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3 Organic Foods That Can Help Lose Belly Fat

No food actually burns fat, but by replacing the fatty, carbohydrate-rich foods in
your diet with healthy organic alternatives, you can control your weight and get rid of ugly belly fat. Here are a few great organic foods that will help you cut the size of your midsection.

1. Oranges and Grapefruits – Organic citrus fruits are delicious, so you won’t
mind replacing donuts and cereal with some fresh fruit every morning.  The
caloric savings are enormous, as oranges only have about 60-80 calories and
grapefruits only have 80-100.These fruits also help your body burn calories during exercise, so by eating citrus early in the day, you’ll make your mid-afternoon or evening workout much more effective.

2. Avocados – Your body needs fat, but it doesn’t need donuts and
cheeseburgers.  Organic avocados have high levels of mono-saturated fats, which
helps you control your blood sugar levels.  This is important when you’re trying
to lose weight, because if your blood sugar is high, your body will try to store
excessive calories.

If you’ve got a belly, your body has decided to store these excess calories as a
spare tire around your midsection, so replacing some of your normal fats with
avocados will help to stop your body from sending those signals.

3. Brown Rice – Carbohydrates are generally bad for you if you’re trying to
lose weight, but whole grains are the exception to the rule if you eat them in
moderation.  Brown rice helps your body keep low levels of insulin and should
help you avoid excessive hunger pains if you’re reshaping your diet to burn more

By the way, other whole grains work just as well, so if you don’t like brown rice,
consider oatmeal or another organic grain.  Avoid supermarket breads, as they
often have additives that can prevent your body from slowly burning the calories
in whole grain products to give you energy.

Before changing your diet radically, talk to your doctor.  Remember, you can only lose
about two pounds a week safely, so avoid crash diets and track your caloric
intake to make sure that you’re staying safe.  With regular exercise and the
right diet, you can make your belly fat a thing of the past.