteria as well as virus and more… and is known since more than 100 years, but suppressed by the pharmacy industry.

    And your FDA only protects the interests of the pharmacy industry, they are really not interested in your health.

    So it is ok at the end, if you ask for my interests. I earn my money as an senior supervisor for power stations. I don’t sell anything else, but my knowledge of power stations.

    But I m unhappy about to see so much people suffering… because of commercial interests – that’s my interest to write sometimes such comments.

    if you want, find me on skype

  • Jason

    First and most importantly, my deepest sympathies and prayers for all these women and their families. We’ve heard Alex discuss over and over the dangers of government controlled drugs and the idea of population control. I even asked myself, “why are they (doctors) so focused on giving the shots to pregnant women and children first?” This H1N1 shot is obviously damaging reproductive organs and doesn’t even defend against this flu-strand. In fact, research has shown this flu is a mutation of the 1918 flu! How does a 1918 flu resurrect itself? It doesn’t.

    Don’t let your voice refuse to be heard, don’t let your ears refuse to hear and don’t let your eyes refuse refuse to see! Together we are bigger…we are one!

  • J

    I’ve been through miscarriages, plural, (no vaccinations), so I guess I’m qualified. The need for answers is powerful.

    Miscarriages happen.

    Anecdotes can be enticing, but useless for true closure, in my opinion. (Just like all the people who know someone who had a miscarriage, got pregnant again, had a baby, lived happily ever after. Everyone feel better?)

    Good advice to report at VAERS. Best wishes to all.

  • Danielle

    I had a miscarriage a day after getting the swine flu shot. I have contacted a lawyer and he’s starting a class action lawsuit against them. Contact me at and I can give you all the information

  • http://facebook Amy Kjelstrom

    I received the H1n1 vaccine (my first flu vaccine ever) at about 6 weeks pregnant. This was my third pregnancy & I have had two healthy ones prior to it… A few weeks after receiving the vaccine I had an ultrasound that showed that the embryo had stopped growing around that same time I had received the vaccine. Since my HCG levels had not diminished, my doctor put me on progesterone supplements to see if we could get things moving. Didn’t help. Days later at about 730pm I began bleeding so badly, my fiance had to rush me to the ER where I had to spend the night in the most agonizing pain I have ever experienced in my life, and I was rushed to emergency surgery after nearly bleeding to death. Not only did we lose what would have been our precious baby, but my fiance & I were both literally scared to death not knowing if I was gonna make it. This happened on Dec 8th & I have wondered since about the possibility of the vaccine being to blame somehow… Also, my OBGYN (who has been an OB for nearly 40 years) said he had never seen such a case where my HCG levels & all of my OWN body’s hormones were moving along normal, yet the baby just STOPPED developing for no obvious reason. He couldn’t even make sense of this himself. I am glad I finally looked online, yet SHOCKED to see so many other women have experienced this! Now I REALLY feel there is a problem with this vaccine. I would NOT recommend that any pregnant woman get the H1N1 vaccine! It is just not worth the risk!!!

  • Lisa

    I too had a miscarriage 3 days after receiving swine flu shot at 6weeks pregnant. I was advised strongly by the doctor to get it.

  • Jeffrey

    I have had a sickening feeling about the swine flu shot. Take this with a grain of salt, because it is totally hypothetical. I had a weird mental discovery (vision? I doubt it) about this flu shot being a silent killer. Upon research, the elements fit together.

    Suppose, amongst all the other crap they put in there, the vaccines are infused with a small amount of a protein called a Prion crystal. Prions are basically naturally occurring proteins that are misshaped. What these proteins do is entice other healthy proteins to also take on the misshape and join their long chain. Sort of like a deadly conga line. These new prions affect other proteins. The result is exponential and leads to 100% death in all infected individuals. This is basically known in humans as CJD, but is widely known to the public as Mad Cow Disease when it happens to cattle. To put it crudely, your brain turns into a sponge.

    Now the process of Protein Misfolding can be greatly sped up using something called Cyclic Amplification. How this is done is by striking the Prions with Ultrasound, so that their little conga lines break apart and more rapidly affect the healthy proteins. Let me say that again. It can be greatly amplified using ULTRASOUND! And what pregnant woman with modern medicine available to them hasn’t had a ultrasound? Moreover, the government has a “research” tool (um, yeah right) called HAARP. This tool emits high frequency sound waves in you guessed it, the Ultrasound band wave. Sound waves we can not hear, but have the ability to rapidly induce Prion diseases in any population that has prion crystals in their body already.

    If this sounds like a horror film, it very well could be. We are talking about whole populations that first become zombie like sociopaths and then rapidly die.

  • Kate

    I was having an otherwise healthy pregnancy up until recieving the H1N1 vaccine at 9 weeks gestation. My 11 week ultrasound could not find a fetal heartbeat and identified a fetus that stopped thriving at the 9 week mark……..the week i recieved the vaccine. I tried to report the ‘adverse’ effect to both of my local health units, where I was not clearly taken seriously. I am an educated RN who was reluctant to take the vaccine at first, however decided to go through with it after advice from my family doctor.

  • Carrie

    Ok, how about a little less blame on the mothers who took the vaccine? Propaganda goes both ways, and it is very difficult to sort it out when trying to make such a decision. I struggled with it but since pregnant women were such a high risk group for H1N1, I did go ahead and get it while about 15 weeks pregnant. At my 20-wk ultrasound things looked grim. The baby measured way too small, my fluid was very low, and not much chance was given for a good outcome. The doctor explained that babies are born different weights, but that early in the pregnancy they really should weigh just about the same. A genetic cause seemed unlikely so it was treated as probable placental insufficiency & I went on a super high-calorie diet. Slowly but surely the baby started packing on some ounces and surprised us all by making it until 36 weeks when ultrasounds showed the growth had stalled again so he was induced and was born small but very healthy, and the placenta looked perfectly normal. I can’t help but thing that all the drama of the pregnancy and the high risk of the situation was caused by the vaccine, especially after reading so many stories.

  • Jackie

    I did not have a misscarriage after receiving the H1N1 vaccine, however I did have MAJOR complications within 10 days of having the vaccine resulting in emergency c section at 29 weeks…..the baby weighed only 2lbs 2 oz. She luckily survived but I do beleive it had everything to do with that vaccine….my first pregnancy was term and no complications and im currantly pregnant with my third and seeing a high risk dr. because of my second. so far not a single complication and the baby is looking amazing

  • concernchild

    My heart goes out to you ladies and I understand your horror and out rage because I have the same thing I almost losted my mom to this vaccination. My mother took that H1N1 vaccination and two weeks later was rushed to the hospital. We were informed that she suffered from TTP which is a autoimmune disease that is rarely seen in people who are not born with it. There was no warning about the side affects of Squalene which is a adjuvant in the Flu shot that when injected into the body it causes autoimmune diseases. They have known this since the Gulf War when this adjuvant was used in the Anthrax vaccination. My mom by the grace of God is still here but she suffers everyday because even though the doctors cured the TTP due to there neglect she had got a infection in her heart. My mom has never been sick a day in her life until she got the H1N1 flu shot. So do the math 1+1= 2 not a bunch of bull and we are suing because suing is all that corporate America and our government understands and the only way to stop this type of stuff from happening. We John Q Public have to stand up and hit them were it hurts, their back pockets. Thank God for computers because had I not been researching we would have never known what cause my moms TTP and still been in the dark.

  • Kelly

    Wow. How come the media isn’t all over this. People should organize and protest. That way the media has no choice but to cover it. I pray for all of your losses and I am so sorry