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Taking The Time To Take Care Of Yourself

Are you too busy to take time for yourself? Maybe you’ve got a demanding job or family obligations that eat away at your evenings and weekends. If you had more free time, you could finish that book you started last year or improve your golf score. Before you quit your day job or book an expensive weekend retreat at a vacation resort, investigate small ways you can take time for yourself daily.

Physical time

Your body will thank you when you make physical exercise a priority. Go to the gym or schedule a daily walk around the block, play a basketball game with your kids or a run to the mailbox. In addition to daily exercise, spend time on your physical appearance. Manicures and pedicures are great options on a smaller scale that help you look your best and feel better about yourself. As you age and go through life’s experiences, your skin may start to show the effects. A mini face lift is an option to help you feel more confident about your look. Rotate physical pampering activities daily instead of spending a day at the spa; consider Walk Wednesdays or Sauna Saturdays at the gym. With this schedule, you’ll receive a weekly head to toe pampering one day at a time. These simple physical maintenance tips keep you physically healthy and give you a mental energy boost.

Mental time

Mental stimulation keeps your brain young and energizes you. Consider going back to school to learn a second language or how to paint with acrylics. If your schedule is especially busy, set a timer and read or work on a crossword puzzle for five minutes every day. Write a gratitude list at the end of every day. These brief mental breaks stimulate your brain and can relieve the stress that weighs you down. Focusing on the positive things in your life will help you feel better about difficult situations.

Emotional time

The next time you feel your blood pressure rising, evaluate your emotions. Often, incidents that happened in the past keep you in bondage today. Are you angry toward someone? Are you worried or afraid? Addressing these emotions clears your head and allows you to enjoy each moment. Accepting yourself also gives you freedom from guilt and exhaustion. You might be busy because you’re pushing yourself to be someone you’re not. Accept your limitations and ask your family to help with household chores. This evaluation will provide you with peace.

Spiritual time

Be sure to take a moment for spiritual pursuits. Pray, journal, or just take time to reflect before rushing into your day. This spiritual refreshment gives you a sense of peace and calmness. As an added bonus, practice one or more of these spiritual exercises throughout the day when you need a mini-vacation from the demands of your life, kids or boss. Spending time with good friends, close family or your faith community are all good ways to boost your happiness, satisfaction and ability to cope with life. Set aside at least five minutes every day for meaningful adult conversation. These small snippets of time keep you connected with people who love, encourage and motivate you.

No matter how hectic your professional or personal life is, you need to invest in quality time for yourself. Spend a few minutes every day nurturing your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social needs. Simple activities like pampering yourself, getting some exercise and reflecting on the good in your life will give you the strength to tackle your to-do list and enjoy life.