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3 Foods that Your Diet Cannot Do Without!

We all have a basic understanding of the foods we need to eat: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. There are ways to kick start your body, however, a lot more than normal. Give your system the healthiest shock of its life and start incorporating these three foods into your daily eating habits. All three of these foods help to lower high blood pressure too!

1.) Spinach

Where do we even begin? Let’s start with the vitamin K in spinach, which will help you fend off cardiovascular disease and stroke, and promotes a healthy nervous system and proper brain activity. Spinach can also help lower your blood pressure, and it can even aid in fighting cancer! It’s packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory capabilities, and fights off cataracts.

If you’re paying extra attention to the way you look in addition to the way you feel, then you better start eating more spinach, stat! According to Health Diaries, just one cup of (Read More....)

Medicine By Law Instead Of By Common Sense

The problem with government is it oversteps itself too often. It legislates where angels fear to tread.

For instance, in 1770s, the medical procedure of the time was to use leaches to bleed a patient. If a patient was strong enough, then he or she might even get better. The physician could then claim his “cure” worked.

In the current world, our legislatures would then declare that bleeding a patient was a cure for everyone and make legislation to insure that was the only way to cure that disease. They would make that “cure” part of the law, legislating that all physicians everywhere could only treat a patient by “bleeding” them.

Don’t think that could happen? It all ready has. The “cure” for cancer is to place radioactive isotopes in the body in hope of poisoning the cancer out of a person. This has been made a law so that it takes the other options off the table for a physician. Physicians are restricted by law to prescribing only certain medicines for certain diseases by the FDA.

Dentistry has similar laws. The Dentist has only certain legal options in dealing with a patient.

These laws consistently tie the hands of qualified doctors. The laws are often 50 years out of date.

The American Medical Association is protecting its wallets. That is the (Read More....)

Superfoods To The Rescue

The health authorities are constantly whining about the state of our diets, the newspapers are telling us that everything gives us cancer and the media are producing TV shows to exhibit obese children and their terrible parents. However, while many are taking a negative stance on the man-against-cardiovascular disease campaign, there have been plenty of positive and encouraging reactions to our heavier society. TV chefs have made money promoting simple, healthy meals, a new wave of food branding has emerged with friendly, tongue-in-cheek comments on their pastel-colored cartons and McDonalds now sell bags of fruit. Among these positive reactions lie the ‘Superfoods’.

Superfoods have risen to stardom as a result of their high phytonutrient content. Phytonutrients are found in plants and are said to have health benefits, such as lycopene which is found in tomatoes and is thought to lower the risk of developing prostate cancer and cardiovascular diseases. While there has been some cynicism surrounding the actual health benefits of superfoods, these are undeniably healthy foods containing anti-oxidants so no one can complain that we’re being encouraged to eat them.

One of the best of these superfoods is the humble apple. Containing a large amount of skin-friendly Vitamin C, apples are a great snack to ensure that you’re left feeling and looking (Read More....)