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Does A Hormone Found In Some Vaccines, Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG), Cause Infertility In Humans?

A couple of comments by our readers and an article over at are causing us to ask some hard questions about a hormone called “human chorionic gonadotrophin” (hCG) and vaccines.  Apparently, when the hormone hCG is added to a vaccine, the human body not only develops antibodies against what it is being vaccinated for, it also develops antibodies against hCG.  If a woman is pregnant when this hormone is injected, her body starts a battle to kill off this hormone.  In essence, injecting this hormone induces the body’s immune system to attack the hormone needed to bring an unborn child to term.  What you will find below is a comment from a reader named Amy who got the H1N1 vaccine and later had high hCG levels even though her embryo had stopped growing, a comment from a reader named Goobs about hCG in vaccines, and an excerpt from an article on about hCG in vaccines.  When read together, these pieces start to raise some very serious questions….


I received the H1n1 vaccine (my first flu vaccine ever) at about 6 weeks pregnant. This was my third pregnancy & I have had two healthy ones prior to it… A few weeks after receiving the vaccine I had an ultrasound that showed that the embryo had stopped growing around that same time I had received the vaccine. Since my HCG levels had not diminished, my doctor put me on progesterone supplements to see if we could get things moving. Didn’t help. Days later at about 730pm I began bleeding so badly, my fiance had to rush me to the ER where I had to spend the night in the most agonizing pain I have ever experienced in my life, and I was rushed to emergency surgery after nearly bleeding to death. Not only did we lose what would have been our precious baby, but my fiance & I were both literally scared to death not knowing if I was gonna make it. This happened on Dec 8th & I have wondered since about the possibility of the vaccine being to blame somehow… Also, my OBGYN (who has been an OB for nearly 40 years) said he had never seen such a case where my HCG levels & all of my OWN body’s hormones were moving along normal, yet the baby just STOPPED developing for no obvious reason. He couldn’t even make sense of this himself. I am glad I finally looked online, yet SHOCKED to see so many other women have experienced this! Now I REALLY feel there is a problem with this vaccine. I would NOT recommend that any pregnant woman get the H1N1 vaccine! It is just not worth the risk!!!


What I find most worrying is that hCG (pregnancy hormone) has been administered in typhoid vaccines in poor countries. When hCG is added, the body not only develops antibodies against the carrier (flu virus, typhoid, etc.) but also develops antibodies against hCG. If the woman is pregnant, her body has this hormone and a battle begins to kill off the hormone. The hormone is necessary for the uterus to support a fetus. If the woman is not pregnant, she develops the antibodies and when she does become pregnant, her body produces hCG. The hCG antibodies then go to battle to kill this necessary hormone.

Any woman who has lost their baby or who has had this h1n1 vaccine should DEMAND that she be tested for anti-hCG antibodies. If they are present, she most likely will never conceive.


A recent study conducted by the Philippine Medical Association on behalf of the Philippine Department of Health revealed that almost 20 percent of the tetanus vaccine sampled positive for the hormone human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), according to Human Life International. Vaccines containing the hormone immunize women not only against tetanus but also against pregnancy by inducing the body’s immune system to attack the hormone needed to bring an unborn child to term.

“This study lends credence to what Human Life International (HLI) and some other groups have suspected all along,” said Father Matthew Habiger, president of the international pro-life/family organization. “We first began to hear reports last year about tetanus vaccination campaigns in the developing world that targeted only women of child-bearing or pre-child bearing years, and that they required multiple injections. The vaccination program is sponsored by the World Health Organization, an agency with a 20-year history of researching anti-fertility vaccines,” Fr. Habiger said. “We brought our suspicions to the world’s attention. This new study greatly heightens our concerns.”

  • Standing_Bear

    It will help to control the population of the earth, so why not? If you can find a copy read an essay entitled “Death by Injection.” This will open your eyes to the fact that it is not about health, but about feeding that other “jones,” GREED. At the same time Google, or Yahoo, CODEX. The latter will give a different perspective, on your Government.

  • Standing_Bear

    This is one reason why I found it so disturbing when the H1N1 vaccine targeted pregnant women. At the point of suggestion, no comprehensive studies had been done to understand any effects this vaccine would have on the fetus. Would you not know it though, the “sheeple” amoung us went to where ever to get the injection.

    Some years from now we will see the results of our failure to be vigilent and research for ourselves, and not swallow every word of the Government.

  • Roger Langford

    Its not just hCG causing problems. Some vaccines contain Polysorbate 80, which is known to cause infertility and even spontaneous abortions when given to pregnant women.

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