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Vaccines Are Bad For You

Vaccines Are Bad For YouDangers of VaccinesThe H1N1 swine flu vaccination campaign in the United States has not officially begun, and millions of Americans will quickly line up to be injected with a vaccine that they believe will help protect them from disease.  But is this blind faith warranted?  Could it be possible that vaccines are bad for you?  After all, the last time a mass swine flu vaccination campaign was attempted in the 1970s, the swine flu vaccine killed and crippled far more people than the swine flu did.  So is there any reason to think that things will be different this time around?

Some American parents are not so sure. In fact, recent polls reveal that approximately half of the American population have significant reservations about taking the swine flu vaccine as documented in the video below…..

But why is there such hesitation?

Well, for one thing, a growing number of doctors and medical experts link the mercury in modern vaccines to the explosion of autism in society.

Decades ago autism was virtually unknown in the United States, but a new government study has found that now about 1 in every 91 U.S. children will be diagnosed at some point in their lives with autism.

This is even more disturbing when you compare the general population with religious groups like the Amish that do not take vaccines.  There is absolutely no autism among the Amish, and many health experts believe that it is because they do not get their children vaccinated.

Not only that, but some of the newest vaccines actually contain live viruses. 

One of the newest cervical cancer vaccines that contains a live virus has been reportedly crippling and even killing a significant number of young girls who take it.  For example, an 18 year old girl named Stacey Jones from the U.K. was left brain-damaged after suffering epileptic seizures just days after being given a cervical cancer vaccine.

But she is hardly alone.

Just Google “cervical cancer vaccine dangers” or “cervical cancer vaccine deaths” and do some research into this.

And yet the public health authorities in the U.S. and the U.K. keep insisting that it is safe.


It would actually take an entire book to properly describe the health dangers of modern vaccines, but to illustrate the point we thought it would be a great idea to include the following list of ingredients found in a typical seasonal flu vaccine that Stephen Lendman put together.  Are you sure that you want to inject this stuff into your body?…..


— 25 micrograms of mercury (thimerosal), a known neurotoxin; one microgram is considered toxic; according to the NIH, “mercury and all of its compounds are toxic, exposure to excessive levels can permanently damage or fatally injure the brain and kidneys;” even “exposures to very small amounts” can also cause “allergic reactions, neurological damage and death;” it’s also linked to autism;

— aluminum hydroxide and phosphate, known to be linked to some neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease; the Office of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports x-ray evidence of pulmonary fibrosis among workers studied; it also reports that patients undergoing long-term kidney dialysis develop speech disorders, dementia, or convulsions;

— formaldehyde, a known carcinogen according to the National Cancer Institute; it’s also linked to upper respiratory tract problems and effects on lymphatic and hematopoietic systems (relating to human blood cells);

— gelatin, polysorbate 80 and resin – ingredients causing severe allergic reactions;

— ammonium sulfate, a suspected gastrointestinal, liver, and respiratory toxicant and neurotoxicant;

— sorbitol, a suspected gastrointestinal and liver toxicant;

— phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), a suspected developmental and reproductive toxicant;

— beta-propiolactone, a known carcinogen and suspected gastrointestinal, liver, respiratory, skin and sense organ toxicant;

— gentamycin, an antibiotic;

— triton X100, a strong detergent;

— animal tissues and fluids, including potentially contaminated horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, pig blood, and porcine (pig) protein/tissue;

— calf and fetal bovine serum;

— macerated cancer cells;

— diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue


If a neighbor offered you a cocktail containing the above ingredients at a party would you drink it?

Of course not.

So why would you let anybody inject it into your body?

Why would you let anybody inject it into your children?

The truth is that vaccines are bad for you.  They mess with your immune system and provide openings for other diseases to invade your body.  In fact, in one recent study researchers found that children who had gotten the seasonal flu vaccine were three times as likely to be hospitalized during the time frame of the study compared to children who had not received the vaccine.

Now more than ever it is time to think for yourself.  Don’t just blindly accept what anyone tells you.  Do the research for yourself.  After all, it is you and your family that will bear the consequences for whatever choices that you ultimately make.

