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What’s Stopping You from Growing Your Own Food?

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Now, more than ever, the news is full of health scares and epidemics caused in no small part by the quantity-over-quality approach to food production, and it’s happening all over the world. China might be the foremost violator of health standards, but our country is just as at fault, feeding our citizens with food that is inherently unhealthy for us.

Many of us have already been beating the drums against eating factory-farmed and genetically tweaked foods, but the majority would rather cover their ears and keep consuming the more accessible, bigger, allegedly more flavorful stuff that lines our grocery shelves.

The result? Obesity, diseases, and infirmities of all sorts manifesting in us. Worse, our children just as badly affected. Why do we do this to ourselves? (Read More....)

Transitioning to an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

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Today, we are becoming more and more aware of humanity’s strong impact on planet Earth. Normal people on up to leading scientists question sustainability, or the Earth’s ability to continue providing at the rate we request of it. In the spirit of changing this
and reducing their individual impact on Earth’s resources, many people have begun to transition into an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Sustainability, Making the Change

Making this change is a transition because for most of us, non-eco-friendly has been the way in every aspect of life. From transportation to food, non-eco-friendly habits and products are deeply instilled in us. So as such, actually making the transition requires some understanding and the desire to learn along the way. This is not an overnight change.


Transportation requires energy, whether in the (Read More....)

Buy Local, Buy Organic, Join a CSA

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has been a viable alternative model for food production and acquisition for many years. Begun in the 1960s in Europe and Japan under the influence of Rudolf Steiner, CSAs provide consumers with ready access to farm-fresh produce and products while building strong community ties that foster shared risks and benefits.

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Benefits for Farmers

For farmers, the benefits of offering shares in the form of weekly produce boxes for member subscribers are multiple. With the opportunity to market the product early in the season, the farmer can focus on production during the peak season, secure in the knowledge that she has already sold the majority of her produce.

CSAs also build a strong community tie for farmers who not only become personally acquainted (Read More....)

Organic Health Tips For Surviving A Flu Pandemic

flu-pandemicuntitledIt seems as there are almost daily headlines now about how the world is on the verge of a flu pandemic.

Many people around the world are becoming increasingly frightened by all of this ominous news and they are searching for information for how they can fight the flu without using chemicals or pharmaceutical drugs.

The truth is that you can fight the flu and stay organic at the same time. Below we have compiled a list of organic health tips for surviving a flu pandemic…..

* Wash Your Hands

This sounds like a very obvious tip, but you would be surprised how many people simply will not do this. Washing your hands is the number one tip that health experts typically offer when asked to give tips on how to prevent the spread of disease.

The truth is that disease is spread by the hands almost more than by any other method. It is a very good idea to wash your hands several times a day – especially whenever you have returned from being in a public place.

One key thing to remember is that disease can be passed from doorknobs and handles. After touching a doorknob or handle you will want to definitely wash your hands.  Also, if you have just washed your hands in a restroom and then you turn a door handle on the way out you (Read More....)