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If The H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Is Safe Then Why Are So Many People Being Hurt By It?

World health authorities and the U.S. government have spent a ton of money over the past year to promote the H1N1 vaccine.  But if the H1N1 swine flu vaccine is safe, then why are so many people being hurt by it?  This website is not that large, and yet we have received dozens and dozens of comments from our readers about how the H1N1 swine flu vaccine has destroyed their lives.  We have posted some of the latest reader testimonies below.  But the U.S. government and the big media companies continue to refuse to look into this epidemic of side effects because it is not “politically correct” to do so.  Fortunately, on the other side of the Atlantic, the Council of Europe is investigating how pharmaceutical companies used their influence to get a “pandemic” declared and is looking into why all of these vaccines were pushed on us when the H1N1 swine flu turned out to be less dangerous than even the common seasonal flu…..

But for many of those who listened to the propaganda and took the vaccine the damage has already been done.  The following are stories from our readers about how their lives or the lives of people that they know have been changed forever by this very dangerous vaccine…..


All I know is that I wish I would have just not listened to anybody around me. I am going to school studying to be a drug and alcohol abuse counselor… I was very skeptical about getting the vaccine myself as I was aware that the vaccine was so new that and there wasn’t any possible way enough research could have been done on it, unfortunately I let everyone else around me talk me into getting that stupid shot and within a week I began noticing the very early signs of miscarriage, like consistent really painful backache which everyone told me was normal, really bad cramping, etc and I began spotting and eventually miscarried on November 10th, I was due on May 27th. Everything up to that point was completely normal. My boyfriend and I were really excited, we’ve been together for six years and trying for a baby for the last two and a half years, what made us more excited was the fact that we finally knew for sure it was possible for us to have a baby because he used to have bladder cancer and we didn’t think it was even a posibility. I feel to deceived that the health care providers and engineers of this vaccine could so easily push this to some many thousands and thousands of women. The thought just makes me sick to my stomach… these are people who are supposed to be taking care of others, and all they are doing is putting them through the psychological, and emotional pain of stripping away the life of an innocent child.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT THING TO BE AWARE OF… beginning this year the H1N1 vaccine will automatically be combined in with the normal flu shot…. so my advice, and I am not a medical doctor but rather somebody who just has COMMON SENSE do not get the seasonal flu vaccine as it will also contain the H1N1 vaccine. It is ultimately your choice but I WILL NEVER GET ANOTHER FLU SHOT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!


I am so sorry for all of your losses. My nephew in 2006 was in the military and had to take a manditory flu shot it wasn’t the H1N1 but it was the live virus vaccine. It almost killed him. It ruined his military career, his marrige and his relationship with his 2 little girls and his health. When anyone from the government tells you something is good for you, you had better think twice. If you ladies would read on a daily basis you would know what our government has in store for us. I really don’t know what good it would do to report adverse effects to Do you really think that they would report anything negative about the drug companies. There’s too much money to be had.


I miscarried in July and have been trying to get pregnant ever since. I had the shot a few days ago, even though I kept wondering if I should or not. Of course, my doctor told me it was safe. I thought I did all my research. Then almost immediately the next morning I was cramping and today bleeding. I was almost positive that I was finally pregnant again.

It is horrifying to think that all of these miscarriages were because of this vaccine, however I am one who believes that it is just too coincidental. Next time I will listen to what my own mind is telling me. I am so very sorry to hear about everyone else’s story.

For those of you (MissNatural) who are calling women idiots when listening to their doctors, get a heart and have a little grace. Even if you do not agree with the fact that some took the advice of their doctor, it is just plain rude and inconsiderate to say those things. People lost their babies. Don’t be so cruel. It will come back to haunt you one day.


I have a friend that was far into a healthy pregnancy with a baby girl. she got the h1n1 vaccine at around 6 months into her pregnancy.Two weeks before her due date Jan 10, 2010 the baby past away in her womb. She had to give birth to the baby regardless.I can’t imagine how painful that could be, a totally healthy baby dieing two weeks before birth. A very sad story like all the other expecting mothers out there. What kind of country do we live in? Wealthy industries are building their wealth over the life’s of innocent infants who could of seen this world with the hope and care of their mother and expecting father.


My daughter in law was in her sixth month and everything was fine. The baby was expected in April. Mid December she had the H1N1 flu shot and on January 5th she had a miscarriage and lost the baby. The pliscenta seperated and she almost bled to death.


A pregnant family friend boasted that her ‘doctor’ husband gave her and her 2 year old a ‘head-of-the-line’ pass to receive the H1N1 vaccine and posted that on her facebook as if it some sort of badge of honor. The warning is clearly written in the package insert… DO NOT TAKE IF PREGNANT. Good doctors risking the state medical boards’ wrath and good scientists warned women NOT to take this vaccine for the very reason of risk of termination of the fetus. This warning is for the ENTIRE length of the pregnancy. This family friend who once boasted about getting ahead of ‘others’ to get this shot lost her little baby boy after carrying this little angel for almost 37 weeks. The medical staff / her doctor husband have NO explanation for the baby being stillborn. What’s even a bigger tragedy isn’t that having to avoid being asked over and over, “what do you think happened” by people not in the know, the couple FALSLY put out an ‘alternative explanation’, the biggest tragedy of all is that this couple believes the lie. My question is how many other couples / women ‘made up’ an explanation and will just keep repeating these tragic mistakes regarding vaccines.