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    In fact, in one recent study researchers found that children who had gotten the seasonal flu vaccine were three times as likely to be hospitalized during the time frame of the study.Don’t just blindly accept what anyone tells you.

  • hydrotherapy

    Great post! Majority of American Not accepting this H1N1 Vaccine swine flu vaccination campaign Thanks for the information

  • health tips

    thanks for you information, very helpful

  • minks

    Thanks for the information, knew these so called vaccines were dangerous

  • The truth

    These so called vaccines have saved billion of lives all over the world.
    If you really want your kids to die prematurely from something like whooping cough,polio or tetanus please do not give them vaccinations.

  • guy
  • wtf

    I will say this politely as I can… YOU ARE SO STUPID! What are you doing telling people not to vaccinate their children? Immunizing your child with vaccines that contain the VERY WEAK live virus, makes the immune system defend itself, and since your immune system has a ‘memory’ if the child somehow catches the disease immunized IT WILL REMEMBER IT, therefore making it IMMUNE!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!Do you know how we never really hear someone having measles? Thats because of mass vaccinations!! So many children have had vaccines making diseases such as measles quite rare

  • autismsux

    Dearest WTF- ARE YOU STUPID? I watched my perfectly advanced functioning baby nephew who was a year old, pronouncing words, walking and naming colors. Fast forward a week after they put four vaccine needles in his legs in the same appointment and he was a blubbering idiot.

    He is now 4 and very much autistic, cannot talk, eats his poop, is very destructive. My sisters whole house and Life for that matter was revamped to accommodate my nephew so that he cannot break windows, pull down furniture onto himself or cross to another room where he cannot be watched. It was a life sentence for him and my sister.

    If I hadn’t seen it with my own eye’s, I would have believed it. It’s not the idea of vaccinating our children, it’s the preservatives, mercury and other crap chemicals that’s in it!!!!

    You really need to think before you write, these aren’t a bunch of people who want to see people sick with measles, they just want a more natural alternative.

  • Worried mom

    Im so confused. My baby boy has not gotten any immunizations because i believe its harmful to my baby. But sometimes i dont know hat to do or witch to give.

  • Misty


  • hottie

    vaccines are baddddddddddddddddddd stay awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy






  • Ben

    If you take the time to research, you will see that vaccines were introduced at the end of the virus cycle in every case. That is to say, the virus had run it’s course and was on it’s way out, even without the vaccine. Vaccines have been introduced to societies that were nit even subject to the viruses they were being vaccinated against it it literally wiped out the complete tribe. Vaccinating a child is a MASSIVE assume on your child’s immune system. The people that I know that have not been vaccinated have AMAZING immune systems as adults, hardly ever get sick, are bright and alert people. I cannot say the same for the mass amount of vaccinated sheeple.

  • Dawn

    Wow, I completely get the idea of not vaccinating and introducing harmful additives (the added items in the vaccine)to our system. I also understand that if my kid does come into contact (unlikely but possible) with these viruses they will most likely get sick. My daughter was vaccinated with the flu vaccine when she was just over a year old (a family friend in her 30s had died of flu the week prior and I was scared). She became very ill within a few days and I rushed her in to urgent care. They sent her home and told me to give her baby aspirin for the fever and cool wash clothes. She went through the motions of the flu and recovered.

    Then you have societies, like the Amish, who have never vaccinated and do not have autism in their society. Is this a myth, is it proven. I wish a large university would study such societies and give us an outcome of their findings on this. There are other societies that also do not vaccinate due to religious beliefs that have children that go to school with our children. Do there children get immunizations on the sly (I ask because the one I knew of growing up in my area sometimes took their children to DR. on the sly), are they more susceptible to diseases if they travel into third world countries where the diseases still are prevalent (is it because they live in a country where the viruses has been wiped out or near to it?). So many questions. Is there anyone who hasn’t vaccinated and has a child with autism.

    My point being that we could say yes and no all day. Yes, the additives in the shot are not something I would want in my body. Is there another way to make the additives be more suitable to put into our bodies? All of the questions I have can’t be answered without research and lots of years of it and openness by all to hear what is said and then ask more questions. Not name calling and telling each other we are stupid. I truly am confused by both sides and agree with both arguments so how do you help those of us who don’t have an a definitive answer and need proof either way. When my kids come to me yelling they are stupid and she said and he said I quit listening to all of them and send them to their rooms.

