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Dangers To Our Health: Aspartame, Fluoride, Genetically-Modified Food, Pesticides And Toxic Foods And Drugs

Today it is becoming increasingly difficult to live an organic lifestyle.  We are literally being bombarded with toxins in what we eat, what we drink and in what we breathe.  There are so many serious health dangers all around us that it is hard to name them all.  Aspartame, fluoride, genetically-modified food, pesticides, high fructose corn syrup, pharmaceutical drugs and toxic vaccines are just a few of the major health dangers that confront us each day that most Americans don’t even know about.  As Americans absorb increasingly higher levels of toxic substances each year, diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes are absolutely exploding.  The truth is that what you don’t know about what is on your grocery store shelves can hurt you.

In the two part video posted below, radio host Alex Jones breaks down many of the dangers that we are now facing.  What Alex Jones has to say in these videos will have your jaw on the floor….

Part I:

Part II:

Many Americans do not understand these dangers, and in particular, many Americans are amazed when they are told that many vaccines are actually dangerous. 

If you still doubt that vaccines are dangerous, just consider a few of the recent comments left by readers of this website….


I lost my stillborn son Jeremiah Byron Alexis at 20 weeks on August 15th 2010. I was very healthy and so was my baby. My baby was still trying to breathe for 2 and 1/2 hours after birth. I even heard him cry. My water broke without any pain nor discomfort. I took the H1N1 vaccine as well. I took my pre-natal vitamins and I did everything to have a healthy pregnacy. I had no morning sickness and everything was going smoothly. There was no infections, my placenta was okay. The doctor concluded that it was due to incompetent cervix. I know of many women who miscarried this year and I have a feeling that it is due to the H1N1 vaccine. I had asked my doctor what were the risk involved and he told me NONE. I did not want to take it, but I took it because I wanted to have a safe pregnancy. I miss my Jeremiah so much… he was so active during the pregnancy and he wanted to live. They took my baby from me. I can’t stop crying…


I am a midwife, and am seeing very odd placental anomalies now from mothers whose H1N1 vaccinations were taken last fall during first trimester. Other events include return of serious persistent nausea in third trimester, erratic pre-eclampsia symptoms in healthy well-nourished mothers, excess cramping and threatened pre-term labor, retained placentas, lingering lochia after the birth, unexplainable acute anemia, and one healthy active young mother developed severe DVT one month after birth. My non-vaccinated mothers have not shown any of these symptoms, but all of the mothers who received the H1N1 shot have had some or all of these. With eugenicists like Bill Gates pushing mass involuntary sterilization using vaccinations, all of us need to be asking: Whose brilliant idea was this, giving an untested vaccine to our pregnant mothers, and why has the medical establishment gone along with this scheme without question?

Time to get very, very cynical folks. It is your best self-defense.


I was having an otherwise healthy pregnancy up until recieving the H1N1 vaccine at 9 weeks gestation. My 11 week ultrasound could not find a fetal heartbeat and identified a fetus that stopped thriving at the 9 week mark……..the week i recieved the vaccine. I tried to report the ‘adverse’ effect to both of my local health units, where I was not clearly taken seriously. I am an educated RN who was reluctant to take the vaccine at first, however decided to go through with it after advice from my family doctor.


I got my swine flu shot here in Canada in November/09 and one week later I got Guillain-Barre Syndrome. I have been in a wheelchair for the past 3 months as the disease progressed to become CIDP (long-term GBS) and last month in hospital I was completely paralysed for two weeks. I have a minimum two years off work, maybe forever dependig on the disease outcome.

Canada took a shortcut and ordered Arepanix H1N1 vaccine from GlaxoSmith Kline with an adjuvant (additive) containing “Squalene”. Squalene was banned by the USA in 2004 as it is considered a biological weapon that contributed to over 100,000 cases of Gulf War Syndrome, but it is still being used in our vaccines for pseudo-pandemics like H1N1, and doing more harm than good in our country.

On top of this the Government of Canada has protected GlaxoSmith Kline for any lawsuits arising from vaccine problems, so we are left to struggle and survive on our own, and feel abandoned by our government.


I wish I never listened to the doctor’s orders. After receiving the swine flu vaccine I developed terrible headaches but little did I know the worst reaction had yet to come. I woke up one day and could barely speak a single word. I could not say my daughter name, speak to my husband, or talk to friends. Frankly, I could not talk to anyone without a soft whisper.

The news came like a title wave. My right vocal cord was paralyzed! My vocal cord was unable to move, unable to vibrate, unable to swallow effectively.

The news was devastating and the medical community tested me for every disorder under the sun only to find me perfectly healthy other than the paralysis. The swine flu vaccine paralyzed me.

So if you’re pondering, is the vaccine safe? Is it effective? Is it necessary? I would answer a resounding NO!

Since the majority of swine flu patients own immune system effectively fights off the flu it seems unnecessary to take a shot that could potentially disable you. It is mandatory to sign a release prior to the shot which provided immunity against any law suits that might result. That within itself was a red flag. Instead of saving my life it disabled me. In retrospect, had I got the swine flu in the first place, I’m sure I would have been speaking just fine by now.


Are you starting to get the picture?

There is a lot more to protecting your health than you have been told by the media and by the health establishment.

It is time to get educated.  You need to find out what you need to do in order to protect yourself and your family from the health dangers that are multiplying all around us.

For much more on the health dangers that our food supply now poses, we recommend that you check out Sweet Remedy: The World Reacts to an Adulterated Food Supply and Bad Seed: The Truth About Our Food and The Future Of Food.

  • Steven

    Excellent post I must say.. Simple but yet interesting and engaging.. Keep up the good work!

  • Jason

    Hi Charlie, I too have CIDP and have been in a Wheelchair, mine and my partners lives have been flipped upside down. we have had to move, no job, spent 1500 on meds last week and they tell me I may never walk again, without some kind of aid.

    Life has really changed for us.

  • clare

    Even simple things they tell us are good for us clearly arent. They have been adding fluoride to our drinking water for years yet they dont tell us the negative impact on health. Our children in particular are in grave danger of developing cancer, tumours, liver and kidney problems, lower levels of IQ – it should be a huge concern for us all.