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Integrating Complementary Medicine Into Your Cancer Care

If you have been diagnosed with cancer like mesothelioma, you may be faced with an overwhelming number of decisions. Choosing doctors, health care facilities, and even treatments can leave you feeling numb and exhausted, and that won’t even take into account your emotions and physical toll from the cancer itself. While conventional medicine may play a large role in treating mesothelioma you may be considering alternative treatments as well. For centuries, people have been turning to the world around us for medicinal plants and healing treatments. While herbs and other complementary treatments may not be able to cure your cancer or offer you an increased mesothelioma life expectancy, they can offer substantial relief from the uncomfortable symptoms related to the cancer or the treatments you’re undergoing and dramatically improve your quality of life. Complementary treatments can also help ease the stress of cancer and cancer treatments and help you take control during what is inarguably a very stressful time.

Complementary medicine can encompass a variety of different treatments and is generally (Read More....)