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Heroin Addiction Is One Of The Deadliest Addictions

Even as the number of heroin rehab centers available for addicts increases, heroin addiction continues to be one of the deadliest addictions in the whole world. What makes heroin addiction so deadly for users? Not only is heroin dangerous because it is extremely addictive, but heroin users are also at risk for experiencing a heroin overdose, contracting HIV, AIDS, hepatitis and other diseases through sharing needles, as well as having severe health complications, including coma and death. After heroin is consumed, either by being injected or inhaled, it enters the brain and is turned into morphine. Heroin then binds to receptors in the brain and users will experience an euphoric rush. As heroin use continues, users will build a tolerance and require an increase needed in the amount of heroin to achieve the same effect; this increases the addiction strength and chances for overdose. An addiction to heroin also has life threatening effects on the user’s body. These effects include, but are not limited to:

  • Arthritis
  • Constipation
  • Collapsed veins
  • Clogged blood vessels
  • Impaired mental function
  • Liver and/or kidney disease
  • Permanent damage to vital organs
  • Damages to the heart valves and lining
  • Respiratory complications, including pneumonia

Heroin Rehab Treatment is Lifesaving

Heroin withdrawal symptoms keep many addicts from successfully recovering from heroin addiction. Withdrawal symptoms can begin within a few hours of the last use and can last for a few months, depending on the the person and the severity of the addiction. Some of the withdrawal symptoms include, but are not limited to:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Body aches
  • Cold flashes
  • Extreme tremors
  • Strong cravings for heroin

Not every person going through heroin withdrawal will experience the same symptoms, and in some cases, heroin withdrawal can even be fatal. This is why it is extremely important for anyone going through heroin addiction withdrawal to seek help at a professional heroin rehab treatment center. These  centers have detox treatment options, that can help with the discomfort and difficulty of the withdrawal process. Options such as medically supervised detox, sauna, acupuncture therapy, exercise, and nutritional and vitamin therapy can all be used in helping one successfully withdrawal from any  substances. It is important for addicts to choose a treatment program that will work best for them, because the road to recovery can be challenging; yet very rewarding.

Recovering From One of the World’s Deadliest Addictions

Recreational heroin use can begin the dark path towards heroin addiction, because those using it do not understand how addictive it is.  Before a heroin addict realizes he or she has an addiction, they will believe it is too late. The person will feel as if they need the drug to function in their day to day lives. Heroin will rob a person of their happiness, relationships, jobs, friends, peace and much more. Addicts will put their drug of choice before anything and everything and stop at nothing to get their next fix, even if it means stealing, neglecting their loved ones, selling their possessions, and even violent crime.

Many addicts will die at the hands of their addiction, and never get to enjoy the life they once knew. It is important for anyone battling addiction to know that there is always help and there is always hope. There are many rehab centers around the world that can help those in need,  and the first step is finding the right one for you or your loved one.

Getting Help for Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction has ruined  many lives, but let today be the start of a new beginning for you or your loved one. Heroin rehab centers provide clients with a new, positive outlook on a life that is not plagued with addiction. Getting help for heroin addiction will be the best choice any heroin addict could make.  Remember there is always help and there is always hope. Heroin may be one of the deadliest drugs in the the world, but it cannot hurt you without your consent. Take back your life by finding a heroin treatment center right for you and begin your journey to recovery.

About the Author:

Marilyn Kegley works with several heroin rehab centers to educate individuals about the dangers of heroin abuse. After watching numerous loved ones struggle with addiction, her goal is to help as many people as possible get effective and successful rehabilitation treatment.

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