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The Gardasil Vaccine: Big Pharma is Poisoning Our Future

First we learned of the harmful side affects of Eli Lilly’s Thimerosal, the preservative used in vaccines that is linked to autism spectrum disorder. As reports trickled in, parents continued to be pressured to vaccinate their children: to do otherwise meant the possibility of a parental inquisition and the risk of their child being disallowed an education. Some parents braved the school district head-on and won their battle to protect their child through a doctor’s waiver, or were granted absolution through religious beliefs. But the outcome of battling school districts is a crapshoot, as the rules vary from state to state.

A New Threat

It appears there is another threat afloat that has gained the attention of the nation. Gardasil, a vaccine made by the pharmaceutical giant, Merck & Co that was developed to combat the papilloma virus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease that has been linked to cervical cancer.

Merck has admitted to the pre-licensure trial of only 1,200 girls under the age of 16. Yet, the CDC recommends this inoculation for girls between the ages of 9 to 26 years. Additionally, Merck’s Gardasil studies did not include side effects of (Read More....)

Wake Up America! The Skyrocketing Cases Of Autism Are Being Caused By The Mercury In The Vaccines!

AutismCases of autism are absolutely skyrocketing in the United States, and yet medical authorities continue to remain in complete denial about what is causing it.  Many years ago, autism was virtually unknown in the U.S., but now the CDC says that one in every 100 children in the United States may have some form of autism spectrum disorder (more recent numbers suggest that those numbers are even worse) and the rate of autism among U.S. children appears to be rapidly increasing.  In fact, the CDC says that there was a 59 percent increase in autism among U.S. children in just a four year period earlier this decade.  Meanwhile, among religious groups like the Amish who do not vaccinate their children, autism is completely unknown.  So why won’t medical authorities in the U.S. make the obvious connection?

Well, for one thing, the medical establishment in the U.S. (including U.S. government agencies that are supposed to regulate the medical industry) is inseparably wedded to the pharmaceutical industry.  To even admit the slightest possibility that vaccines may have something to do with autism would mean that countless billions in profits would be threatened.  To attack the vaccine industry is to attack some incredibly powerful economic interests.  That is the same (Read More....)