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Organic Health News: Thousands Of Natural Health Products, Remedies And Supplements Have Been Suddenly BANNED In Canada

It seems like almost every day there are news stories which show that it is getting harder and harder to choose an organic lifestyle.  Our health freedom is under attack like it never has been before.  Now there is this announcement out of Canada (detailed below) which is going to make it much, much more difficult for Canadians to be able to get natural health products and supplements.  Those living in the United States should not gloat about this either, because the same type of regulations are slated to be implemented there as well.  The truth is that our health and our freedom to make health choices is under attack.  Increasingly, government is viewing itself as the all-knowing “Big Brother” that is going to make our choices for us.  This is a very disturbing trend and if it continues it could mean some very dark times ahead for those of us who would prefer to live an organic lifestyle.

The following are some of the top health news stories from recent days….

*Makers of natural health products in Canada say that they are bracing for widespread layoffs and millions of dollars in losses after Canada’s pharmacy regulators issued a surprise directive recently that banned the selling of unlicensed natural supplements and remedies.

*There is one bit of good news – the U.S. government has announced that it is abandoning the National Animal Identification System – at least for now.

*The Pentagon’s advanced research division has set aside 6 million dollars from its upcoming budget for research on the creation of “synthetic organisms” whose DNA can be altered to make them live forever.

*Even in China scientists are warning that genetically modified rice may potentially cause serious public health and environmental problems.

*British scientists are warning that farming soil in the U.K. could be entirely depleted within the next 60 years.

*Scientists down in Melbourne, Australia are developing a procedure for transplanting genetically modified pig organs into humans.

*There are some disturbing new studies suggest that many popular anti-depressant drugs are no more effective than a placebo.

*A receptionist at one doctor’s office in the U.K. has been left unable to walk properly after receiving the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

*Two residents of Ontario, Canada have both been diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome after taking the H1N1 flu shot in the same doctor’s office just two days apart.

*A new study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives raises the possibility that a flame retardant chemical found in an alarming number of common household consumer products can cause infertility.

*Two major paper companies are planning to transform the plantation forests of the southeastern U.S. by replacing native pine trees with genetically engineered eucalyptus.

*Some residents of Puerto Rico have filed a lawsuit against the United States, saying that the testing of depleted uranium weapons and agent orange for decades in that nation has made them very sick.

*Lastly, a shocking new study has found significant levels of pharmaceutical drugs and illegal drugs in our water supplies despite “rigorous” efforts to remove them at water treatment facilities.

  • Max

    People who buy vitamin supplements and take them each day tend to have more energy and better health than those who do not. Regular vitamin supplement users are also better protected against some of the biggest killers in the USA such as cancer, heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes and high blood pressure. People who buy vitamin supplements and use them tend to look healthier, younger and more attractive too.

  • http://HealthSupreme Arthur Brunet

    This is an attempt to keep us dependent on unhealthy foods and dangerous drugs that kill. They will not be happy till we are all taking drugs everyday and then taking more to deal with side effects from the first drug. To me these are crimes against humanity and should be prosecuted as such.

  • Standing_Bear

    Once the people rallied to stop such government interferences in the lives of people. But with greed being one reason, and population control the other reason, everything is now in the hands of the politicians who are concerned only about their jobs, and not about the people. They are about to do what ever the movers, and the shakers want so that they may maintain their positions. We over the years have been asleep, and we do not view these small things as a threat to our Constitution but tell that to the nearly 60 million victims of World War II. Complacency is as dangerous as any nuclear weapon. We need to wake up, before they begin to march us into the some gas chamber for the good of mankind.

  • Hillary Williams

    The truth now is being seen the freedom to make health choices is now being attack! or is it? There are many differing opinions on using organic foods and what are organic foods? To find out more about organic foods and its benefits.There are still great days ahead for those people who prefer to live an organic lifestyle.why don’t you make your choice for it..And I will give you some tips on it in this site.

  • Kevin Brown

    This amounts to anti-trust by the government and the pharmaceutics and medical industries, who will break all manor of constitutional laws, bribe numerous political hacks to get laws made and passed, that offer a blanket monopoly on the control of health care options; and basically forces people to accept options that are PROVEN to be dangerous, ineffective, and unhealthy. When more effective, economical, and positive methods exist, we see this as it violates constitutional rights, and it’s a curse of the health, productivity, and competitive potential of any country who would adopt these draconian and destructive policies.

  • P.Marcus

    The Codex Alimentarius along with Big Pharma,The World Health Organization, and the World Trade organization are on a mission to ban all natural remedies, and medications. It’s never been about your health it’s about the hundreds of millions of dollars being made while they keep you as Iill as possible. it’s about the eventual culling of the human population. It’s about the power of the clandestine elite like the Rockefellers and there like dictating to the governments the way it’s gonna be
    Yes the masses in the free world have been hood winked because of our complacency, have given up our rights to choose what type of health care we want. As a matter of fact big brother has taken over and we had better so something about it before its to late if it’s not to late already!
    You can no longer trust your government,the media,even your own family doctor to do the right thing as its not your best interest they have at heart it’s the bottom line the massive profits and power !
    What’s really scary is the vast majority still have no idea that this is actually happening to them and still believe that everything is just fine……Give your heads a shake people!!!