Vitamins to Help You Feel Better Fast

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When you are not feeling well you want to get better fast. However, most over the counter medications only treat the symptoms and wear off quickly. What can you do to feel better without having to take a bunch of medication? Try these vitamins:

1.    Vitamin C Vitamin C is found naturally in things like citrus fruits. If you ingest a lot of vitamin C it has been proven to reduce your chances of getting a cold or virus and also shorten the amount of time it is in your system. This is because vitamin C strengthens your immune system. Another advantage to vitamin C is that it is very hard to take too much. It is processed by your body quickly, so you also need to ingest large amounts regularly for the full effects.

2.    ZincZinc is another supplement that is proven to help you get over colds and viruses faster. Zinc comes in a lozenge form for you to suck on to calm sore throats and it also comes in a pill form for overall health.

3.    Cranberry JuiceCranberry juice is a natural way to clean out your urinary tract. It works with your body to flush out toxins and makes your liver and kidneys cleaner and better working. It can also help to decrease the number of urinary and bladder infections, especially in women. All it takes is a couple of glasses a day to keep you clean and infection free.

4.    Calcium and Vitamin DFor strong teeth, bones and even muscle health calcium with vitamin D is your best friend. Everyone should take a calcium supplement, especially as they get older, to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. But did you also know that calcium plus vitamin D helps with back pain? The spine is one of the most frequent suffers from degradation as you age and by adding a supplement you can keep it stronger longer. Calcium and vitamin D also aide in muscle growth and maintenance, helping your body to stay fit and it also contributes to restful sleep.

These are just four of the many vitamins and supplements that can help you to feel better, prevent infection and overall help your body out. You do not have to take expensive medicines with odd side effects for every ailment. Instead turn to natural vitamins and keep your body strong and healthy.

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