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Look And Feel Beautiful With Organic Beauty Products

We are indeed lucky to live in this beautiful world as Nature has showered its bounties on us. Wonderful sunshine, air and water keep us healthy and hearty. In our greed to have more of everything we’ve created an imbalance. To have more of vegetables and fruits and other necessary food stuff farmers use hormones to induce faster growth. Genetically engineered fruits and vegetables cause damage to the body over a period of time. Also using pesticides on the plants cause harmful chemicals to enter our body. Even beauty products are made with chemicals that can cause skin cancer and other skin diseases. Rashes, skin irritation leading to patches on skin are all results of harmful chemicals used in beauty products. In our urge to look young and beautiful we use harmful chemicals that can cause permanent damage to our skin and body. Under these circumstances it is better to use organic beauty products that will make you look young, beautiful and is also harmless to the skin.

Massage with Milk and Cream

It is better to massage your body and face with milk and fresh cream. Milk acts as a cleanser and removes the dirt and grime from the skin and makes it look fresh and radiant. Moreover it is harmless also as there is no artificial chemical added to it. If you don’t like the smell of milk add a few drops of Eau de cologne or rose water to it. The fragrance emanated will envelope you and make you feel good.

Mask yourself with Multani Mitti

Multani Mitti is a kind of mud that is similar to kaolin clay. It is used to remove acne and black heads from the face. It also helps to keep the skin cool and rid of pimples. Also known as Fuller’s Earth it has organic properties that can remove impurities from the skin. There are also organic beauty products made with sandal wood paste, turmeric and rose water mix, vitamin E oil based creams that can be used as face masks.

Sport Shimmering Skin

Why go in for body polish and skin peeling that is harmful for health? Using Vitamin E oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Bulgarian Rose Oil and Tea tree oil can help your skin to look radiant and glowing. These oils help to keep the skin rejuvenated and remove dead skin naturally leaving your face and body shining with vitality. There are also several herbs and shrubs that act as body cleansers.

Maintain your Mane

Seeds of Shikakai (Akasia Concinna) plants are powdered and used as shampoo. This is a 100% natural shampoo that helps the hair to be clean and soft. It has binding properties and acts as a good conditioner. A regular massage of your hair with any of the above mentioned oils and washed with shikakai powder gives bounce to your hair and makes it look resplendent and glowing.

Saffron, strawberry/apricot scrub, orange peel and Ginseng cream act as exfoliations as well as don’t contain harsh ingredients that irritate your skin. Instead of using artificial beauty products that can only harm you, go in for organic beauty products that will help you to look and feel beautiful as well as is safe!

Author Bio– Sandra Wade is a Wellness enthusiast who likes to share her views on organic beauty products, Native Remedies Coupons and Time to Spa coupons with fellow bloggers. Her passion for anything natural has led her to find organic products that are harmless to the body.