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HOW TO Make Your Own Laundry Soap

One of the biggest expenses that I run across when I wash my clothes is the laundry soap. Because of my family’s allergies and desire to go organic, I have a hard time finding affordable soap that actually works. I have scoured stores and clipped coupons, but it is always hard to find.

Then I found out that I could make my own laundry soap, and it works great. This simple recipe can be changed depending on your family’s needs and desires. As a matter of fact, I add a scoop of Oxyclean to my heavily-soiled loads, but this laundry soap really does get your clothes clean and smelling fresh. I also switch out the bar soap I add to a handmade type that I found at my local farmer’s market, so feel free to find your own additions and substitutions to the recipe!
Tools needed:

· Grater
· Measuring cup
· Spoon
· Airtight container


· 1 box (Arm & Hammer) Washing Soda
· 1 box (20 Mule Team) Borax
· 1 pack of (Ivory) Bar Soap

The names in parenthesis are the brand names I can find, but you (Read More....)

Taking The Time To Take Care Of Yourself

Are you too busy to take time for yourself? Maybe you’ve got a demanding job or family obligations that eat away at your evenings and weekends. If you had more free time, you could finish that book you started last year or improve your golf score. Before you quit your day job or book an expensive weekend retreat at a vacation resort, investigate small ways you can take time for yourself daily.

Physical time

Your body will thank you when you make physical exercise a priority. Go to the gym or schedule a daily walk around the block, play a basketball game with your kids or a run to the mailbox. In addition to daily exercise, spend time on your physical appearance. Manicures and pedicures are great options on a smaller scale that help you look your best and feel better about yourself. As you age and go through life’s experiences, your skin may start to show the effects. A mini face lift is an option to help you feel more confident about your look. Rotate physical pampering activities daily instead of spending a day at (Read More....)

Smoking – A Study In Manipulation

When I was 14, these little old ladies from the  local church came into our 7th or 8th grade class to tell us all about the evils of smoking. This was in the 50s. Naturally the entire class wanted to give this “evil” a try. So in the pecking order of things, to smoke was considered “cool” and “grown up”.

I later learned these charitable endeavors were actually sponsored by the American Tobacco Organization. It is the best manipulation of youth I have ever seen. It is subtle and still going on in one form or another to this day in our schools. All in the name of telling children it is “evil”. . .

I have been against smoking most of my life. In 1950, I talked my own Father into quiting. I must have been 7 or 8 at the time.

We moved here, to the United States in 1948. I had 5 uncles and 4 aunts, two grandfathers and one grandmother. The other grandmother died of kidney disease when my Dad was nine. All of these people smoked. I have something like 50 cousins. All of these relatives reside either in England or Canada. Most of these cousins smoke.

I am one of the few exceptions. I don’t smoke tobacco in any of its forms. I think my remaining cousin in Canada might have quit years ago. The rest of these people are all (Read More....)

How To Be An Informed Patient

Some people have blind faith in their doctors and are loyal to their healthcare professionals to the end. This allegiance to a physician is admirable, but not always necessary or wise. You owe it to yourself to get the best health care possible. As with making any decision, informed healthcare consumers get better results than uninformed patients do.

Determine the need for a second opinion

While advancing technology continues to sharpen the accuracy of diagnostic testing, it is still impossible to correctly diagnose an illness 100 percent of the time, especially on the first try. Many insurance companies require a second opinion to reduce the rate of diagnostic errors. Medicare will pay up to 80 percent for a second, or even a third, opinion when a major surgery or procedure is involved in order to gain a consensus on the diagnosis and best course of treatment. Most family doctors will not be offended if you ask them for a referral. Consider a second opinion whenever you face a serious illness or complex surgical procedure.

Find an alternate doctor

Ask friends and relatives or use the Internet to find a general physician or specialist in your area. Each doctor may have a different opinion (Read More....)

Natural Cold And Flu Remedies

At one time or another, you’re probably going to get sick. Almost everyone does. Catching a cold or the flu can put you out of commission for days, maybe even longer. It’s unpleasant. The aches and pains and generally miserable feeling can leave you wishing for an instant cure. Although there’s no way to ensure you won’t get sick, there are ways to help you deal with the symptoms and affects of a cold or the flu. The following are a few natural cold and flu remedies….


Even though it sounds simple, one of the best ways to help alleviate the affects of a cold or the flu is to get plenty of rest. Because the illness taxes the body’s ability to fight off the disease, it needs your help and cooperation to perform efficiently. That means you should rest as much as possible and allow your body to direct its energy toward the cause of the discomfort. The more rest you get, especially when you first begin to feel the effects of a cold or the flu, the faster your recovery time will be.

Consume Hot Drinks

Drinking warm or hot liquids, especially certain kinds of tea, can help open up the nasal passages and allow you to breathe easier. Chamomile tea seems to be especially effective as well as other types of tea, such as goldenseal tea. Some say the main effect that hot drinks have on cold or flu (Read More....)