Go Organic When You Go Hiking

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When you go hiking you often give importance to your hiking gear and shoes. You also make a checklist of what all you need to carry with you like first aid box and torch and camping equipment and so on. But you forget to give importance to the most essential part of hiking- that is food and water. Not many of us attach importance to our diet when we go to the mountains. I would like to stress here that food and water should be the most essential part of your hiking list.

I Go Organic when I hike

As a marathon runner my trainer advised me to go hiking to strengthen my thigh muscles. Thigh muscles and calf muscles play a vital part of running and so I decided to go hiking to the mountains to work them out. Since I hike for almost an hour or two the glycogen content in my body gets used up and what better way to store up glycogen by taking carbohydrates. A good carbohydrate diet consisting of organic fruits, vegetables, rice, potatoes and pasta, stores up the energy for me to expel during my hiking trips.

Eating small meals from time to time and a light supper the night before you hike will take 24 hours for the food to get processed. Hydrate with pure mineral water and you can also drink liquids consisting of electrolytes. As you sweat body loses salts. An electrolyte drink will help you to make up for the lost body salts.

Snack While You Walk

Cold sandwiches with salami, tuna slices, crackers and cheese and jerky will induce energy when you go back pack. An ideal meal will be oatmeal for breakfast, peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and Mac-n-cheese for dinner. These can induce energy while you hike. Instead of carrying tins, pack these in packets so that you can throw away the wrappers and lighten your back pack.

If your hiking expedition is for more than a few hours then you cannot survive on cold foods and snacks? After all you would like to eat a hot meal too? In that case a can of baked beans with steamed rice can taste like delicious gourmet while in the hills.

Enjoy Your Meals up the Hills

Trail mix of nuts, raisins, dried fruits, granola and chocolate can give instant energy. It is a mixture of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that aid to keep your energy levels high.

When you go hiking, bear in mind that your menu should be healthy, energy giving and nutritious to aid you in your climb. Taking mineral and vitamin supplements also help on your trail.

Avoid foods that are high in fiber and water. These foods are too heavy but lack calorie content. Remember that you need to intake at least 5000-6000 calories of foods per day. By selecting calorie dense foods that taste good and also nutritious, your hiking trip will not only be adventurous but also enjoyable!

Author Bio-

As a marathon runner, Latasri has learnt about how to eat right while running. She also writes posts to help you out by reviewing certain sports stores. You can find many helpful reviews in her blog about stores with equipment for hiking and running.

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