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GMO Tomato2002313099661581299_rsIt would be impossible to recall genetically modified mosquitoes or fish, or bee’s once they’re released into nature.  They have created glow in the dark cats, and fish, where the damage of playing with DNA once done, and cannot be reversed when natural reproduction occurs.  Much of the foods we eat have been genetically modified to withstand herbicides and pesticides, creating new organisms that never existed before.  The GVT, and corporations which are allowing this to happen are changing the makeup of our food, and more importantly changing our DNA.  Food such as soy, corn and canola oil have been genetically modified. 

These companies are going well beyond honest ethics and putting genes from bacteria and viruses, grasshoper DNA ect into crops.  More so, much of the seeds they are creating have been manipulated. In some instances, the new Modified seeds cannot be used over each year.  They have a suicide switch, where they are only good for one season.  Most farmers save their seeds year to year, but many have been devistated after buying this GM Seeds.  Now is the time to buy NON-GMO seeds, Heirloom seeds that have not been changed and fixed.  

In Scientific studies lab rats refused to eat genetically modified tomatoes, and squirrels in the wild will choose organic corn over genetically modified crops. It shows that even animals have a keen sense of what food is right and what food is not to eat. 
What can you do? 

You can use

1.  You can look over the non-GMO guides

2.  You can buy foods that are organic

3.  Learn to look for the non-GMO label.  There are many out there.  Do a quick Google Image search for “non GMO Label”

4.  Do not buy foods that contain soy, corn and canola products, which also include ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and particular cooking oils.  Again learn to read labels.

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