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How Gardening Teaches Children Responsibility and Healthy Habits

Gardening is a fun, healthy habit that every member of the family can enjoy together. Even very young children can be fascinated and engaged by spending a few hours each week in the garden. In fact, gardening is a wonderful way to introduce children to concepts like responsibility and the habits that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Get Children Involved from the Beginning

If possible, get kids involved with planting at the very beginning stages. You might consider giving them a small plot of garden for their very own where they can plant the seeds of their choice. Give them guidance, but also grant them the freedom to make their own experiments. If they choose to drop 10 seeds in a single hole, allow them to do so. Help them to understand that this is their garden plot and that they are responsible for the small living things that are growing there.

As the weeks progress and the seeds begin to sprout, help children tend to the plants on a regular basis. Through this process, children begin to see how their involvement can affect the health and welfare of their garden. Neglect (Read More....)

Natural Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 25 million American children and adults suffer from diabetes. This alarmingly common disorder comes with a host of side effects that may include poor circulation, uncontrollable weight gain, fatigue, reduced immunity to illness and even cancer. At the very least, untreated diabetes can dramatically shorten one’s lifespan. Fortunately, diabetes also happens to be one of the most easily treated diseases in this modern age.

Here are five natural ways to reduce the risk of diabetes….

An Apple a Day 

While many people consider apples to be bland and boring, these humble fruits offer significant diabetes help. Apples contain large amounts of the mineral chromium, which is essential for healthy glucose levels. When blood sugar levels get too high, an apple will help bring them back to a reasonable level. It also does this when blood sugar gets too low.

Furthermore, (Read More....)