    I say either find a way to prove your point or go to your rooms….

  • Ryan

    I hear about people getting vaccine shots every year I go to school. And it seems like after they get their shot, they get sick. Hmmm… Sounds pretty weird huh? Wonder what it could be. Sounds pretty clear that the government doesn’t want us to know. I have not had a shot since I was two years old and I am now seventeen years old and I hardly get sick. Maybe once a year or so, but I eventually let my body heal it instead of allowing man-made teqnology get into my body system. Docters are probably saying to children’s parents that they need to go to a special school or something like that, but I’m seeing, hearing, and thinking that the docters are the ones needing to go to the special schools, because some doctors just want to ignore our true reality and just continue to poison innocent people. What does it say in the bible, in Genesis. Did not our father (God which you perfer it) give us all of the things that we need. Did people get sick in those times like they do now? I don’t think so… What I’m trying to point out is that our father has given us all of the things that we need. Why do we need to get more advanced at teqnology. Trust me, I can struggle with men’s teqnology also. But we need to speak out against all of the negative things going on in this world. Satan is a very tricky person that can come out of nowhere, such as a doctor, a preacher, a president, or anybody! That’s why we need to beaware and do our own research. We need to take a stand and speak out. I pray for those who are misled and those who speak out the truth. Why don’t you guys start doing that also and read the bible to learn why we are here on this planet. Email me if you have any comments or questions about what I said.

  • Liesje

    This is a very intresting article, no so called scientific testing needed just honest facts;

  • This is for stalkers

    I was never vaccinated. I’ve also never gotten the chicken pox. I know several other people who were and weren’t vaccinated and guess what? The kids with the shots all got sick. My grandma came down with Shingles when she was older. I thought if you got the vaccine that wouldn’t happen? I’ve educated myself. I’ve read biased and unbiased things and I’m on the side of no vaccines.

    You can call me crazy or stupid etc..but I really don’t care. I’m not putting anything that contains Mercury into my body. I’m watching my carcinogens and poisons, thank you. My boyfriend on the other hand has been vaccinated to hell and back, has always kept really clean, has been on a bazillion anti-biotics (for ever little thing) and when he gets a cold it’s like the world is ending. I get sick once a year, with the flu and then it’s gone. His mother is a nurse…a very militant nurse who thinks that the answer to all life’s ails is a pill and has made her son quite sick in the process.

    I’ll keep doing things naturally and healthily. It’s worked thus far and will keep working for me and my boyfriend and our future children.

  • scott


  • Chris S

    Have any of the anti-vaccine ranters ever heard of Herd Immunity. Maybe you and your children are not getting these diseases because enough of us out here in the world are responsible and have vaccinated our children, therefore those few of you who don’t cause less of a public health concern. Do you think Polio went away on its own too?

  • khev

    i need help. are vaccinations bad or good for you.
    i need the info for school work.
    🙂 🙁 😉 ;(

  • Miley Cyrus

    Vaccines are very bad for many children suffering with autism and any other types of diagnoses.

  • Keith

    i love cats, i love every kind of cats, i just wamt to hug all of them but i cant, cant hug every cat

  • Person.

    I have a younger brother who became autistic due to a vaccination when he was very young. Damn vaccines. And these days they are giving them vaccinations RIGHT after they are born! What makes you think that a young child, who has a very weak immune system, will be able to handle all that crap being pumped into their body, hmm? I never get vaccines any more, and I am perfectly healthy. I took a bio resonance test, there is nearly NOTHING wrong with me. I rarely get sick, and when I do, its never serious.
    Vaccines aren’t just bad, antibiotics are bad too.
    When my mother breast fed me when I was a newborn, little did she know she was giving me all the anti-biotics she was pumped with when she gave birth to me, and I just found out recently, it had given me serious candida, which I found through bio-resinance therapy. I had very low iron levels, which was the intial concern, and the doctor just prescribed synthetic iron supplement crap, which did very little to solve the problem. Bio-resinance was what really saved me. And many people have candida, not just due to anti-biotics, but due to the over processed food, especially bread, in our diets! A healthy gut = a healthy body. Seriously.
    Man…there is a lot of bullshit in this world.

