Maintaining A Healthy Balance

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Losing weight, getting into shape, and feeling better are the goals of many, but some take it too far. That fighting addiction often replaces food, alcohol, drug, and other dangerous dependencies with a healthier, but also dangerous addiction to exercise. With the help of professional websites, such as and accountability partners, you can find a healthy balance between the four legitimate needs of your life.

Finding a balance between your legitimate needs will lead you to a better life and will ensure you don’t fall into the traps of addiction again. Addicts tend to replace one addiction with another. For example, many recovering alcoholics might start smoking, drinking coffee or may even replace alcohol with food. This can become very dangerous, especially when an addict replaces something with exercise and takes it too far.

The legitimate needs of every human being include physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Many other categories stem from these four, including occupational, environmental and social, but they all fit within these four needs. Finding balance will make it easier to transition from the current version of yourself to a better version. Balance will also help you to avoid becoming a workout-aholic or health-aholic.

A Few Tips for a Balanced Life

1.  Feed all Four Areas Daily

Think of these four areas of your life as different buckets. If your physical bucket remains empty, it will affect all other areas of your life. On the other hand, if you fill your physical bucket all the way and add even more, it could tip over and knock over the other three tanks. It’s important to feed all four areas every day if you want to maintain a healthy and balanced life.

2.  Use Cheat Meals

Cheat meals will help you find a balance with your diet and help you to keep your physical bucket from overflowing. Notice, it’s called a “CHEAT MEAL” not a cheat day or cheat weekend. Once a week allow yourself a meal that doesn’t fit with your diet. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, you might cut out items loaded with carbohydrates. Once a week, eat a meal with more carbohydrates than normal.

3.  Self Evaluation/Exploration

Something we often miss in our busy, noisy world is time to explore ourselves. This is a vital part of balancing all four key areas of your life. We wake up to noise, get ready for work surrounded by noise, often play music (more noise) while we work, return home to a TV full of even more noise and finally go to sleep for the day. Our world is full of noise and finding just 10 minutes a day for quiet self-exploration can really help. It can be as simple as just allowing thoughts to run through your head for 10 minutes or you can spend this time in prayer.

A balanced life can provide many health benefits, help prevent injury and can provide the necessary time to feel all the areas of your life. When you live an uncommon life including time for all the four legitimate needs, you will find strength and well-being. Those fighting specific addictions can use these areas of their life as a checks and balances system. Filling all four buckets just right will help you from overflowing in one area, while leaving another empty.

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