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Do We Want to Live Longer?

Do We Want to Live Longer? By Dave Webb

Why we age . . .

I started studying how long we live about 20 years ago. I was about 50. Don’t really remember when it started. I guess it started when it began effecting me personally. We are all going to die of one thing or another within about 120 years. But how much of that life is quality life and how much is hanging on in misery and ill health? I believe the answer to that question is pertinent to all of us.

I have always been fascinated with the historical record of humanity in the Bible. We started out as a creation from God and his court. We were created in “their” image. That is the clue. We were artificially created, not evolved as part of the regular creation on Earth.

The second clue is in the story of “Eve”. Originally, the myths of the Jewish People refer to Adam’s mate as a person named Lilith. Or some such name. The myth describes a woman that rebelled against God and all of her children were condemned by God because of this rebellion. The myth described the eradication of this entire line of humanity. (Read More....)

Why Are We A Fast Food Nation?

America has long been known as a “fast food nation.” In fact, if you ask people in other countries what they know about America, you’re likely to hear things like, “Americans love McDonald’s,” and “Americans are fat.” While these statements are stereotypical, there is some important meaning in them. America is home to more fast food chains than any other nation, and they just keep coming.

Why do we have so many fast food establishments? The answer is actually quite simple. Americans are busy people! We are expected to raise children, hold down jobs, attend PTA meetings, and balance a thousand things at once. That leaves little time for educating ourselves on nutrition, let alone for preparing healthy, hearty home-cooked meals.

Furthermore, food is expensive! If you go down the aisle at your local grocery store, you will see just how much it costs to healthfully feed a family. Organic and all-natural foods cost a fortune when you compare them to processed conventional foods. Many parents just choose to bypass the expensive grocery store items altogether, instead opting for “dollar menu” items and other cheap, quick fixes. Even families that don’t resort to fast food often find themselves giving in to unhealthy choices.

There are many boxed, bagged, and frozen (Read More....)

Retail Stores And Fast Food Restaurants – A Festival Of Fecal Contamination

Fast Food RestaurantHave you shopped in a retail store lately?  Dined in a fast food restaurant recently?  If so, it is quite likely that you have encountered a festival of fecal contamination.  Seriously.  A new study in the International Journal of Food Microbiology and an investigation by Good Morning America have uncovered some very disturbing facts about the places where many of us regularly eat and shop.  As Americans, we prefer to think that our public places are clean and healthy, but that is very much not true.  In fact, after learning what has been found, you may never look at retail stores or fast food restaurants the same way again.

For example, a microbiologist hired by Good Morning America found evidence of feces, vaginal secretions and even diarrhea causing viruses when it took cultures from brand new clothes purchased at popular retail stores in New York City.

The research for Good Morning America was conducted by Dr. Philip Tierno, the director of microbiology at New York University. 

According to Tierno, when you visit the dressing room of a retail establishment and try on clothes that someone else has tried on, (Read More....)