  • Mephanie

    Chris is right, HERD IMMUNITY protects those who do not get the vaccinations. All those who do will not contract the disease you are vaccinated for, so it will become rare and we are essentially protecting all of you who don’t immunise!

    Did you not read in the paper that there was one case of polio in the whole of Africa because of vaccinations. ONE CASE! That is extremely minimal.

    Of course there are risks, there are risks in everything you do; even taking a panadol for a headache. But you calculate the risks against the benefits. Sure, I have a 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000001% chance of being allergic to panadol, but i have a killer back ache that is stopping me from exercising and keeping fit. I’d take the damn panadol.

    Vaccinations are not all bad. I bet some of you are smokers. Ever stopped to wonder what goes into those smokes?

  • Me

    This thread highlights the bias of individual experience on cause and effect. So you say you/your kid got sick after getting a vaccination. I’ve gotten multiple vaccinations and never got sick. Guess we cancel each other out, right?

    No. This is why there are large, rigorous, tightly-controlled studies to determine causation. And time after time, no link has been found between autism and vaccinations. There may be environmental factors contributing to increasing numbers of children who develop autism, but vaccines are not.

    For people whose children are autistic, it is understandable that they want a reason for why it happened. It is a normal impulse to want to blame something. But just because kids are diagnosed with autism after they have received vaccinations does not prove that the vaccines contributed to their autistic state, and indeed many studies have shown that this is not the case.

    We take vaccines for granted; we live in an era where polio, measles, mumps, etc are not prevalent(at least in the US) because of the incredibly efficacious results of vaccination programs. Recent outbreaks of some of these viruses among people who were not vaccinated (google the mini-outbreak of measles that occurred in the vicinity of the Super Bowl) demonstrate the importance of the continuance of vaccination programs, no matter how extensive our herd immunity is.

  • Lila Marie



  • Lila Marie

    mephanie and me….
    you two must be brainwashed or simply ignorant.
    please be quiet and just listen to whats bein told to you!
    NO presciption/immunization is healthy for US humans!
    dont you see lawsuits being filed for pills people took because
    “my doctor told me it was okay”????
    drs know the risk. why else would they have you sign waivers and all that crap?
    its cuz there is a potential bad side effect.
    its a way to get $. vaccines dont do anything at all!
    what the hecks the point of getting a vaccine for some 1920 disease that nobody even gets no more?
    and at what cost? harm our children more importantly infants?
    do you two have kids? or grandchildren?
    whats it gonna take for you guys to believe whats being told to you?
    for something bad to happen to them? (heaven forbid)

    my sister in law is a pediatrican, she tells parents all the side affects first and the chances of getting those. then she will refer the parents to another doctor if they want these “shots”, and keeps a fat stack of vaccine refusal papers ready. by law she cant deny ignorant parents
    the vaccines they want, but she does not believe this
    part of her job so she refuses to administer these shots and
    dosent prescibe antibiotics and tells parents to instead try 1st to cure with home remedies
    to reduce the amount of antibiotics introduced into the body because
    nowadays people are becoming more immune to them.
    only use them when all natural and home cures fail and when absolutly important
    people get a soar throat and run for anitbiotics, them when they have a serious
    problem like kidney infections the antibiotic isnt as strong
    because the body develops an immunity to it.

  • Lila Marie

    Lila Marie,

    Your understanding of science, statistics, and history is nonexistent, or perhaps you are simply a troll.

    First of all, your body does not develop “immunity” to antibiotics. What I think you are trying to say is that bacteria populations have evolved resistance to many antibiotics. This is indeed a very real problem and you’re right in that antibiotics should be used judiciously, but not because your body develops “immunity” to them. You should read about the science of bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

    Secondly, you clearly do not appreciate the concept of herd immunity. This is an important point. Once a certain percentage of the population is immunized against a pathogen, it becomes very difficult for the pathogen to appreciably penetrate the population and cause outbreaks. This is why even though your kids are not vaccinated, they have a very low chance of being infected against most of the pathogens we vaccinate against – because many more responsible parents have vaccinated their children. However, because there is a certain proportion of people who think like you, every once in a while there is a mini outbreak of one of these diseases (again, read about the outbreak of measles in the vicinity of the Super Bowl). Because we now have generations of people who have lived without horribly disabling infectious diseases like polio, people like you cannot appreciate what would happen to people before vaccination programs were initiated.

