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Why are BPA's so Bad?

BPA Overview

In recent years, there have been concerns over the amount of BPA in consumer plastics. This compound, also called Bisphenol A, was suspected to cause serious health problems. This public hysteria of BPA was fueled by studies in which researches showed adverse health problems, including cancer, in animals injected with large quantities. Since then, Wal-Mart has stopped carrying all products with BPA; Nalgene, Playtex, and other plastic makers have stopped using it in their products. Though people avoid BPA, many have little understanding of the chemical itself and how it is poisonous to the body.

Understanding BPA and Its Uses

Bisphenol A is a polar, organic molecule that has no color and is a solid at room temperature. With two phenol rings, the molecular structure contains 15 carbon atoms and 2 oxygen atoms. Chemical engineers use it as chemical reagents and building blocks to develop other complex organic products, such as polycarbonate chains. Companies have used these BPA-based polycarbonate chains to construct plastics since the 1960s, when the BPA methodology was first incorporated. BPA was a gold standard throughout the 1990s as a source to create plastic. It provided durable, high quality plastic that could be both clear and very cheap, which are qualities coveted by plastic manufacturers. The chemical is found in many household items (Read More....)