Organic Farming Can Be Very Lucrative

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Eating well and eating healthy is something we used to take for granted. Nowadays, with more diseases and infirmities plaguing humanity, along with the ever-increasing difficulty of making a decent living in the present economy, a healthy food lifestyle has become somewhat of a luxury. This is far from an ideal situation; good food and good health are things every human being should have, from the humblest of people to the most wealthy and important among us.

It disheartens me to think that only those with bigger paychecks can even hope to afford to buy clean and healthy food. Mass-produced junk that passes for food appears to be cheaper and more readily available, but the ramifications to one’s health from consuming these foods will surely more than make up for the apparent cheapness.

This is why I espouse the idea that more people (even city dwellers) should participate in the business of growing and selling organically and humanely grown livestock and produce. The benefits of such an undertaking will be almost immediate in its manifestation, and I’ll give you, the reader, a few of those positive effects in the hopes of encouraging you to consider becoming an organic farmer:

You Are Your First Customer

Given that all this good food is instantly available to you, the farmer, you will be able to benefit from the delicious and healthy bounty of your labor. Trust me when I say that it tastes so much better knowing that you grew it yourself. Your immediate family will also reap the benefits of eating food that’s guaranteed clean and fresh, and the health benefits will grace you with less visits to the doctor and fewer medicines to buy for years to come.

Given that it would be difficult to grow and produce everything you might need (but it’s not impossible, given enough land, effort, and knowhow!), this is why a community of organic farmers is the best scenario. You can purchase goods from each other, and to some extent, can even skip out on the money transactions and do some old-fashioned (in most cases, tax-free) bartering!

Mother Nature and Future Generations Will Benefit

With organic farming putting emphasis on practices that are least harmful to the environment, this kind of enterprise will also ensure that your future children and their children will have a planet that’s still bountiful and life-promoting. Being considerate of all life living on this planet makes good financial sense when you realize how much of a burden it is to pay for bad health and dirty, polluted surroundings.

Taking care of the earth and air in which you grow your plants and animals in results in good-quality products. It’s no different from maintaining factory machinery. You can’t produce clean and healthy food if your soil, water, and air aren’t equally clean.

Customers Will Love You and Your Products

For as long as you stay true to the spirit of organic farming, you won’t have much of a problem keeping your customers happy and coming back for your products. Organic farming is also a much more personal affair than churning out factory-grown foods, and you will be able to form a more lasting bond with your customers; you may actually gain friends from this kind of business!

Knowing that you are one of the reasons why they are eating well and eating healthy is a source of motivation that not all businesses can boast of. An entrepreneurial endeavor that can be both financially lucrative and spiritually fulfilling is something you shouldn’t miss out on in your lifetime.

Not Overly Capital-Intensive

By virtue of it relying on natural old farming methods coupled with cutting edge eco-friendly technologies, starting out an organic farm or ranch won’t require you huge amounts of capital to get started. In fact, it’s good to start small and literally get the feel of the good old earth in your hands.

If your organic farm’s operations start to scale up, it’s not a bad thing to rely on some heavy earth moving equipment, for as long as you make a point that they are well-maintained so that they don’t adversely affect the amount of carbon emissions your operations pump out to the atmosphere. To keep costs down for your fledgling company, look for good deals on new or second-hand equipment online; sites like Rock & Dirt are a good place to start.

Happy farming!

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