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Organic Foods You Can Grow on Your Windowsill

When you think about growing your own food, you typically picture a large garden or plot of land. However there are many foods that you can grow in small spaces with little light or even dirt required. Here are some ideas for foods you can grow organically at home on your windowsill:

1.    Wheat grass – Wheat grass is a traditional supplement found in many health drinks. But not only is it good for you but it is super easy to grow your own. All you need is a container (even a yogurt cup will do) a bit of dirt and some seeds. Wheat grass grows quickly and you harvest it by snipping off the tops as it grows. Easy and so yummy.

2.    Sprouts – Things like bean sprouts or alfalfa sprouts can easily be grown in your home. They even have specially made containers to grow sprouts in. For a simple solution line a shallow dish with a damp paper napkin and spread out the seeds. Keep the sheet damp and watch as your sprouts come to life! Harvest and replant over and over again to supplement your meals.

3.    Green onion – Green onion is another easy to grow (Read More....)

Best Fitness Machines for Losing Weight

Don’t be Intimidated by Gym Machines- Shape Magazine-11 Ways to Rev Up Your Metabolism

Think of when you first walk into a gym: fitness machines scatter the area. Bikes, treadmills, elliptical machines, weights, and more are separated into their own sections, and here you stand. Do you head to a treadmill?  Do you concentrate on cardiovascular exercises, or focus more on strength training?  Your workout depends entirely on what your fitness goals are.  Every piece of equipment targets a certain muscle group in your body, but some machines may work up more of a sweat than others. And if you need to lose weight, choosing the right fitness equipment can be a complicated decision.  Should you pick a calorie-burning monster, or stick to something else?  Here’s what you can expect out of your workout by using these common weight loss equipments.

1.    Treadmills

As one of the most versatile (Read More....)

An In-Depth Look at Gingivitis

Good health is the most important thing that anyone can have in this world. Without it, nothing else would matter. Dental health is linked to overall health, and when one declines, the other worsens as well. If you want to stay healthy through your later years, make taking care of your teeth and gums a priority in your life. Otherwise, you could develop a number of problems that you probably don’t ever want to experience–gingivitis being one of them.

> What is gingivitis?

Gingivitis is a form of gum disease that causes swelling of the gums. It is categorized as a periodontal disease, or one that affects the tissues surrounding the teeth such as the gums and underlying bones. Although gingivitis occurs in a large proportion of the population, it is usually quite mild and goes away quickly. However, gingivitis can worsen to become periodontitis, a more severe form that attacks the teeth and gums more aggressively. Gingivitis can be divided into two major classes: those caused by plaque and those not caused by plaque.

> (Read More....)

The Safest Way To Store Different Types Of Food

Salada Tropical- Gordices Gostosuras Blog

It is very important to properly store all kinds of foods.  If held at improper temperatures, some foods begin to taste, smell and look unpleasant, and more importantly they can make people sick.  Knowing which foods need special handling and exactly how to store them safely is essential.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines many types of Potentially Hazardous Foods (PHFs.) These foods can become dangerous to consume if they are not stored and handled correctly.  Foods considered to be PHFs include:

– Beef, pork, poultry and other meat

– Fish and shellfish

– Milk and other dairy products

– Dishes containing cooked beans, rice, pasta or potatoes

– Unpasteurized eggs

– Raw sprouts and leafy greens

– Cut (Read More....)

The Best Foods to Naturally Rejuvenate Your Skin

Elle France December 2012 Beauty Editorial – Victoria Tuaz

We spend a ton of money every year on beauty products, from facials cleansers and toners to moisturizers and spa treatment. What most people don’t know, though, is that a big part of skin health is maintaining a healthy diet. There are foods you can eat to boost the health of your skin as well as foods you should avoid. Lucky for you, the same foods that are healthy for your skin are just as healthy for your body. These healthy foods nourish the body from the inside, out.

Healthy Skin Foods

1. Sweet Potatoes: The orange shade of sweet potatoes comes from beta carotene, the same thing that’s in carrots. This antioxidant can improve your complexion while defending your skin against sun damage. For extra fiber, (Read More....)

Benefits (and Potential Dangers) Of Taking In A Sauna

There are few things more comforting and relaxing than a sauna. Whether it’s the wintertime and you want a way to warm up or you’re trying to ease your aching muscles after a hard workout, saunas are a big attraction. You can’t go to a health club, spa or hotel that doesn’t have at least one sauna. Are saunas really good for you, though? There are both benefits and drawbacks to saunas. While saunas can help you to feel better and aid overall well-being, people with certain health conditions shouldn’t risk being in a sauna.

Benefits of Saunas

1. When you’re in a sauna, your heart rate will naturally increase, also increasing your body’s need for oxygen. This means that your heart will get its very own workout as it continues to pump blood through your body. It’s like getting a cardio workout with the treadmill.

2. Since saunas are so hot, they make your body go into a state similar to when you have a fever. This sounds like a bad thing, but what happens is your immune system gets stimulated. People who regularly use saunas actually have less of a chance of getting a cold or the flu.

3. Since your heart (Read More....)