    Thirdly, we do not vaccinate against diseases that have been stamped out (which is suggested from your “1920 disease” comment). The only disease that has been eradicated is smallpox (how was this done, do you ask? By a worldwide vaccination program), and no one is given this vaccine anymore. I think the “1920 disease” you might be referring to is polio, which is not eradicated, and is still endemic in some parts of the world. When it is eradicated, we will no longer give the vaccine, but it will be no thanks to people like you.

    Your sister in law is doing tremendous harm to her patients, and I shudder to think there are other so-called physicians dolling out the same nonsense.

    I know that an internet post is not going to change your mind, but I would highly suggest you educate yourself with an actual understanding of the biology behind the claims you are making.

  • Me

    Excuse me, the above post should have “Me” in the title, as I am certainly not Lila Marie

  • Mary

    Without vaccinated people everywhere would still be suffering from smallpox and countless other diseases. You say that your children are perfectly healthy and have never got vaccinated, well that is because other parents have got off their asses and got their own children vaccinated so they don’t carry the disease to yours. By not vaccinating your own child you are putting everyone at risk. Also the study done linking vaccines to autism was totally untrue the children used in the study already were developing autism and one sees that the same amount of children get autism without the vaccines. So maybe next time do your research and don’t listen to a bunch of conspiracies.

  • NO NO NO

    if you ask me..shots are population control! These parents want to protect their children and believe every word the doc said. BUT If you look at all them law suits with hurt deformed children and even some fatel! It happend becuase THEY WERE TOLD IT WOULD BE OK!!!!! NOT FAIR! So I refuse the shots..Id rather have the disease naturaly if I was to getit. Not poisen,and all that mercury and junk shot into my blood stream to see what happens.

  • Anders

    Dear NO NO NO.
    I have read your post about that you think that vaccination shots are all about population controll.

    And I actually think that in a way you are right. All that are ignorant and doesn’t check facts and belives the kind of people that write articles are being killed of by the diseases the rest of us that get the heard protection will not get.

    The problem is that you anti vax people will also kill children and smart but ill people that can’t vaccinate. But that is just some we other smart people that actually cares about our family, friends and fellow humans.

    So please don’t vaccinate, as then the intelligence level of humanity will be higher again.

    To all other, please look up how the diseases that we vaccinate against looks when it strikes and read up on how vaccination saves your and your neighbours childre.
    And that anti vax actually kills, as some diseases are comming back because of these anti vaccination propaganda.. 🙁

  • Me

    NO NO NO,

    Population control?

    Explain this to me: hundreds of millions of people died of smallpox during the 1900s. Since the completion of the worldwide vaccination program against smallpox, no one has died of smallpox. What happened??

  • Lewis Oldershaw

    Hey i love dogs, all types of dogs but some dogs arent like dogs.. they are like hamsters, i dont like hamsters.

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  • Steve

    This is truly a dangerous article. I am not here to call anybody names, but Chris S summed things up pretty well with his post. Are you people aware that Andrew Wakefield, the doctor who initially proposed the outlandish theory of vaccinations causing autism, had his licence revoked for unethical practice? Let me guess, that is all part of the conspiracy to hide the truth from the public so top tier government officials can continue the unethical experiment that is vaccinating the pubic. Wakefields study held zero reliability, or validity. It was completely biased in every way possible. Certain studies are bound to show mixed results, nobody is perfect. That is why you research a collection of data to deduce an opinion. The anecdotal evidence presented by other comments on this site about one persons brother, and another’s nephew is not evidence of anything. You foolish people will hands down believe a scientific journal speculating a positive correlation between autism and vaccinations, yet refuse to take into consideration the journals refuting these claims, which are far greater.

  • http://consandpros The Star

    Vaccines are bad! It can cause death!

  • truely

    I have a cousin that right after he got his 2nd dpt shot he got autism and is mentally handycapped. His brain wont ever grow past 12 yrs old and he is 22 now. Its horriable. I got my son that is 2 his first dpt shot and I regret it and will never give him any other vaccines. I have a 8 wk old and defenitly wont give her any shots at all. The doctors and Government just want to scare us into getting our kids vaccinated its population control for sure. Explain this…… my older daughter got 2 dpt shots and still got whooping cough when she was 2.

