What Foods Should Or Should Not Be Ordered From A Restaurant

People who usually dine out should be really careful about the foods they order. This is because depending on where they dine, they might not get a healthy meal as per their expectations. For people who are planning a night out and want to ensure they will enjoy a fabulous dinner, this article will focus on some of the foods they should and should not consider whilst dining out. Meats Meats have always been the subject of criticism and plenty of food experts recommend people stay away from them, especially from pork. In this regard, for those who absolutely need to eat meat when dining out, it’s best to consider beef, chicken or turkey and stay well away from pork. It is a very well-known fact that pork contains a lot of toxins and on top of that, it may also contain plenty of fat. Individuals who care about their weight and don’t want to have food which will be hard to digest and also full of toxins should stay away from eating pork, regardless of how it’s cooked. Chicken Most of the times when people dine out in a restaurant, they like to order chicken. In this regard, if they want to eat it in a healthy way, they should ask for a chicken breast which should first of all be boiled and then browned in a pan with no oil added. Adding some soy sauce and maybe some greens as seasoning will ensure it is a healthy option whilst maintaining its great taste. However, if this is not enough, some vegetables, like broccoli, tomatoes and cucumbers which have been previously cooked in their own natural juices are very much recommended. […]

The Food Truck: An Old Business Idea Worth Exploring

Food trucks have been around for quite some time now, an idea sprung forth from an older necessity-driven idea, the chuckwagon. It is a simple proposition, really: instead of the public going to a restaurant or diner to eat, the food comes to them. One could consider it the older cousin of straight-to-your-door food delivery.

In the later years of the nineteenth century, food trucks make their appearance in the streets of New York, selling simple, inexpensive, and easy to eat fare that could fill the stomach for a pittance compared to regular restaurant cuisine. These lunch wagons (“roach coaches” being the derogatory term for the not so sanitary examples) served hungry customers at regular hours as well as odd schedules, particularly the night shift.

The humble food truck has experienced a great resurgence all across the United States and the rest of the world. This time around, they’re not […]

Garlicky Creations You’ll Love to Eat

When you’re looking to spice up dinner creations, garlic is a staple that can be used to make many intriguing new dishes. From appetizers to desserts, a little garlic can go a long way in making your meal flavor-rich and tasty. Recipe selections offer a range of fresh ingredients and all highlight that kitchen workhorse, fresh garlic.

Garlic-infused recipes fall into five main categories:


-Cold Shrimp with Garlicky Vinaigrette: Cook one pound of shrimp in boiling water for two minutes until just pink. Remove the shells and set aside to cool. Whisk together a third of a cup each of lemon juice and olive oil. Add a tablespoon of chopped garlic, a tablespoon of chopped parsley, one and a half teaspoons of fresh thyme and salt and pepper to taste. Pour the garlic vinaigrette over the shrimp and refrigerate until ready to serve.

-Red Pepper Antipasti: Preheat the oven […]

How Social Media Can Help You Eat Healthily

Just about everyone who has tried to make radically healthier changes to their daily food consumption have realized that this is easier to accomplish with some kind of support system aside from your own will to succeed. It is a great help for people to cheer you on, support you, give you advice, or even criticize you on your way to better eating and overall health. Sometimes, you just can’t trust yourself as you are prone to self-rationalization (you are the best person to convince yourself to do anything), and an external perspective can be very useful.

We live in an age that a community can be in touch with one another, regardless of where they are physically. Health and fitness communities span countries, or even continents; they can share recipes, compare notes, and keep tabs on each other’s progress. Despite the widespread contagion of contaminated food, questionable chemical and […]