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Ethics And Our Drug Companies

Authored By Dave Webb

We have a little problem with ethics. The problem is companies that promote their drugs with “scientific” reports from people on their payroll. These people do not tell you they are on the payroll of a major
drug company. But they do profit from the experience. Also they debunk valid scientific research and that research normally blows the whistle on the drug companies.

I have been type II diabetic for close to 15 years that I know about. Probably it has gone on for a lot longer than that. It simply wasn’t discovered.

I have one of the best doctors in this area. He is a small man. Thin. And his brother is also type II diabetic the same as I am. Understandably with a family history, he has devoted time on this subject. I like the guy. He also has a teen. She is into art cartoons. Most of it dark humor.

My doctor has been led down the primrose path on diabetes and prescription drugs to treat it. It is not his fault. The pharmaceutical industry has done the leading. He is rated top in this state in family medicine by the internet. So if they are leading him, who else are they misleading on drugs.

Avandia was the first mistake he made. It was touted as a miracle drug for type II diabetes. The problem was all the false information thrown out there about it. It turned out it killed patients. It caused heart problems. That false information lead back to people in the employ of the drug companies. The drug company paid (Read More....)

When Patients Choose Risk

Life is risky, and every day we are all exposed to some amount of danger. While most people don’t ever want to increase their risks in life, many medical patients often choose to take really shocking risks when there is a chance they will improve their terminal condition, lose weight, or even cure acne. It is pretty surprising how frequently people put their lives in danger with in order to help themselves with both small and large conditions. So what types of procedures are patients risking their lives for?

Certain risks that patients take when they are doing procedures or choosing certain drug treatments can be pretty minor, such as when a person develops an increased sensitivity to the sun. However, other risks are great, and consequences of treatment can be pretty severe. In-vitro fertilization, for example, is one of the riskiest moves that women are lining up to make in the modern era. Of course, there are many benefits of the fertilization if it works, but the negative consequences of fertilization gone wrong are well documented and risks include: multiple births and infant mortality of one or more of the fetuses, kidney and urinary tract complications, bleeding of the uterus, and ovarian hyper stimulation which is related to a whole host of further complications.

Many times people take health risks with their medications without really noticing that they are (Read More....)

Dangers To Our Health: Aspartame, Fluoride, Genetically-Modified Food, Pesticides And Toxic Foods And Drugs

Today it is becoming increasingly difficult to live an organic lifestyle.  We are literally being bombarded with toxins in what we eat, what we drink and in what we breathe.  There are so many serious health dangers all around us that it is hard to name them all.  Aspartame, fluoride, genetically-modified food, pesticides, high fructose corn syrup, pharmaceutical drugs and toxic vaccines are just a few of the major health dangers that confront us each day that most Americans don’t even know about.  As Americans absorb increasingly higher levels of toxic substances each year, diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes are absolutely exploding.  The truth is that what you don’t know about what is on your grocery store shelves can hurt you.

In the two part video posted below, radio host Alex Jones breaks down many of the dangers that we are now facing.  What Alex Jones has to say in these videos will have your jaw on the (Read More....)

Please Do Your Own Research Before You Ever Take Any Pharmaceutical Drug Or Vaccine

One of the points that we have been trying to make over and over and over on this blog is that you should do your own research before taking any vaccine or drug.  As we have repeatedly demonstrated, the consequences for letting someone else do your thinking for you can be catastrophic.  In particular, please do not let someone do your thinking for you who is paid to promote or push vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs.  If something gets put into your body that ruins your health, it is you that is going to have to live with it for the rest of your life.  Today there are two comments left by our readers that we felt deserved to be featured because they do an excellent job of making these points.  Omega and Ellen are both obviously very knowledgeable, and I think that you will enjoy the information that they have to share about vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs….


In Canada, it is GlaxoSmithKline that received the sole contract to deliver 50 million doses of the untested chemical and biological cocktail against the non-event of H1N1.

Here are a few poignant excerpts from Glaxo’s FLUARIX 2009-2010 medical insert (direct quotations followed by my own (Read More....)

Now They Want To Put Anti-Cancer Drugs Into Our French Fries And Potato Chips

Now They Want To Put Anti-Cancer Drugs Into Our French Fries And Potato ChipsFor years, scientists have been trying to figure out a way to get a cancer-causing chemical known as acrylamide out of our french fries and potato chips. You see, acrylamide is not intentionally put into our food – it is the unintentional byproduct of the cooking process. Up until now it seemed as though there was no solution to this problem. Now, Health Canada is proposing to allow food manufacturers to put small amounts of a cancer-fighting drug known as asparaginase into french fries and potato chips and other similar foods to solve this problem. Apparently asparaginase reduces the production of acrylamide during the cooking process by as much as 90 percent. But is this really such a good idea?

Of course Health Canada is insisting that putting this anti-cancer drug into french fries and potato chips is perfectly safe.  Health Canada is soliciting feedback from the public for a period of 75 days, and they say that they could implement this new program in six to eight months.

But what about the millions of people who have absolutely no desire to ingest any pharmaceutical drugs?

The truth is that reactions to pharmaceutical drugs kill thousands of times more people each (Read More....)

Obama’s Dirty Deal With The Pharmaceutical Industry

Obama arrogantBilly TauzinIf there was any doubt remaining whether or not Barack Obama has old out, it completely vanished with the recent news that he had cut a dirty deal with the pharmaceutical industry over health care costs.  In exchange for promises by the pharmaceutical companies of 80 billion dollars in future health care savings, President Obama has pledged NOT to use its immense purchasing power to negotiate lower drug prices.


It is time for the Democrats to officially acknowledge that Obama has completely sold out.

This is the exact same type of dirty deal that the Democrats and Obama loudly denounced when George W. Bush was president.   In fact, this deal cut by Obama is approximately the same deal that Bush cut made with the pharmaceutical industry when he was pushing through his prescription drug benefit plan.

What makes it worse is that Obama made it with Billy Tauzin, the former Republican congressman from Louisiana who is now the lead lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry.

In fact, Obama had specifically targeted Tauzin in campaign advertisements as an example of what is wrong with Washington.

Now he is making deals with (Read More....)