  • SisterChristian

    Everyone,listen up. I don’t get vaccinated because I trust God to be my healer. I don’t need man made solutions to keep me disease free. Our bodies are an intricately made machine by Him. He knows what He’s doing. Man’s decades of messing with God’s creation and playing God has compromised our bodies ability to combat disease and illness. There is an enemy and he has USED man to do his bidding. He seeks to kill and destroy us. He is Satan. He encompasses all that is evil in man to gain souls to his future kingdom. HELL! He has manipulated men of high stature to believe his lie. That lie is that he is God and that if you follow him you can be as God too. So the elite all follow this lie for gain. They are the ones running the show for now, and they don’t care about you. They’re ideal population 300m. See Georgia Guide Stones, Illuminati, The Club of 300, and most importantly..The BIBLE. God Bless and don’t challenge this until you have investigated it.

  • Common Sense

    why are you a mother

  • ARI

    Are you being sarcastic or are you for real? So, what, God just decided to cripple millions of children with polio? I’m so confused. God gave us a brain. That brain that God gave us has allowed us to combat disease and infection, expand the world, and understand ourselves and the world around us. He wouldn’t have given us intellectual ability if he didn’t want us to use it.

  • Ian

    Yup, worked brilliantly during the many manifestations of the black plague.

  • huge

    it think the problem is not the vaccines, you are right – they are effective. No one (who uses their brain) will say that. It is the build up of toxins used as preservatives that causes problems. It’s not like this ” might cause”, it’s not “may induce”, and it certainly is not “speculated effects”, These elements are causing physical health problems due to excessive exposure. The conspiracy is irrelevant when the factual data is not disputed. When someone makes money from a process, but the sustainability of that income is dependant on exponentially increasing economic growth in a finite system, eventually, at the bottom line after every efficiency has been addressed, that individual will have to make a decision to go out of business or to change the way they do business to cut costs. Our economic model and the relationship between finance and government is the root cause of the human socio economic self destructive process that is occurring now. Most likely it was the reason for a few individuals’ decision to ignore the growing evidence of accumulative chemical toxification in vaccine patients who have recieved larger than anticipated numbers of seperate vaccinations. They simply wanted to keep making money. What morals or ethics would you let be altered of modified slightly to continue feeding your family?

  • weedweapon

    most modern outbreaks of known epidemic pathogens in the last 25 years have come from cultured sources, often it is not pier reviewed reports, however, that state this, therefore blame is avoided from being placed on the industry itself, and less realistic and unfounded theories are let propogate due to their ability to distract from the actual problem.
    The problem with the practice of vaccination and our ability to determine it’s effectiveness is the accumulated data sources, their relationship to the industry, and transparency in result analysis. The idea that un-immunised children are the cause of modern outbreaks is as un-substantiated as the claims against vaccine safety. Remove the money from the equation and the real data appears from under the cloak of incessant human greed.
    We all need to open our minds to new ideas, and also learn to accept that we make mistakes and that to change, even after millennia of stagnation, is inevitable.

  • weedweapon

    Do we believe what the tobacco industry tells us? ahhh… f**king way.
    why is the business of medicine not treated with the same scepticism?
    I cannot ever give 100% faith to an entity that is profitting from something that I have received from them. I still am reluctant to give panadol syrup to my kids, even with a fever, simply because the human body goes through a process when under attack, and that process is always to assist in the removal of the problem. BTW – instead of panadol, try a glass of water. It’s often dehydration causing a headache and the glass of water that people swallow with the panadol is often the reason their headache goes away, not the panadol. It’s a pity we don’t appreciate the consequences of our day to day inactions (such as ignoring an obvious discrepancy with such a widespread practice as vaccination), slight as they be, over time they will grow to such an overbearing weight on society that we will forget that we ever debated these topics, and the new problems that we are creating now for the future will overshadow all our petty squablings on these digitally primitive places of discussion.
    My point
    — don’t ever trust information when money results from it’s distribution.
    My favourite suggested solution
    — Like ancient China…gov’t sponsored doctors who only get paid when the population is healthy, i imagine social Productivity would boom, and we would know where their priority lies.

