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Nutraceuticals Offer Benefits for Disease Treatment and Prevention

Nutraceuticals are health-giving substances derived from food or part of a food and are used to prevent and treat diseases. An article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal defined these substances as “foods that provide more than simple nutrition; they supply additional physiological benefit to the consumer.”

Nutraceutical labels list many beneficial ingredients, including soy protein, dietary fiber, probiotics, and phytoestrogens. Like pharmaceutical drugs and vitamins, each individual nutraceutical has particular uses and benefits. Several popular nutraceuticals are ALA, glucosamine, and red rice yeast. Let’s consider these three substances, and the benefits of nutraceuticals will become clearer.

ALA or lipoic acid is a naturally-occurring antioxidant found in every cell of the body. The body manufacturers ALA itself, and it is also found in red meat, yeast, and organ meats. This popular nutraceutical creates energy by converting the glucose in the body. This lowers blood sugar, alleviates the pain of (Read More....)