Personal Care- Why You Should Consider Hiring a Private Nurse?

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Having an ill or recovering loved one at home can be an overwhelming responsibility. While many people take it upon themselves to try to care for this person, it’s important to know that this isn’t safe or effective—for either person involved. It’s both dangerous, and mentally AND physically draining. There is a better option available, and for several great reasons: hiring a private nurse. Here’s why!

1.) They are Able to Deal with Matters that an Aide cannot Deal With

It can be a smart idea to keep an aide on your staff for non-medical issues that need tending to, like feeding or bathing a patient. However, there are things that an aide just can’t do, since they’re not trained to do so. When it comes to dealing with medications, checking blood pressure and heart rate, and changing bandages, for example, you’re going to need someone who’s qualified and capable of knowing when the patient needs help and having the knowledge to assist. That person is a nurse!

2.) Nurses Can Mean Shorter/Fewer Hospital Stays

Hiring a personal nurse could prove to be a wonderful alternative to an even longer hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation center stay. It might also mean that you’ll have to return less frequently in the future. Plus, while private nurses can be somewhat pricey (but obviously worth every penny), they are most likely less expensive than the bills you’d rack up sitting in a hospital bed every single day and night—especially since you can have a nurse come and go as needed.

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3.) It Could be Better for the Patient Emotionally

If you hire a private nurse that you know is going to be working with a sick loved one at least relatively long-term, then this gives the patient the opportunity to bond on a deeper level with the person who cares for them daily. Instead of a stranger entering their lives and inserting themselves into their private health issues, it will feel more like a friend.

We all know that a happy patient is a healthy patient. All surrounding conditions should be adjusted to make them feel as comfortable and stress-free as possible. This means providing health professionals that the patient can get to know and like.

If money is an issue—since nothing in the medical field is ever really cheap—talk to your insurance company and see how they might be able to help you. Also talk to both your nurse and an aide to see what responsibilities the aide might be able to handle, since they generally charge a cheaper hourly rate. There are ways around the financial barriers; you just have to look. Don’t burden yourself with trying to handle the medical needs of your loved one; leave it to the professionals and do a world of good for yourself and the person who is in need of care!

Susan Bunch writes for health and education sites. You can learn more about schools that offer Accelerated BSN Degree Programs on the internet.

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