  • weedweapon


  • Barron

    This I agree with.

  • Barron

    There is no reason why we should not question what’s going into our
    bodies. I am glad that we live in an era that modern medicine has
    advanced. But We take that for granted and just abuse the stuff. We
    don’t realize how lazy our bodies get by taking every medicine over the
    counter or prescription med when we have a cold. Sometimes it’s just a
    matter of rest. Our bodies are adaptable. We just need them to adapt.
    The ingredients in past vaccines compared to this current one are just
    frightening. If they called cow’s blood a vaccine does that me we should
    be drinking cow’s blood. Absolutely not. We should be asking how
    effective it is? How often we need to take it? What will it do for us in
    the long run? If in the long run all we are doing is taking more and
    more meds then it’s ineffective.There are natural remedies to consider as well. if we don’t scrutinize current vaccines for our safety, then we might as well be cattle being lined up for the slaughter. We have a brain, to do the research on the facts, on the ingredients, what can cause what. To say that not getting immunized is stupid just shows ignorance. Just means you’re more sheep than human. I’ve been looking into this topic for a few years now and it’s still not clear to me. I’m might be a father some day and I want to make sure I’m making the right choices for me family without regrets.

  • MiMi

    Gun point? Souds fishy to my that you are so desperate to have people vaccinated that you will threaten them at gun point for not taking your shot…. I don’t take vaccines because in my friend’s homeland(South Africa) Vaccines were use a s weapon to kill down the native population by the countries invaders who swore they were giving them the vaccine to prevent them form coming down with the same sicknesses that the other africans “suddenly” came down with(AFTER they arrived). I don’t trust it, because my people have been hurt too many times by government and know just how sneaky this government with their interior motives behind everything they do…. I’m not blind. PLEASE get out of this country, and ANY european super power, or majority white country. I’m not saying this as a race thing, but because these countries are acting fishy. I encourage all people, Asian, black, white, even native americans, to move else where. My friend in the navy told me about what the man mentioned in the video about people searching your house, and forcing you to do something at gun point, but didn’t go into detail because I told him he could get in trouble for running his mouth. Please flee the united states, and if you are in the UK or in Europe and you care for yourself and the future of your children, please FLEE europe as well. Go else where. The Jews who noticed something was changing and fishy in Germany were said to be crazy and delusional as well, but those people who didn’t believe them when they pointed out what they saw wrong quickly regretted not heeding their warning.

  • bahaha

    Thank God all of your spawn will die together. It’ll filter the gene pool for the rest of us.

  • Savannah Faye Miller

    I just want to say. I’ve refused my child vaccines from the begening. He’s two, has NEVER been sick, has only thrown up a total of ten times in his two years of life. My household is in no way immaculate either. My son is perfectly healthy. Truth is Dr.’s have no real way of telling what’s in those vaccines only the companies who make them. I on the other hand, as a child have always been vaccinated, I have never come down with anything too serious but everytime I do get sick, my son never contracts any of the viruses. I will be having my second child in just a few months, I will be doing the same thing for her. My children and my choices will be the deciding factor for me. And if you even did any research on vaccines at all you would then understand they do not work for everyone, so even injecting yourself with all of these poisons still does not promise immunization. You are still in the running for catching these diseases you just might also be autistic now or dead…

  • Matthew R. Kucera

    the brain god gave your children will be crippled with reyes syndrome if you give them aspirin when they have the flu.. it says so on the aspirin bottle.. no seriously it does.. go pick it up..

  • Matthew R. Kucera

    hear hear!

  • aris

    dear author:
    please read the Meta- Analysis done by the University of Sydney.
    then Research the effects of decrease vaccinations due to fear mongering in japan from 1974 to 1981.
    while a child can be allergic to the additive it has been disprove that autism can be cause by vaccines. so please do proper research before continuing to fear monger and putting childrens lives at risk

  • James Doe

    I don’t think you understand how the immune system works or what vaccines are or the years of history that prove the effectiveness of vaccines. Or the consensus of the entire medical community. Yes, doctors can never be sure of what’s in those vaccines, but you probably have no idea the chemicals that are in literally hundreds of items you interact with on a daily basis, and you still use those. Please consider doing more research in the basic science of the immune system, historical records, meta-analyses of vaccination studies, and logical reasoning before making risking the lives of your children and those around them.

