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Jenny McCarthy And Jim Carrey Viciously Attacked In The Mainstream Media Because They Are Willing To Speak The Truth About The Dangers Of Vaccines

Jenny McCarthy And Jim Carrey Warn About The Dangers Of VaccinesThere are certain things that politicians and celebrities are never, ever supposed to question publicly.  One of those things is vaccines.  You see, even though there is a massive grassroots awakening about the danger of vaccines taking place across the United States, the big money that controls the mainstream media is not about to let any public figure openly question the safety of vaccines.  Two of the celebrities who have been willing to buck the system and speak publicly about the dangers of vaccines have been Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey.  You see, Jenny McCarthy’s son developed autism after getting a vaccine and that made her mad.  It made her so mad that she got educated and started speaking out about the link between autism and vaccines.  Since then, both Jenny McCarthy and her partner Jim Carrey have been regularly skewered in the mainstream media.  The following are just a few examples of the types of vicious attacks that Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey must endure for the stand that they have taken…. 

*USA Today: “Are celebrities crossing the line on medical advice?”

Actress Jenny McCarthy, who has an autistic son, has written several books linking autism with childhood vaccinations, even though a host of scientific studies show that vaccines are safe and not the cause of increasing autism rates.

*Slate: “Why is Oprah Winfrey promoting vaccine skeptic Jenny McCarthy?”

But wealthy, toothsome, vivacious, and sexy Jenny McCarthy’s impassioned campaign is actually harmful. Why? Because she is spreading dangerous misinformation—and that could bring some once-controlled diseases back into play.

*Minnesota Public Radio: “Why do media report ‘the other side’ of scientific fact?”

But what I mainly see and hear are vapid point/counterpoints in which the real scientist becomes more and more frustrated with the evangelist, or the writer uncritically reports a totally unsubstantiated claim made by a celebrity like Jenny McCarthy — who got her “doctorate from Google” (her words, not mine) — with no follow-up or refutation.

*Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Reckless disregard for H1N1’s danger”

Educated adults who wouldn’t dream of asking a blogger or former MTV-personality-turned-anti-vaccine-zealot Jenny McCarthy to treat a heart attack or set a broken bone ridiculously trust both for guidance on vaccines.

*Daily Illini: “Combining celebrity, politics not a futuristic idea”

Or how about Jenny McCarthy? The washed-up former Playboy model and MTV host has become the spokeswoman for a frighteningly widespread campaign against childhood vaccinations. McCarthy supposedly “cured” her son of autism, which she contends was caused by toxic vaccines. She lacks any clinical, substantiated evidence for her complaints. Now, 10 years into the future, we count former nude models amongst our most revered medical policy experts, but we didn’t get there overnight…

*New University Online: “Searching for a Vaccine Against Misinformation

People like Jenny McCarthy and Bill Maher, people without any medical training, have abused their public platforms to spread misinformation about vaccines. Their message has been welcomed by a public that is increasingly distrustful of vaccine and science in general.

*Rapid City Journal: “Patients turn to Dr. Google for health information – good and bad”

McCarthy doesn’t understand the science of autism and vaccinations, yet she frightens many parents,  including some of Falkenburg’s own patients, into rejecting immunizations.

There is even a website entitled Jenny McCarthy Body Count that attempts to pin responsibility for hundreds of deaths on her.

Are you starting to get the idea?

You see, the “establishment” in the United States is making billions from the sale of vaccines and they also control the mainstream media.  Any public figure that deviates from the orthodoxy of the establishment is going to get crucified in the media.

But the truth is that there is a link between vaccines and autism.   If you doubt this, we would encourage you to read our recent article entitled “Wake Up America! The Skyrocketing Cases Of Autism Are Being Caused By The Mercury In The Vaccines!”

In addition, we would encourage you to check out the website of Generation Rescue – the autism organization that Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey support.  They have a lot of great information on the link between autism and vaccines.

