What Is The Best Kratom For Pain?

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Chronic pain is a problem for countless millions of Americans, and unfortunately doctors automatically prescribe synthetic opioids and opiates to patients who have these issues. Here at Organic Health Adviser we know there is a safer and far less addictive way to solve pain issues, and it’s called Kratom. This article discusses why Kratom is an excellent alternative to prescription meds, and also points out which strain is the best Kratom for pain.

First off, there are an untold number of real-life stories about how Kratom effectively alleviated pain even for people with serious chronic pain conditions. Shockingly, a common theme in these stories is that even the strongest prescription opioids and opiates did not effectively provide relief, but Kratom did provide effective relief. Therefore, this is evidence that Kratom can actually be a better painkiller than synthetic opioids and opiates.

Not only does Kratom mitigate pain better than synthetic opioids and opiates in a large fraction of cases, but also Kratom has very little addiction potential, unlike synthetic opioids and opiates which have tremendous addiction potential and can be almost impossible to quit.

Even more importantly, Kratom has never caused a death in history, and has only minor side effects, whereas synthetic opioids and opiates kill 50,000 Americans every year.

Considering all of this, including that real-life stories prove that Kratom can alleviate pain even better than prescription painkillers, that Kratom has no significant addiction potential, and that Kratom doesn’t cause overdose deaths, it seems like an obvious decision to take Kratom for pain management instead of synthetic opioids and opiates.

Also, Kratom is completely organic and nature-made, unlike the painkillers from a doctor which are made in a laboratory and show plenty of signs of being dangerous.

Before ending this article, I want to tell my readers that the best kratom for pain is definitely Bali, since Bali Kratom contains the highest concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine, which is the most potent opioid alkaloid in Kratom. Even when I am having terrible aches, some Bali is always enough to make me completely pain-free.

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