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The Food Truck: An Old Business Idea Worth Exploring

by Stacey Thompson

Food trucks have been around for quite some time now, an idea sprung forth from an older necessity-driven idea, the chuckwagon. It is a simple proposition, really: instead of the public going to a restaurant or diner to eat, the food comes to them. One could consider it the older cousin of straight-to-your-door food delivery.

In the later years of the nineteenth century, food trucks make their appearance in the streets of New York, selling simple, inexpensive, and easy to eat fare that could fill the stomach for a pittance compared to regular restaurant cuisine. These lunch wagons (“roach coaches” being the derogatory term for the not so sanitary examples) served hungry customers at regular hours as well as odd schedules, particularly the night shift.

The humble food truck has experienced a great resurgence all across the United States and the rest of the world. This time around, they’re not just serving low-budget, barely edible foodstuffs just to keep the customers’ stomachs filled; food trucks are at the cutting edge of modern cuisine, fearlessly exploring both old and new ways to prepare and serve food. This is no longer your grandfather’s idea of “street food.”

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