The Health Benefits Of Biking To Work

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Sitting bumper to bumper on a backed up highway isn’t any fun – so why are you?  Whether you are looking for a way to save on fuel costs, trying to alleviate commuter stress, or are trying to fit a new fitness regimen into your daily routine, there is so much to be gained by leaving the car at home.

An increasingly popular way to commute – that more than 600,000 Americans are taking note on – is to bike to work. Need to be convinced of just how many people are jumping on the bandwagon? Check out how many people bike to work in your state with the interactive guide below.

Ready to get started? Here are some of the benefits you will see when beginning your bike to work adventure.

Weight Loss

Biking is a fantastic calorie burner.  According to the American Council on Exercise biking can burn anything from 159 calories to 476 calories per 30 minute depending on your starting weight and biking speed.

Muscle Tone

Riding a bike involves each part of your body, which means you will benefit from a total body workout that you can fit around your working day.  If you bike to work regularly it will help tone your legs and core—and help to keep your hip and knee joints mobile.

Go easy on yourself

All that exercise may sound like hard work, but biking is actually a low impact activity, meaning that it is easier on your joints than other forms of exercise, such as running.  Because the bicycle supports your body, it’s good for people with certain bone and joint problems, such as arthritis, because it puts very little pressure on them.

Click image to open interactive version (via BikeGuard).

Cardio Health

Biking is great for building cardiovascular fitness which is good news for the health of your heart and lungs.  Studies suggest that those who ride a bike at least 20 miles a week are half as likely to have heart problems as those who don’t cycle at all.

Boost Your Mood Naturally

As with any exercise, biking releases endorphins to the brain, boosting your happiness and improving your mental health and wellbeing.  You will arrive at work more alert and with higher energy levels to help you get through your busy day.  Biking to work will reduce your stress levels and help you counter depression.

Fun for the family

If you enjoy biking to work, keep the fun going on the weekends by heading out with the family.  Biking is suitable for people of all ages and abilities and is great way to boost children’s health and development and develop healthy habits that could last a lifetime.

You don’t have to be an experienced cyclist to have a go, but if you are trying out biking to work for the first time, it’s worth chatting to an expert at your local bike store about what kit you might need to start with, such as a bike helmet, bike lock and bike pump. Then go have fun and get healthy!

Adria Saracino is a marketer for a company full of bike commuters. When not taking a bike ride, you can find her writing about style on her personal fashion blog.

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