But of course Generation Rescue is not immune to the wrath of the establishment either.  Wikipedia, which is supposed to be neutral, has the following to say about Generation Rescue’s claims about autism….

These claims are biologically implausible and lack convincing scientific evidence.

The truth is that the establishment is not going to change their position no matter how high the autism rate skyrockets in the United States.  Thousands upon thousands more children will suffer unnecessarily simply so that the profits of the pharmaceutical companies can be protected.

And the government will not do a thing to protect us.


Because those who are supposed to protect us are in bed with the pharmaceutical corporations.

In fact, it was just announced that the former head of the CDC has landed a lucrative job as the president of Merck’s vaccine division.

Well isn’t that a nice little coincidence?

Don’t count on the government or the pharmaceutical companies to protect you.

Do your own research and find out the truth.

That is what Jenny McCarthy did, and now she is being regularly attacked in the mainstream media.

But at least she can sleep well at night.

  • Standing_Bear

    There are billions at stake, as far as BIG PHARMA is concerned and greed rules. Vaccines have become a standard in our society, and the media has the upper hand, they can reach out to millions of sheeple. Thirty six different required vaccines, and now there is even talk of an anti depression/anxiety vaccine, which is an even bigger joke.

    The mainstream media is against anyone annoying their cash cows, therefore we only get half truths, or an outright lie. So much for “freedom of speech.”

  • Standing_Bear

    APPARENTLY NO ONE EVER HEARD OF AN IMMUNE SYSTEM. You know that part of us when properly maintained within us which fights disease, and helps keep us well. It, our immune system is at its best when we regard a good balanced diet, containing fresh raw whole non GMO fruits and vegetables, exercise, sunshine, fresh outdoor air, clean water, and a good spiritual posture.

    Entirely if we are able to give up processed (cooked) fruits, vegetables our overall health will vastly improve, provided our live food intake is at about 80% of our daily diet, and what used to be normal childhood diseases will present no danger. Those over fifty amongst us, can remember mumps, chicken pox etc., and after a couple of weeks, the body’s own immune system took care of the disease. Now days we have this magic bullet, which promises to take care of everything. “JOKE, but I have the money,” said BIG PHARMA.

  • Maranmaid

    Not only can they sleep well, they will surely have a special place in Heaven.

    These are two loving and caring human beings, who have done their research and believe in fighting for the truth.

    While they cannot take on WHO, the CDC or the IDSA all at the same time,

    I am sure there are others who want a whack at it as has been shown in the last year. The American People need a few heroes.

    These 2 suit me just fine.

  • Noor al Haqiqa

    These two must be supported. I hope they have also spoken to the big accepted whistle blowers. Whether I agree with all their politics (the whistle blowers) they have legions of listeners.

    David Icke has put out a LOT of material on these poisons.

    So has Alex Jones.

    This is supposed to be hush hush like the chemtrails. It is part of the population reduction programme. Make our children dumber, lower IQ’s, create disease, all in all to kill us or out and out let us grow profitable cancers so Big Pharma can make even more money with their torturous “healing” methods (slash n burn).

    They can be named … they are not an anonymous group any longer. Another thing about vaccines. Ever wonder what happened to aborted foetus? Now you know. Because this whole regime is based on Satanism, this is their way of pulling in and sullying (so they figure) our souls by tricking us into participating in their evil ways. That is not just conspiracy … it is just material even more hidden than the reason for these regimes.

    These guys ain’t messing around. resist, resist, resist.

  • anna N

    really? have you ever checked if there is actually mecury in modern vaccine?(hint: only one of all childhood vaccines contains thimerosal,(=”mercury”)) Have you checked how much that is (hint: less than the fish people eat) Several studies have shown that there is no connection. there was one study ever and that one has been retracted because data was falsified. correlation does not equate causation. especially if there is no mercury in vaccine anyway!

  • Tony T

    it’s happening again