Medicinal Plants for Your Garden

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There are some plants that are just handy to have around at times. These plants can help with burns or upset stomachs or even sore throats. Growing them in your garden is not only a good idea, but much more affordable then buying them from the pharmacy or herbal shop. Here are some plants everyone should grow to keep their families healthy:

1. Aloe Vera – This cactus like plant is great for burns. The meaty interior can be applied directly to the skin. When juiced and consumed, the Aloe Vera plant has stomach calming qualities and helps with bowel problems.

2. Chamomile – This flower not only has a nice scent but it can be used for many illnesses. With calming qualities it is usually boiled into a tea and drank to relive stress and cure insomnia.

3. Echinacea – This is one herb that you need to take if you start getting a cold. The roots can help with a variety of illnesses by stimulating the immune system.

4. Garlic – This pungent bulb is not only great for cooking but also has medicinal uses. It can be eaten in quantity to relive blood pressure problems, lower cholesterol and even boost the immune system.

5. Peppermint – Another fragrant plant, peppermint leaves are one of the oldest medicinal herbs. It can be brewed as a tea to relive bowel problems and aid digestion or rubbed directly on the skin to soothe itches and rash.

These are just a few of the plants that everyone should grow. These plants allow you to treat yourself and your family naturally without the side effects of medication. They are also useful for many ailments and very good to have on hand in case of emergency.

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