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Are We Being Poisoned?

Authored By Dave Webb

We are being poisoned. It is not a deliberate thing. There is no conspiracy. It has brought entire empires to their knees in the past. The nature of the beast is we are being poisoned from a number of sources. Here are some of those sources:

Poison Number One. Dental work. Our dentists have been putting mercury fillings in our mouths for generations. If you were in the military and got fillings, chances are you have these mercury fillings in your mouth. They cause vapors in your mouth that go directly into your blood stream. I remember after service being very paranoid about a lot of things. Gradually it went away. I had stomach problems as well. I have now traced it back to those fillings that are still in my mouth many years later. Somewhere down the road, these will teeth will have to be removed.

A lot of people have been poisoned by their dentists. Gradually the industry is getting away from these kind of fillings and going to ceramic fillings. Mercury is responsible for a lot of insane behavior. It is suggested it was in the Roman water supplies. It came from the plumbing.

Poison Number Two. Flouride. Years ago, the aluminum industry had a huge problem. The problem was a byproduct of producing aluminum. Yes, it (Read More....)

Modified Foods

GMO Tomato2002313099661581299_rsIt would be impossible to recall genetically modified mosquitoes or fish, or bee’s once they’re released into nature.  They have created glow in the dark cats, and fish, where the damage of playing with DNA once done, and cannot be reversed when natural reproduction occurs.  Much of the foods we eat have been genetically modified to withstand herbicides and pesticides, creating new organisms that never existed before.  The GVT, and corporations which are allowing this to happen are changing the makeup of our food, and more importantly changing our DNA.  Food such as soy, corn and canola oil have been genetically modified. 

These companies are going well beyond honest ethics and putting genes from bacteria and viruses, grasshoper DNA ect into crops.  More so, much of the seeds they are creating have been manipulated. In some instances, the new Modified seeds cannot be used over each year.  They have a suicide switch, where they are only good for one season.  Most farmers (Read More....)