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Wake Up America! The Skyrocketing Cases Of Autism Are Being Caused By The Mercury In The Vaccines!

AutismCases of autism are absolutely skyrocketing in the United States, and yet medical authorities continue to remain in complete denial about what is causing it.  Many years ago, autism was virtually unknown in the U.S., but now the CDC says that one in every 100 children in the United States may have some form of autism spectrum disorder (more recent numbers suggest that those numbers are even worse) and the rate of autism among U.S. children appears to be rapidly increasing.  In fact, the CDC says that there was a 59 percent increase in autism among U.S. children in just a four year period earlier this decade.  Meanwhile, among religious groups like the Amish who do not vaccinate their children, autism is completely unknown.  So why won’t medical authorities in the U.S. make the obvious connection?

Well, for one thing, the medical establishment in the U.S. (including U.S. government agencies that are supposed to regulate the medical industry) is inseparably wedded to the pharmaceutical industry.  To even admit the slightest possibility that vaccines may have something to do with autism would mean that countless billions in profits would be threatened.  To attack the vaccine industry is to attack some incredibly powerful economic interests.  That is the same reason why the mainstream media will not honestly investigate this either.  The pharmaceutical industry spends millions and millions on advertising in the mainstream media, and there is no way that the big media companies are going to threaten that revenue stream.

You see, there is one thing that matters much more than the truth in today’s society, and that thing is money

Meanwhile, even the children and grandchildren of Fortune 500 executives are developing autism and their parents and grandparents are left groping in the dark for answers.  For example, the former vice chairman of General Electric, Bob Wright, and his wife founded the nonprofit foundation Autism Speaks after their grandson Christian developed a severe case of autism.

A recent quote by Suzanne Wright in the Palm Beach Post is quite enlightening.  The story of what happened to their grandson is so typical of children who develop autism.  They appear to be totally “normal” in their development until their second or third round of shots.  Then one day they get just one too many injections and they are “gone”….

“Our grandson spoke beautifully at age 2, and then over 120 days he lost it all,” Suzanne Wright said. “My little guy was speaking up a storm, and then little by little he lost everything.”

The truth is that we are going to see millions more children lost to neurological disorders if we do not get the truth about vaccines out to the general public. 

The following are just a few stories from our own readers about their personal experiences with vaccines and autism….



My son developed autism after his 15 month vaccinations. It is no surprise considering he took 26 vaccinations up to that point. His fragile system could take no more poison and regressed from speaking 19 words (consistently) at 15 his month check-up to speaking 2 words (infrequently) at his 18 month check-up. I STRONGLY believe doctors are being manipulated/deceived in Medical School……and therefore…….get out only to manipulate/deceive their patients. 3 WORDS…..NEW WORLD ORDER……Research it. I’m glad to see that many of us “sheep” are starting to wake up. This is all biblical revelation by the way. In Revelations, The City of Babylon is said to have “deceived the world with their SORCERY” (greek translation is Pharmekia…..which is Pharmaceuticals!!!!) When are the CHRISTIAN churches going to wake up to this??????


Well, I have not one, but two children with autism after getting the childhood vaccines. I trusted the doctors who bullied me into it. They talked me into it and said there was relatively little chance my children would have a reaction. Well, after the shots my kids got so sick I had to put both of them in the hospital for 4 days on IVs. Their limbs were limp and they couldn’t hold their heads up – all they could do was lay there and have diarrhea and fevers. I thought they were going to die. After that they were delayed and got autism diagnosis. Now explain with your statistics how many children had autism before the ’80s….1 in 10,000!!! Recently it has been figured at 1/60 -90 depending on the source or state. Statistically there is no such thing as a genetic epidemic. There is likely a genetic component or weakness that is set off by some environmental insult to the system. I’d say a likely culprit is vaccines in combination with our crappy modern diet of highly processed foods and junk plus a lack of proper sunlight and vit D3.


I have had four kids and have never been told or encouraged to get a flu shot from my OBGYN during any of my pregnacies. Please don’t get this vaccine if you are pregnant and don’t give it to your children!! Vaccines cause many illnesses and even deaths. I almost lost my daughter to Autism she was slipping away but I stopped vaccines & she became healthy again. Why would anyone give or allow their newborn child to be injected with these toxins. They are the cause of many of the childhood illnesses & diseases we have today. Autism, ADD, ADHD, Asthma, allergies and others too. There’s alot of info. available to find out more. Please find out the truth for yourself…


When our daughter was 18 mos she had a severe reaction to her immunizations – extremely high temp, inconsolable, and it lasted for days after the shot – it was aweful. She even displayed some signs of autism, which scared us to no end, but finally subsides. We began to be wary of all vaccines and now regret giving the few that we did to our three kids. Of course the Dr’s have all given us a hard time. We homeschool, and I have heard that since homeschooled children usually have less vaccines (the schools require all vaccines to be “up to date”) that there are less incidents of autism. I think a lot of people have made bad decisions in addition to making a lot of money off of vaccines. God did not intend for us to pump toxins into our blood streams. On the back of my kids’ records it says “Baby Shots, A Healthy Dose of Love!” – NOT.


Do you have any idea how many people I know, mainly little boys, have developed autism after having one of those very small, harmless shots that we’re told are perfectly safe? Nearly a dozen! Without investigating every single thing that is going into our bodies, we are lambs led to slaughter. Our lives and the lives of our kids are at stake. The day the Pharm companies gives vaccines free and they don’t make any money from it, I will trust them more. Until that day, be very cautious that we are all being manipulated for the almighty dollar!


Autism is 1:91 with 1:58 boys as of last month. The signs of autism are not visible until the child is at least 12 months old. Until then TAKE CARE. Follow the alternative vaccine schedule posted on Eat organic foods, cut out sugar and junk foods, take your prenatal vitamins/multi-vitamins after birth and get your vitamin D & B12 levels checked after you give birth. BREASTFEED YOUR BABY FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. In the meantime, extra vitamin A and C are helpful for their developing brains and immune system. Probiotics can be given to a newborn too. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF & YOUR BABIES NOW…hopefully your child won’t become part of the autism epidemic, or get severe food allergies, automimmune disorders or even cancer in the future. I wish you all the best motherhood has to offer . Sincerely, from a mother living w/autoimmune disorders, who was “vaccine injured” many years ago, with two children, one with autism. Since then, we started on a GFCF diet for the whole family, biomedical intervention for my autistic son, eating more organic foods & taking supplements to boost our health everyday. God bless.


If you have a story about autism please share it with us in the comments section below.

The reality is that by sharing our stories and by spreading this kind of information we can save the lives of children.

None of these children have done anything to deserve this.  The truth is that we know vaccines cause autism and we know the pharmaceutical industry will fight tooth and nail not to admit this.

So children will continue to get shot up with dozens of needless vaccines all in the name of record-setting profits.

If that makes you mad, then please help by getting this article and others like it out to as many people as possible.