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How to Get Flatter Abs by Eating Fiber

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Losing weight can be a challenging prospect for people of all ages. While diet and exercise can help some people shed those extra pounds, there can be times when weight just won’t disappear. Since no one likes the appearance of a “muffin top,” it’s important to find effective ways to lose weight and improve one’s health. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how to get flatter abs by eating fiber.

Understanding the Role of Fiber

Fiber plays an important role in maintaining proper digestive health. While the body doesn’t directly absorb fiber, it helps promote food mobility in both the large and small intestine.

When an individual eats dense foods, they digestive system is put under a lot of stress. Heavy foods like meats, cheeses, nuts (Read More....)

The Health Benefits of Cherries

Cherries- Feasting At Home Blog

When you think of cherries, what comes to mind? If it’s an almost neon red maraschino cherry instead of the luscious, deep red fresh fruit, you’re probably not alone. Cherries can sometimes get overlooked in the fruit section of the grocery store because they’re usually a little pricier than other fruit and many people opt for fresh berries instead. However skipping this fruit is a bad decision because it’s full of nutrients that your body needs. Some of the health benefits of cherries are:
1.    They have strong anti-inflammatory properties. It doesn’t matter if you’re eating cherries by the handful or drinking tart cherry juice, consuming this fruit has been shown to help reduce inflammation. Regularly consuming cherries helps relieve pains associated with arthritis and reduce swelling in muscles after hard workouts, reducing the amount of recovery time needed.

2.    They are high in (Read More....)