  • Kay

    Hello, I am a student studying health promotion, biology and chemistry therefore may not be a vaccinations specialist or doctor but I have basic knowledge of how vaccinations and the immune system works in relation to each other and the functions. Just because two things happen at the same time doesn’t always mean its a direct cause and effect. As I have learned that when an individual has a certain condition in the genes (for example epilepsy) then when getting a vaccine shot it could trigger an e.g epileptic response but that doesn’t mean that it gave or caused the individual to have that condition. It is in the genes therefore will be brought out at some point regardless. You can’t just generalize or imply that “every vaccine doesn’t work” based on assumption or a very rare experience. If you are having trouble comprehending this then I suggest you watch a documentary that explains how and why vaccines are good for you. But I have to say, that there are some exceptions where some people shouldn’t get vaccinated due to certain medical conditions. But for the majority, it is best to be vaccinated to sustain herd-immunity.

  • Kay

    You do know that there’s more mercury in fish (which is a common food that a lot of people consume) then there is in a whole shelf of vaccinations combined? This is because of Bioaccumulation. Vaccination don’t have lethal doses of mercury anyway therefore there is no reason for over-dramatizing concern.

  • please educate yourself!!!

    Dear organic health advisor.
    I am urging you to take down this article because you are only putting the wrong idea into these peoples heads especially by saying it causes autism. there is absolutely No correlation between autism and vaccination! whoever your source for this information is I highly advise that you verify what they say is true and I hope you fact check. but this Article is absolutely absurd! how exactly can you say it causes Autism? What evidence do you have that these vaccinations cause what they’re preventing? By telling people not to get vaccinated you are putting millions at risk for the potential outbreak of all these diseases that vaccines prevent. but I beg you to at least do hard research on this and not biased research because this is a very dangerous article.

  • Josh dell

    My son was vaccinated, and I have regretted it, never. He nearly got tetanus, but because he was vaccinated, he did not contract the full disease. I am glad that he was vaccinated, and thank this website for promoteing something which could have saved my sons life.

  • Joe dell

    James, your wrong. Vaccines are designed to kill all people so that a select few, part of the Illuminati, can reign over the world forever, along with the walrus association of New Zealand. I am appalled that you use actual facts and logic, and deny the myths about vaccinations. I agree wholeheartedly with this document and believe that the world will be destroyed by vaccines within 30 minutes. You should be ashamed of your use of verifiable facts, instead of listening to the lies of this document. You should also know that disease is also a myth, propagated by the White house to scare you from voting against vaccines and thereby damaging trading links with Antarctica.

    This post is as true as this website.

  • Trying to help

    This is unfair. How come you get to use logic, but anyone against vaccines can’t?
    Oh sorry, I forgot.
    Vaccinations are logical.

  • Trying to help

    I agree.

  • Unlucky

    Damit! I hate it when your right.

  • josh s

    I couldn’t help laughing

  • understander

    Mmm, yeah i know what you mean

  • Anders Jackson

    Opening ones mind is good.
    But opening it so wide that the brain fall out are really bad. So please put your brain back in. It is clearly shown the connections with out breaks and lower vaccination levels. Children and young people have died because people like you, making unsupported statements like yours. Shame on you…

  • Anders Jackson

    No, even autistic children can and should be vaccinated. It wont make a difference to their autism.
    Only ones that shouldn’t get vaccination are of relevant medical problems, like if you can’t eat eggs or have a severe immune defense problem. Your doctor should know when.

  • IB grad

    people in the world still have no access to proper sanitation, live in crowded, overheated shelters yet don’t have smallpox or polio, which once thrived in such environments. why? BECAUSE THE UN HAS VACCINATED EVERYONE

  • saved

    well said i totally agree

  • Ender 01o

    that makes sense

  • Ender 01o


  • Ender 01o

    oh, i see that you hate your cat then

  • Ender 01o

    is your child still alive?

  • Ender 01o

    TL;DR Vaccinations are good for you.