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Are We Being Poisoned?

Authored By Dave Webb

We are being poisoned. It is not a deliberate thing. There is no conspiracy. It has brought entire empires to their knees in the past. The nature of the beast is we are being poisoned from a number of sources. Here are some of those sources:

Poison Number One. Dental work. Our dentists have been putting mercury fillings in our mouths for generations. If you were in the military and got fillings, chances are you have these mercury fillings in your mouth. They cause vapors in your mouth that go directly into your blood stream. I remember after service being very paranoid about a lot of things. Gradually it went away. I had stomach problems as well. I have now traced it back to those fillings that are still in my mouth many years later. Somewhere down the road, these will teeth will have to be removed.

A lot of people have been poisoned by their dentists. Gradually the industry is getting away from these kind of fillings and going to ceramic fillings. Mercury is responsible for a lot of insane behavior. It is suggested it was in the Roman water supplies. It came from the plumbing.

Poison Number Two. Flouride. Years ago, the aluminum industry had a huge problem. The problem was a byproduct of producing aluminum. Yes, it (Read More....)

Stop Smoking Tips: Have The Proper Mindset To Stop Smoking For Life

You’ve seen what happened to your friends who attempted smoking cessation. They couldn’t go past a full week without giving in to their smoking tobacco urges. You see how they struggle so hard to resist puffing on cigarettes.

Quite simply, it’s very, very difficult to quit smoking. This is especially true if you lack the discipline to pursue a smoking free lifestyle.

But it’s not impossible to stop smoking. You can do it as long as you have the proper mindset.

How To Stop Smoking Tips Work Only If You Have A Positive Mindset

How many stop smoking tips have you already tried? If you tried quite a lot of how to stop smoking tips but haven’t gotten any results, then one problem is obvious: You don’t have the proper mindset to give up smoking for life.

When you constantly think of how difficult it is to stop smoking, it has a psychological effect on you. You start to believe that it’s impossible for you to quit. Having a mindset like this makes matters worse. You easily give in to your smoking urges. This is because you find an excuse that smoking is too (Read More....)

Chlorine Water

USA_Today_How_Safe_Is_Your_WaterChina PollutionAnyone who has ever walked into a fitness center with a swimming pool knows what chlorinated water smells like.  I remember going to our outdoor public pool in our small town and smelling the chlorine from the womens bathroom.  What happens when you dip your body into a saturated chemical pool for extended periods of time?   The fact is that most municipal water systems contain chlorine, and, depending on the presence of contaminants in the water, levels of chlorine can be quite high. Check out this video on a scientific test of what is ACTUALLY in your water…..

(Read More....)