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Ginger For Fatigue?

Ginger is a herb but is often known as a spice, with a strong distinct flavor.   Ginger is popular in recipes such as ginger ale, ginger snaps, gingerbread, ginger biscuits and  ginger cake. Some say it can help cure diabetes, head aches, colds, fatigue,  nausea and the flu when used in tea or food. Ginger has been known to be  effective for the treatment of cataracts, amenorrhea, heart disease, migraines,  stroke,  angina, athlete’s foot, colds, bursitis, chronic fatigue, tendinitis,  flu, coughs, depression, dizziness, fever, erectile difficulties, infertility,  kidney stones, Raynaud’s disease, sciatica, and viral infections.

Here is a list of medicinal properties ginger has been known to have  throughout history.

  • antiemetic/antinausea
  • anticlotting agent
  • antispasmodic
  • antifungal
  • anti inflammatory
  • antiseptic
  • antibacterial
  • antiviral
  • antitussive
  • analgesic
  • circulatory (Read More....)

How to Make Your Home More Organic

From the soils that grow the food we eat to the personal care products that we use on our bodies, chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, and other hazardous agents can be found almost everywhere, in everything, it seems. What’s worse is that these dangers are not only a threat to us as individuals–they’re a threat to the environment as a whole. The best way to beat this army of toxins is to make your home more organic. When you choose to go organic, you choose to reduce your exposure to a laundry list of harmful substances. Are you ready to make the switch but not sure where you should start? Highlighted for you here are several things you can do to transform your home into a more organic one.

Buy Organically Grown Foods

One way to make your home more organic is to buy organically grown produce, meats, and dairy products. Organic produce is chemical-free, grown without the use of dangerous fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Organic meats and dairy products come from animals that are never fed antibiotics, hormones, or (Read More....)

Snake Control Methods

People can have an almost instinctual fear of snakes and most people are not going to want a bunch of snakes in their garden or hanging out on their lawn. Although there is no reason to fear most snakes, some of them can be poisonous and you may want to look for ways to get rid of any snakes that may be around your property.

Types of Snake Control

There are a number of methods of snake control that you can employ to attempt to ensure that snakes will not take away from your enjoyment of your lawn and garden.

Snake Repellents: Snake repellents attempt to make snakes uncomfortable enough to leave the area. Snake repellents come in both a chemical and electronic form. The chemical form uses smell to irritate the snake by blocking its sense of taste and smell. This will limit the amount of information a snake is able to gather about the surrounding environment and cause the snake to leave the area. You need to be careful when buying chemical snake repellents that the ingredients will not harm the (Read More....)

How to Find the Best Organic Food Products

Finding the best organic food products can be a challenge. But, with due diligence and a dogged refusal to take anything for granted, you can make wise choices when purchasing organic products. Here are nine tips for ensuring the quality of the organic products you buy:

1. Look for the USDA Certified Organic seal on the food label. Seeing the word “Organic” on the label isn’t enough. According to the National Organic Program’s Organic Standards, products bearing the USDA Certified Organic seal must contain at least 95% percent organic ingredients.

2. Look beyond the food manufacturer’s front-label claims. An article in Organic Lifestyle Magazine, entitled, “How to Read and Understand Food Labels: Ingredients to Avoid,” cautions readers, “The first thing to remember when it comes to reading labels is to read the whole thing. Ignore labels on the front of the packaging that say natural or organic. Read the actual ingredients.” The ingredient label should state which ingredients are organic.

3. Make sure the products contain zero trans-fats: hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. Partially hydrogenated fats are, in fact, even worse, health-wise, than fully hydrogenated fats – a fact that would seem rather counterintuitive. Adding trans-fats to organic products (Read More....)

Natural Organic Food

Check out this video which exposes the centrally planned “farmers market” where now you must submit a “crop plan” and have your Garden inspected by filling out a “farm schedule” After that’s done you’re more than welcome to sell your oranges once you fill out your various tax forms, sign the ten page 8000 word contract agreement with the city manager, pay your filing fees and attain your organic certification and proper permits. It has become harder than ever to grow and sell organic natural food. Support venders who sell organic who now have to jump through multiple hoops to make natural food available. (Read More....)

Improve Your Health The Organic Way – Use Cucumbers!

The more one learns about fruits and vegetables that more amazed one becomes. You see, the truth is that God created a vast array of natural foods that are incredibly versatile and incredibly good for us. In fact, the other day we learned how absolutely extraordinary a simple cucumber is. A cucumber? Yes, a cucumber. It turns out that cucumbers have some absolutely incredibly properties. Check out all of the things that we learned about cucumbers the other day….

*Just one simple cucumber contains significant amounts of all of the following:

-Vitamin B1

-Vitamin B2

-Vitamin B3

-Vitamin B5

-Vitamin B6

-Folic Acid

-Vitamin C







*Not only that, but cucumbers also contain enough sugar, B vitamins and electrolytes to quickly replenish most of the essential nutrients that the body loses, so it is a great vegetable to eat after strenuous activity or if you just need to bring your body back into equilibrium.

*According to gardeners, cucumbers are also great for pest control.  Apparently if you place a few cucumber slices on an aluminum pie tin where bugs can smell them, your garden will be free from pests all season long. 


Well, it turns out that the (Read More....)