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5 Main Causes of Skin Cancer

Cancer has turned out to be an extremely deadly disease that is very much capable of bringing a patient to their death bed. Researchers until now are trying their best to find the most suitable cure for this cruel disease. As a matter of fact, cancer is a disease that has various different kinds. This categorization of the disease into different kinds is actually based on the part of human body in which cancer has affected.

Mostly people are not aware about cancer and this ignorance from them happens to be the primary reason why there is an increase into the death rate of people dying because of cancer. Although, scientists and doctors have not fully succeeded in finding the ideal cure for cancer, but still the death rate can be easily controlled only and only if people have appropriate knowledge and information about cancer itself.
you are only require to understand the different kinds of cancer, their primary causes and what can you do for their treatments. Understanding the reasons will assist you a lot and will be useful for you to avoid all such things that may eventually result in cancer. Following are the 5 main causes of Skin cancer.

1. Exposure to the UV Rays

Exposure to UVB and UVA rays from the sun can be a main cause of skin cancer. The Ultra-violet B (UVB) rays are the shorter-wave rays emitted from the sun are not likely to cause sunburn and skin reddening. However, UAV rays cause more permanent injuries to the skin as they infiltrate much deeper into the skin. Recent studies indicate that Ultra-violet A rays have not only increase UVB’s cancer-causing effects, but it could also directly lead to the problem of skin diseases such as melanomas.

2. Exposure to Chemicals

It could be that you get yourself exposed to some harmful chemicals and they get in contact with your skin as well. For instance, insecticides normally contain chemicals such as arsenic which are extremely dangerous to the skin. They can elevate the risk of getting non-melanoma skin cancer. on the other hand, all such people who work in such environments and come in frequent content with industrial materials and chemicals like coal tar, arsenicals and petroleum derivatives are likely to develop skin cancer.

3. Smoking

It is of a common knowledge that smoking is directly linked to the development of cancer in the human body. Normally people believe that smoking causes lungs or mouth cancer only, but the tobacco that is used in cigarettes could also lead to the causes of skin cancer.

4. Family History

Some latest researches verify that the risk of getting skin cancer is more than double in an individual with a family history in skin cancer. Although, if you have someone in the family with the disease does not mean that you are going to get it too, it definitely requires you to be more careful as the risk is high.

5. Exposure to Radiation

There are some vital concerns that getting through the radiation therapy happens to be another prominent cause of skin cancer. It has been stated that people who undergo radiation therapies are on a high risk developing the non-melanoma skin cancer. Moreover, medical staffs such as radiographic personnel, nurses, and people working with X-rays are at high risk too.

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