Since I have a vaccine damaged child, I not only sent the form back to our school saying no vaccinations, I informed them of my intent to keep my child out of school on that day for medical necessity. This was the best way for me to be assured that my child would not have an accidental vaccination. In a few months, we will be homeschooling.
“Known Toxins in Seasonal Flu and Other Vaccines

Millions voluntarily take annual flu shots not knowing their harmful ingredients. With variations by producer, they contain numerous stabilizers, neutralizers, carrying agents, and preservatives, including:

– 25 micrograms of mercury (thimerosal), a known neurotoxin; one microgram is considered toxic; according to the NIH, “mercury and all of its compounds are toxic, exposure to excessive levels can permanently damage or fatally injure the brain and kidneys;” even “exposures to very small amounts” can also cause “allergic reactions, neurological damage and death;” it’s also linked to autism;

– aluminum hydroxide and phosphate, known to be linked to some neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease; the Office of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports x-ray evidence of pulmonary fibrosis among workers studied; it also reports that patients undergoing long-term kidney dialysis develop speech disorders, dementia, or convulsions;

– formaldehyde, a known carcinogen according to the National Cancer Institute; it’s also linked to upper respiratory tract problems and effects on lymphatic and hematopoietic systems (relating to human blood cells);

– gelatin, polysorbate 80 and resin – ingredients causing severe allergic reactions;

– ammonium sulfate, a suspected gastrointestinal, liver, and respiratory toxicant and neurotoxicant;

– sorbitol, a suspected gastrointestinal and liver toxicant;

– phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), a suspected developmental and reproductive toxicant;

– beta-propiolactone, a known carcinogen and suspected gastrointestinal, liver, respiratory, skin and sense organ toxicant;

– gentamycin, an antibiotic;

– triton X100, a strong detergent;

– animal tissues and fluids, including potentially contaminated horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, pig blood, and porcine (pig) protein/tissue;

– calf and fetal bovine serum;

– macerated cancer cells;

– diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue; and/or

– other ingredients varying by producer.

  • Valerie

    my mother , 63, was a very healthy person and received the H1 N1 shot December 15 , 2009
    and had a fever ever since , sore throat and difficulty breathing and on Jan. 25 was diagnosed with leukemia ,
    cancer of the blood .

    I think this poisonous shot with squalene and other toxic
    chemicals made her white blood cells jump up to 30 times
    the normal amount . She is undergoing chemo at the moment .

  • Barrie Sharrock

    A good many years ago, when the first flu jabs were introduced, I had the shot and following that I had a constantly runny, blocked nose for months. I’ve never had a flu jab since and have only once had flu since! Personally, if a government or international “expert” told me that the sea was blue I would not believe them! Government Medical Officer? He/she is a politician and will follow what he/she is told to – and my suspicions are all but confirmed – they are all in the pay of big drugs/food/oil companies. We have endless instances of dramatic forecasts by these people and they rarely, if ever, amount to anything – except big profits for the companies, and well paid sinecures for the politicians. Ignore them!

  • The Patriot

    Considering all the extremly coincidental occurences, I think you all should get together and sue the Pharmacutical companies.

  • joan

    my husband had the swine flu vaccination in january 2010 then had flu that he couldnt shake off .he died from aml leukemia in march 2010 four days after diagnosis. i blame the flu jab .i wish i had talked him out of getting it but again he trusted the doctors.

  • Caroline

    My 3 year old boy had the swine flu jab and was in good health before jab in March 2010. He was very poorly after the jab and two weeks later was diagnosed with leukaemia. I also blame this jab!!!!

  • Barbara Gosman

    I got the flu shot 17 weeks ago. Three hours later i started aching.i called the dr and thr nurse said that it sometimes bad people feel a little bad but i should be better in a couple of a couple of days i started to coughing every breath.went to see dr .dhe said it eas pribably upper respirtory infection so she gave me antibiotic and cough syrup.didnt eork.sp i called her back in a few days and she put me on prednisone.and didnt work. So she sent me for chest exray it came back clear.i said i was well before i got flu she sent me to pulmonary dr and he just said we are going to call this an asthmatic cough .but it isnt he put me pn singular pills which gavr me horrible nightmares and another inhaler.agsin disreguared that i had taken flu shot. So i called the office next day and he said stop singular pills. So i went to ear nose throat dr because my brother thought it might be asthma or alkergies. The ent dr said i needed to see pulnonary dr that this wasnt sllergies or asthma.the next dsy his nurse called to ask me a question and said how long have you been coghing like this i said going on eight weeks. She said were you coughing like this when you were here yesterday
    I said yes. And the dr heard you ciughibg like this i said yes. She said if i was at your house right now i would have you in the emergency room.i said once i sit down and get stillor go to sleep i will be the next dsy i had an appointment with my pain management dr. She said i cant you are still coughing like yhid. I said i am .she ssid i am cslling 911 to het an ambulance to take you to hospital.dhe said you can hardly breath.i said that i couldnt leave my car because i wouldnt be able to get it home. But i promise i would go to er. I went to er toldand tbe assist dr about i wasnt sick til i got flu ******** and she ordered breathing treatment fir mr

  • amy

    The shot has caused many troubles. I recieved the H1N1 shot at through work at a hospital where I am employed. I was a healthy 47 yr old female with no health issues. I know am 50 and fighting IPF (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis).
    I can get no one includeing several Dr’s I have been to, to listen to me they say ” You didnt get this from a shot” When asked where did I get it they say they dont know. 24 hours after getting the shot I had a dry cough that went on for a couple weeks before I got so short of breath I was having a hard time functioning. I am now at 50% lung function and my life is forever changed.

  • sharlene despain

    Okay so I’m reading all these posts of miscarriages and even death after the h1n1 flu vaccine. Well I hot the vaccine while being pregnant in 2009 and my son was born with multiple upper respiratory issues and ive also spoke with another woman who also had at same time being pregnant and her child was also born with same issues. My son was born with tracheomolasia (enclosed airways) severe acid reflux (gurd) chronic stridor and a blood clotting condition. Has anyone heard any other cases like this after the h1n1. Vaccine?